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Top 10 Retailers In Social Media: U.S. Brand Comparison [Infographic]
Top 10 Retailers In Social Media: U.S. Brand Comparison [Infographic]

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GoBall: The World's Most Compact GoPro Handle
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It's Official - Twitter Knows When We Are Happy or Sad!

It’s Official – Twitter Knows When We Are Happy or Sad!

Here is yet another reason to embrace our beloved Twitter (as if we needed another reason, right?). Scientists have now discovered that the overall mood of America can be determined on Twitter. The time-lapse video below shoes the mood in the States as inferred using over 300 million tweets over the course ...

6 Tools To Help You Plan A Party Or Get Together

6 Tools To Help You Plan A Party Or Get Together

I have been planning events for over 6 years, and I must say, there are so many details to work on in order to make a party or an event a success. You need to oversee everything from the food, to the giveaways, to the invitations. In order to be able to ...

Wooden Nintendo NES Console Base Station And Controllers

Can’t Afford A Real Nintendo Console? Buy A Wooden One!

Consoles today aren’t exactly cheap. I remember when I was younger and decided to get myself a Nintendo NES console. Sure, it was a lot of money back then, but they were just $150 a pop. Today some consoles set you back $595 if you want to geek out on some majestic ...

Star Wars Yoga - The Exercise for Geeks

Star Wars Yoga – The Exercise for Geeks

This is so funny to me. I see people tweeting about yoga all the time. I’ve tried it before, but I just don’t think it’s for me. All that twisting and turning and holding poses, nah… I’d rather just hit my bike for exercise. Maybe if I found a way to make ...

3 New Easy-To-Use Photo Sharing Tools

The majority of the people I know love taking pictures and sharing them with friends and family. They have hi-tech cameras and all the accessories to create masterpieces. I love taking photos even if I just have a simple digital camera. It is some how my way of chronicling moments in my ...

Master Geek Coffee Table Mod With LED Lights

The Coffee Table Any Geek Would Love!

Sometimes it can be hard for an über geek to fashion his or her living quarters in the perfect way to deliver the statement that they are just that, a geek. Going to IKEA won’t do it really. Looking for geeky stuff at the local interior design store won’t work either. There’s ...

Misfortune Cookies - Being A Smartass Never Tasted So Good!

Misfortune Cookies – Being A Smartass Never Tasted So Good!

I love fortune cookies. They are such a fun way to end a Kung Pao chicken dinner. However, I have a few sarcastic friends who despise the Pollyanna happy nature of fortune cookie messages. For those of you who want to add a little verbal zip to your crunchy fortune cookie, I ...

Flipboard – A Social Magazine for Your iPad

When I was in Chicago, I had the opportunity of course to visit the Apple store and play with the iPad. I totally wanted to get one, but due to budget constraints, I had to just play with it in the store. I was; however, able to convince two of my friends ...

LEGO Badass Figurine Body Tattoo Artwork

LEGO Goes Badass: The Plastic Figurines Now Have Tattoos!

LEGO certainly seems to have no boundaries when it comes to creativity and the number of people who still find it to be one of the best pastimes they could have. It just so happens that LEGO is producing way more cool stuff that we never get to check out since they ...

The Magic Cheezburger 8-Ball Has All The Answers!

This is so friggin ridiculous that I have to have one. Remember the magic 8-balls our parents used to play with in the old days? They are black and you shake them up and then read the answers. Actually, I think they still sell them, I saw some at the toy store ...

Sketch And Edit Photos On The Go!

I like to travel, and when I do, I don’t bring my work computer with me. I just use the tools that are available online. We at Bit Rebels like sharing tools that we discover that will allow our readers to be productive anywhere they may be. I found a site that ...

How To Create The Daft Punk Space Helmet

Homemade Space Helmet Breaks All Boundaries!

We’re in the middle of the space age, and we break boundaries every day. We travel farther into space and glance ever deeper at the planets and stars out there only to understand where we came from, and where we are headed. Some people stay positive that we’ll one day travel to ...