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10 Ways To Make Your Facebook Page Go Viral [Infographic]

10 Ways To Make Your Facebook Page Go Viral [Infographic]

5 Years Ago By Richard Darell

There are a lot of brands, companies and individuals out there that are struggling to get noticed. One of the first things they do is to setup a Facebook page to attract some people to check them out. However, without engaging content and personal interaction, people won’t stay long. Social media is a breathing organism that constantly requires maintenance. There is no getting around that. You need to nourish it with your time and effort, and always make sure people consider it to be a place where they can deal with you directly. For people who are super busy, this is not exactly the easiest of tasks. However, it is a necessity in order for your brand to grow. Usually you can schedule time for this since it is such an important part of your business.

If we return to the Facebook page for a second and start looking at how you could make it a little bit more appealing, we don’t have to look long. All we need is to check out a fresh infographic from Click Labs called 10 Ways To Viral Your Facebook Fan Page. People tend to think you need to do something extravagant and expensive in order to get the attention of the masses. However, that is a statement I totally disagree with.

What you need is a unique and original approach to what you are doing. If you can find a twist to it, that’s even better. Having a quick run down of this infographic might give you some well placed tips on how to make your Facebook page the one thing people want to check out. There are some dirt cheap ways to get a conversation going, and it has everything to do with what your fans and following are interested in. Be interesting and engage.

Sometimes a quirky comment and a question can be just the thing that spurs a long and engaging conversation on your Facebook Fan (‘like’) page. It has happened a million times before. What your fans want is to engage with you about what you are all interested in. If you don’t engage, there is no need to have a fan page, is there? Throwing some rewards at your fans might also increase engagement. However, this particular approach has become more expensive since it has been out there for a while now and people don’t seem to get interested if it isn’t something substantial they can get. Creativity is always the best approach here, so put your heads together and ask your fans what would make them engage. You will most likely get a bunch of quirky answers back, but that is fuel for some rather fun interactions as well. So in the end it is all a win/win situation.

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are a million and one ways to engage with your fans and following. However, it only takes one way to really ignite a popular and well visited fan page. Be funny, be serious, be factual and most of all continuously engage, and your fan page will most likely see an increasing number of fans.


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February 2nd, 2013

Hi, thank you very much for these infographs. I really like the ideas, especially for a Facebook Ad(I hadn’t considered using a Facebook Ad to promote my page as it’s just for hobbyists but now I think I might invest into it to bring in some numbers!). I would like to know if you think if you duplicating posts for each of the social media sites is too redundant for users that have signed up for multiple outlets. Let’s say that a user likes your Facebook fan page, follows you on Twitter and is subscribed to your blog. Does it turn people off to be receiving the same posts on these three formats? How do you deal with this?


April 12th, 2013

Thanks for the feedback. I have been struggling to get more likes to my page and this really helps.


May 16th, 2013

My question is how did my daughters music fan page get over 12,000 likes within a week? Is there some sort of glitch that causes that? The demographics are 98% girls age 13-17 (my daughter is 15) and they are from just about every country. There have been comments and photo likes from many of these people as well (not 12k though. more like 100). I noticed this today when FB sent me a page update (I’m an admin on the page). She does have a youtube acct with over a million views and 5,000+ subscribers but that was steadily achieved over 5 years.


July 13th, 2013

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Jennifer McCarthy

January 25th, 2016

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Travel Guide

December 24th, 2013

I loved the details of the Facebook users and fans worldwide. I tried the above said to my fan page, but just wondering what should I post to make to reach quick to the audience. i deal with travel guides – Non-Profit

Rahul Poonia

December 17th, 2014

Nicely Explained, i liked the way you presented it in the infographic,s

Thanks for sharing the things about fb fan pages, will try them for sure

Barbara Bushell

June 7th, 2015

I would like to have a petition on my Facebook page to get people in my area to help get speed bumps installed how do I do this please.


July 3rd, 2016

This article on Facebook viral methods is very useful and nicely structured. Thank you for taking the time to create and posting.

Asad Rai

August 11th, 2016

Thanks for sharing realy Great


October 13th, 2016

And I’m running this facebook page:
I tried Facebook Promotion with unique content but still I don’t find my page users to be that active.

Any suggestions ?


October 23rd, 2016

Thank you for the info. These tips are still relevant today.


December 4th, 2016

Thanks for sharing. I loved the details of these infographic. So many things to do to get Facebook page go viral.


December 13th, 2016

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