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Death Star & Tie Fighter Tea Ball For Star Wars Tea Fanatics
Death Star & Tie Fighter Tea Ball For Star Wars Tea Fanatics

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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How To Create The Daft Punk Space Helmet

Homemade Space Helmet Breaks All Boundaries!

We’re in the middle of the space age, and we break boundaries every day. We travel farther into space and glance ever deeper at the planets and stars out there only to understand where we came from, and where we are headed. Some people stay positive that we’ll one day travel to ...

Clocks Created From Vinyl Records – Retro Meets Recycling

Vinyl records are just a tad before my time. I had a few of them when I was very young, but for most of my childhood, it was the cassette era. I have a lot of friends; however, that collect old records. Apparently they can be very sentimental and bring back wonderful ...

3D Drawing Tool On A 2D Surface

How To: Draw Real Time 3D Images On A 2D Surface

It has long been the limit of the Wacom board, for example, to draw 3D images (in real time) on a 2D surface. Usually the “z” axis has been lacking in its presence and you have had to do that on a computer where you have this whole mouse/interface thing going on. ...

Edible Greeting Cards – A Tasty Way To Send Your Love

We’ve all gotten the scratch-n-sniff cards, the musical cards, and even the huge oversized cards, but I betcha you’ve never gotten an edible card before! Move over Hallmark, American Greetings recently released a new kind of card – it’s flavored! Each card has a dissolvable taste strip that matches the message inside ...

Prefabricated High Rise Comes In Blocks

The High Rises Of Tomorrow Come In Prefabricated Blocks!

They get higher and higher each day and architects have stumbled over new problems that might make building them even higher almost impossible. It’s not really the structure of the building that limits the height. It’s also not the forces of nature that keep architects from constructing and drawing ever higher buildings. ...

How To: Create Your Own Unique Digital Handwriting Font

How To: Create Your Own Unique Digital Handwriting Font

I grew up handwriting letters, but now that we do everything on the computer, I find myself forgetting how to write in cursive. I type even the simplest notes and print them to avoid showcasing my embarrassing penmanship. Is the art of handwriting gone forever? I’ve written about this before in an ...

Rolled-Up Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard

Geek Bonanza: Flexible Keyboard For Your Smart Phone!

Are you one of those people that constantly complains about the touch screen keyboards that come with most of the smart phones these days? Well, you’re in luck cause I am going to visually treat you with something that might capture your interest. Some people just like that hardware keyboard in front ...

Dissected Frogs Never Looked So Cute!

Dissected Frogs Never Looked So Cute!

When I was in high school, biology was my least favorite subject. I always thought dissecting animals was completely gross, and I felt so bad for them. Somehow their lives ended just so they could lay helpless in that cold metal tray awaiting to be disrespectfully cut up and studied. Maybe that ...

Nano Printer Base Station Robot Dispenser

Next Gen Printers: Tiny As Can Be!

Everyone is looking to be the “next generation” of this or that. There is no doubt that’s a good thing because every consumer wants their new gadget to be as small as can be. Why? Beats me really. Maybe it’s because we wanna carry it around and use it rather then having ...

A Digitally Enhanced, High-Def, Interactive Pool Table!

A Digitally Enhanced, High-Def, Interactive Pool Table!

Oh, now this is cool. If I had an extra $200,000 to blow, I would probably try to do something a little more noble with it than buy a tricked out pool table, but hey, I can still appreciate it from afar. This is wild and crazy stuff. This Obscura Digital Cuelight ...

LG Exo Concept Cell Phone Preview

The World’s First Curved Cell Phone: LG Exo Smartphone

It’s been said many times before, but it’s worth mentioning again. The cell phones of today truly don’t have any style to them. They are just protective shells with a lot of advanced technology inside of them. It’s like the manufacturers are just trying to cram as much goo in there to ...

Mustaches For Girls - Would You Wear One? Fashion Accessory

Mustaches For Girls – Would You Wear One?

I can’t stop laughing over this one. I don’t know what’s funnier, that someone created pink mustaches for girls or the fact that they are called “furry lip ornaments” in their marketing. This set of seven stylish (yes, I said stylish) mustaches is made to accentuate feminine features. Wow, I never thought ...