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Emoticon Alphabet Book Has All Your Social Media Emoticons From A – Z

Emoticon Alphabet Book Has All Your Social Media Emoticons From A – Z

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

We see emoticons everywhere in social media. They are all over Twitter and Facebook. Emoticons have even made the transition over to handwritten text since some people use them when writing notes. There are a handful of them that are popular, but what I didn’t know is that there is a lot more emoticons than that. As a matter of fact, there are enough emoticons to take us from A – Z. There’s even an alphabet book for emoticons.

Did you know that o/\o means high five, #-) means partied all night and :$ means embarrassed or blushing? I didn’t know any of these. If you click over here to Wikipedia, you’ll see a long list of them (I know Wikipedia is unreliable, but you’d think for emoticons it might be alright).

Illustrator Taylor Simpson created an emoticon alphabet book which is probably unlike any alphabet book you’ve ever seen before. It has most of the forgotten or unpopular emoticons listed in A – Z format along with an illustrated facial expression next to each one. When you look at this book, you’ll be able to see in pictures what each emoticon means. Next time you’re on your favorite social media site, you could even try a few. It would be fun to see if anyone who follows you knows what they mean.

There seems to be an emoticon for almost everything. Did you know :-Q is someone smoking a cigarette? Change the Q to a C to make :-C and it becomes a person who is upset or worried. I think it would be fun to create an emoticon that becomes popular. It would be like creating a hashtag on Twitter that becomes popular. So fun! You can click over to Taylor Simpson’s website to see the alphabet book in its entirety from A – Z.

The Emoticon Alphabet Book







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