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The High Tech Way To Clean Toothbrushes With Ultraviolet Light
The High Tech Way To Clean Toothbrushes With Ultraviolet Light

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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Apple's Secret Cell Phone Testing Room

The Weird And Secret Room Where Apple Tests Their Phones!

You know when you watch those movies and TV shows that give you a glimpse of the inside of a crime lab or a technology headquarters, it’s always something off the hook. It’s always something that makes us geeks either go, “Wow, I want my room to look just like that!” or ...

Knitted Meat - Craft

Knitted Chicken and Steak – Craft Inspiration

What can rival the kind of creative insanity (or genius) required to embroider bread? Knitting slabs of meat and wrapping them up like the butcher, of course! Pictured below are design student Stephanie Casper’s knitted creations including a T-bone steak, a rotisserie chicken, a ham, some sausage links and a big ‘ol ...

Glass Of Water On Alarm Clock

How To: Correctly Wake Up Your Bowels!

As it turns out, I have been doing my morning routine all wrong since… the beginning of my time here on earth! Yeah, that’s right! I was flabbergasted by it too, and frankly I was a little disturbed. I have been going from day to day letting my bowels start off the ...

10 Creative Motorcycle Helmet Designs

10 Creative Motorcycle Helmet Designs

This is a new one for me. I’ve written about some super sweet motorcycle designs before. I’ve even written about the cheesiest motorcycle suit you’ve ever seen, but I’ve never written about the helmets. If I rode a motorcycle, I would definitely put some thought into my helmet design. It seems like ...

Beer being Poured Into A Leaning Foam Preventing Glass

Here’s The EPIC Solution To The Beer Foam Problem!

You’re at home on a hot day, and a beer would be the perfect fit right at this moment. Usually you bring out your appropriately sized beer glass and start pouring. Not working so well, is it? You get a ton of foam that will keep you from enjoying your beer sooner ...

modern toilet restaurant where you eat from a toilet and drink from a urinal

The Modern Toilet Restaurant – Where You Eat From A Toilet

There are several “Modern Toilet” restaurants sprinkled around China and Japan. A new one recently opened in Shenzhen, China, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to show you some pictures from this very unusual restaurant. Each person dining here sits on a toilet. The tables have glass tops with sinks underneath ...

Toy Guardian Storage Bin Concept Design

How To: Keep Your Toys From Being Stolen!

These days, there are products that do almost everything it seems. And I mean everything! With a savvy business climate, everyone is trying to come up with the next big and funny commercial to sell their products. Some people go beyond the logical and come up with scenarios that really don’t even ...

Silly Putty 2.0 Has Arrived – It’s Magnetic & It Thinks

I loved playing with silly putty when I was a little girl. Back then, in the prehistoric ages, my parents actually read an old fashioned newspaper. My sisters and I would have fun imprinting the silly putty with the news. Well, all that has changed. Introducing… the silly putty of the future. ...

iPad USB Typewriter Emulator

USB Typewriter – The iPad’s Best Accessory!

Everyone gets a little retro every now and then. It’s in everyone’s nature. Traveling down memory lane makes us think that whatever was present then is cool now. Most of the time it’s really not, but sometimes you stumble over something that really takes the cool up a notch. With the iPad ...

Cheez-It Flavored Lip Balm – Would You Use It?

If you are a girl who grew up in the 80s like I did, then you are very familiar with flavored lip balm. I remember being in 6th grade and sporting my pink bubble gum flavored Bonne Bell on a string around my neck. I proudly wore it every day. Then came ...

Invisible Cleak Android App

How To: Make Your Android Phone Invisible!

Here’s one of those must show apps that sometimes comes to our attention at Bit Rebels. I am not an Android phone owner myself, but I have long been thinking about getting one just to have both sides of the story so to speak (obviously I am an iPhone owner at present ...

LED lights predict weather forecast

Check The Weather Forecast While Enjoying 72,000 LEDs!

One of my favorite things about living in Atlanta is that at night you can see all the bright lights of the city illuminating the sky like a Christmas tree. Many times the lights are designed in a way to create a pattern or flashing picture to entertain (or distract) all of ...