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Facebook Faces: What 100,000 Profile Pictures Looks Like

Facebook Faces: What 100,000 Profile Pictures Looks Like

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

I must admit, for a couple of years, I wasn’t much of a Facebook user. I didn’t even have an account with that giant social networking service. As embarrassing as that actually is, I think I am now becoming addicted to the thing just like almost everyone else who uses it. With their 650 million users, it’s hard to understand why the entire world hasn’t connected yet. As of today, I have now been on Facebook for about a year and a half or something, and I have managed to round up about 1,600 of my friends. It feels good to be able to connect with them all at the same time. The ones who want to participate do, and the ones who don’t want to participate can just jump in at a later time.

However, the limit of 5,000 friends sure puts things into perspective. With the new classification of friends, we are now able to keep friends apart from fans they say, and this will open up for even more interaction. I don’t think we fully understand how many people 5,000 friends really is, and how it is humanly impossible to keep track of all of them until they actually connect and interact with us. I think 5,000 is enough for me right now, but at the same time, I don’t like the thought of keeping people out. If I ever hit that limit, I will somehow find a way to increase that limit and open up for more people who want to interact on Facebook.

For a couple of people, Joern Roeder and Jonathan Pirnay, the curiosity of knowing how many people 5,000 really is got the better of them. They started a little project called Facebook Faces (FBFACES). Well, as a matter of fact, they didn’t stop at 5,000, they actually bumped it up to 100,000. So, if you have ever wondered what 100,000 Facebook profile pictures looks like, this is your chance. It’s not done the easy way either, by using a computer. No, they actually printed 100,000 Facebook profile pictures and put them up on their wall, ceiling and yeah, pretty much everywhere they could fit them. It’s quite an impressive sight if you ask me. So, do you still think 100,000 Facebook users would be easy to keep track of? Well, I doubt you do, so then imagine 650 million users. That’s quite a boat load, isn’t it?

100000 Facebook Profile Pictures Showcase

100000 Facebook Profile Pictures Showcase

100000 Facebook Profile Pictures Showcase

100000 Facebook Profile Pictures Showcase

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