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Gravity: A Groundbreaking Sci-Fi Film Showcasing The Dangers Of Space
Gravity: A Groundbreaking Sci-Fi Film Showcasing The Dangers Of Space

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Ever Heard Of A Lollipop Brand? - Apple And Nike Are Some!

Ever Heard of a Lollipop Brand? – Apple and Nike Are Some!

Everyone is talking about brands these days and how you can brand pretty much anything, even yourself to some extent. Sometimes, though, things are taken a bit out of proportion. Some people say a brand is something über important and has to be preserved at any cost. Even though I agree, I ...

Folding Speaker For Your iPhone, iPod and iPad!

A Folding Speaker for Your iPhone, iPod and iPad!

Have you ever wished that you had a portable speaker system for your iPod, iPhone or even your iPad, but found they are just too damn big to be carried around in your pocket? Apple hasn’t exactly been developing this side of their product line, and they are probably not going to ...

Here's The New Footbook - Showing You The Steps Of Others

Here’s The New Footbook – Showing You The Steps Of Others

One would think that it is an attempt to create the next generation social networking site, inheriting it’s name from the biggest networking site out there, Facebook. However, that’s where you are wrong. This is something far more interesting and… oh should I say, weird. I was quite intrigued by the name ...

Introducing – The Underwear That Can Save Lives

Okay, I admit it. I was looking for an excuse to feature this guy’s cute butt in my article, but that’s not the only point, right? The main purpose is to share with you that these underpants might soon be standard issue in the U.S. Military because they can save lives. Joseph ...

A Geeky Stop Motion Animation Created With Fire

I run hot and cold with stop motion animation because I’m such a snob about it. It has to be really, really well done for me to be impressed. Well, in the past two days I’ve come across two of them that are impressive enough to share with you. First, there was ...

A Working Bugatti Veyron Built With Cigarette Packs

Wow, cigarettes have a lot of uses aside from smoking, don’t they? A few months ago, I wrote about a fabulous installation built from 219,000 cigarettes. It was quite a sight. If you missed that, you can check it out here. Today, I’m writing about a Bugatti Veyron built from 10,280 empty ...

Now Iron Man Has His Own R2-D2!

Now Iron Man Has His Own R2-D2!

Just a few articles ago, I wrote about how Star Wars and Hello Kitty had joined forces to bring us some strange kind of fusion. Well, maybe not joined forces, but someone put the two together to form what some call “Hello Vader” or “Darth Kitty.” I totally think that this kind ...

Seed Bombs – Guerrilla Gardening Makes Cities Beautiful!

Have you ever heard of a seed bomb before? I hadn’t until today. A seed bomb is a little round handmade ball made from clay, compost and seeds which are in a vending machine. You pay two quarters, get one out, and then throw it wherever you want. It will start growing ...

This Alien Toy Was Banned Back In 1979 - Is It That Scary?

This Alien Toy Was Banned Back In 1979 – Is It That Scary?

Today when video games are built up of gore and all kinds of weird stuff, I sometimes think back on some things that were released back in the days when I was young. I mean, not that a lot of things got banned back in the ’80s, but there are a few ...

Here's How You Can Simulate And Fly Like Iron Man!

Here’s How You Can Simulate and Fly Like Iron Man!

How many of you started day dreaming about being able to fly just like Iron Man after you saw the first movie? How many of you got obsessed with it after the second movie? If I were to have to guess, I would say a lot of you. Maybe you’re too afraid ...

How To: Set Up A Virtual Photo Shoot In Photoshop CS5

How To: Set Up a Virtual Photo Shoot in Photoshop CS5

A couple of months ago, Adobe released their much acclaimed new edition of Photoshop, called CS5. The features it presents are something taken from the future it seems. With only the click of a few buttons, you can easily work with 2d stock images as well as 3d stock models to create ...

Hello Kitty Now In Star Wars And Star Trek!

Hello Kitty Now in Star Wars and Star Trek!

We have covered Hello Kitty and Star Wars quite a bit here on Bit Rebels. We’re not about to stop anytime soon because the urge and drive to produce new stuff within these categories are stronger than anything else it seems. People truly love Star Wars and Hello Kitty and it wouldn’t ...