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Zombie Slot Machines Are Invading And It Is Awesome
Zombie Slot Machines Are Invading And It Is Awesome

WANTED: Your best assets

WANTED: Your Best Assets

Now there are some crazy things that I get to see on the internets and this is by far the most lude, interesting and bloody genius execution. American Apparel has set forth a competition to see who submits their best assets. Of course they are voted upon by thousands upon thousands of people. The brilliant thing about this whole contest is that it’s all user generated content, female uploaded user generated content. It’s not like American Apparel was all purvy and listed off all the ...


The Buzz | Is This Another Attempt to Be Like Twitter?!

When you see something, the instinct now is to share it to your online friends.  The Buzz word lately no pun intended around the interwebs is Google Buzz.  When I opened my Gmail account I had that icon with some updates already and some of my contacts already following me.  They also have an interesting proposition.  “ Go beyond status messages. Share updates, photos, videos, and more.  Start conversations about the things you find interesting.”  Sound familiar?  Looks like people at Google are trying to ...


How To: Solve A Rubik’s Cube In Under A Minute

Rubik’s Cubes are a huge deal in my house. My son and I each have several and we work on them on and off all the time. I’ve never before been able to completely solve a Rubik’s cube and since I don’t give up when I can’t figure something out… well… let’s just say I’ve been working on my original Rubik’s Cube for years and years. I remember one year, when my son was about five, he asked Santa Claus to solve his Rubik’s Cube ...


The Power of Love | The World Gets Smaller

Today, when tragedy strikes, whether it is earthquakes, floods or other natural calamities, the whole world cries with the people that are hurting. This is one sign that always puts a smile on my face.  What do I mean here?  You see, everyday we are faced with our own problems, we see crime and hatred happening all around us, it’s enough to make you ask “What is the world coming to?” But recently, we can feel hope and there is a bright light at the ...


Beer Flavored Lip Gloss?

Finding the right gift for your sweetheart on Heart’s day can be tricky.  Well, finding gifts for any occasion takes a lot of thought actually.  When I go shopping for gifts for friends and family it often takes me a lot of time and I go to many shops to find just the right gift. Heineken beer came up with a new product that they say is the perfect gift that boyfriends or husbands can give the love of their lives.  It’s the Heineken Beer ...

Movie Polaroids | This will change Polaroids forever!

Movie Polaroids | This Will Change Polaroids Forever!

I am a fairly experienced photographer and have a few cameras on my belt to catch that special moment just right. I wouldn’t say I am a ninja at it, but I am trying really hard. I have a few followers on Twitter that are amazing photographers and they are too awesome for me to even compare myself to their extreme superiority. I spoke with @mikeconaty the other day, who I think is a genius when it comes to both video and photography, and we ...


You Venn Some. You Lose Sum.

After taking statistics classes for years and years, some of it must have rubbed off on me. Now that I’m actively involved in the internets, my observations in pattern recognition have been ramped to an extraordinary amount. I just love uncovering new ways of analyzing data and fiend for any kind of data visualization or infographic. So when I stumbled upon a site that automagically produced Venn diagrams with keywords that I could pick… well, let’s just say I was elated. Yes, I know. Nerdy ...


Want to Create an Impressive Presentation?!

I do about a hundred presentation materials each year.  Presentation materials are something that you cannot take for granted.  One must make sure that the data is accurate.  Having good content is not enough, it must also be a visual treat.  One way to make impressive presentation materials is to utilize flash.  Incorporating Flash into your material is a difficult and time consuming endeavor.  One must be skilled in order to deliver quality flash. Thank goodness for technology, now we have a tool that can help ...

Interview | - Creativity Just Started

Interview | – Creativity Just Started

I have always found it hard to write introductions to interviews where the main theme is to highlight the core of the business as being good or bad. But this time, it’s not difficult at all, it’s all natural and the inspiration is abundant. I have always been a sucker for visuals with an edge and as you know, I’m continuously inspired by great stories and fun working environments. These are the reasons why I became like a kid in a candy store when I ...


The Newmoticons

I’m sure you’re all well aware of the emoticon. You know the little :) or the O.o has to be a bit familiar. The first is the west coast emoticon and the latter is more of an eastern style. I’ve been seeing a fair share of methods to express emotion and humor with emoticons on Twitter. I use it instead of telling someone to [censored] off, I simply state some witty passive aggressive comment and append a :) at the end. Problem solved =) This ...


Love Videos? Tools to Keep up!

Watching videos is one of the most favorite activities that people enjoy online.  It is a great source of information (tutorials, demos) and a great source of entertainment (music videos, funny videos).  Some people I know would even watch TV shows via YouTube if they could. According to comscore, more than 170M U.S. Internet users watched online videos during November and over 31 billion videos were viewed during the month. Google sites continued to rank as the top U.S. video property in Nov as it ...

G-Point Mouse | It will have ANYONE Blush

G-Point Mouse | It Will Make ANYONE Blush

Alright, so now you can play with the real mouse. Yeah, I admit it sounds a little bit weird when said like that but it’s true. The “mouse” you are about to check out is bright red colored wonder of weirdness and I never thought I would actually see something like it. I am sure a ton of people have thought about it but never thought of a market for it. But, I guess for anyone that is surfing, yeah you guessed it, porn on ...


150+ Ultimate Round-Up of Helpful Twitter Articles

I’ve tried to create something here that I have not seen before. Below is a list of 150+ very helpful Twitter articles. I get tweets every week from people just starting on Twitter and they are struggling, trying to figure it all out and find their way. I wanted to create a post that they could go to and find exactly what they are looking for. This isn’t a newbie twitter manual, after all, @mashable already created a fabulous one of those, no, this is ...