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7 Must-Have Elements Of A Great Blog Post [Infographic]

7 Must-Have Elements Of A Great Blog Post [Infographic]

1 Year Ago By Richard Darell

How to write the perfect blog post? – It is a question that most bloggers ask themselves from time to time. No one exactly knows what the perfect blog post consists of, and there are most likely too many factors involved even to be able to write one every time. However, a great blog post is a post that conveys what you want to say and also, perhaps because of it, goes viral.

After having written thousands of posts since I started Bit Rebels back in 2009, I have probably only written 100-200 that have gone viral and generated millions of views each. The hardest part is to know exactly what people want and expect. We want to give our readers something that they can use in real life and learn from, and that’s the most important factor of all. There are, however, elements that will boost that view count significantly, and we are going to take a look at those elements in this article.

Regardless of what people keep telling you, the title is the most important element of all. If your post doesn’t grab people’s attention, it doesn’t matter how great your blog post is. You grab their attention by tailoring an eye-catching title that tickles people’s interest. Use power words that emphasizes what you want to say and use them well. There are plenty of resources online that will tell you what the most engaging power words are and how to use them.

Also, the second most important element of a blog post is, of course, the way you style it. Choose eye-catching images and segment your blog post so that it is easy to read. Don’t clutter it with too much gunk and make sure to place the images where they can be easily seen and enjoyed. Furthermore, don’t make your paragraphs too long. Short paragraphs make a blog post much easier to read and it is easier on the eyes.

There are plenty of other important elements that you should include in your blog post and they are explained in an infographic called “Good To Great: 7 Must-Have Elements Of A Great Blog Post” that was created by Web Hosting Secret Revealed. Have a look through it and then use these tips to tailor your own awesome posts. Once they are published you will see the difference in the way that people engage with them.

Key Elements For A Great Blog Post

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The Perfect Blog Post Infographic

The Perfect Blog Post Header

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