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The Newest Dazzling Daft Punk Coca-Cola Bottle Design
The Newest Dazzling Daft Punk Coca-Cola Bottle Design

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Common Fibers - A Real Carbon Fiber Wallet
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Unleash the Geek in You With Stupidiotic Accessories!

Unleash the Geek in You With Stupidiotic Accessories!

The best way to show people how unique we are is by wearing or using accessories that speak volumes about our personality, what we like, and what we are all about. There are so many accessories out there available to create the look and feel that we want. Whether you are a ...

Super Mario Undead Zombie Version

Here Is The Undead Side Of Super Mario!

There is no mistaking that vampires, zombies and undeads are a hot topic of the present. Pretty much every movie that is released right now has some element of one or more of these things. It seems like we are so overly excited about the undead and the rotting of forever that ...

Reboot Your Senses - The Crossroads Project Photography

Reboot Your Senses – The Crossroads Project Photography

There are many different ways an office full of creative people can showcase their talent to prospective clients. Since I’m a huge photography fan, I especially enjoy watching photographers strut their stuff. Bulgarian creative studio Addminimal wanted to express their talent for directing, light managing and makeup. The result was “The Crossroads ...

How To: Grow Your Own Beer Garden

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.” – Dave Barry (from Twenty Great Beer Quotes) So many people love beer that quotes about beer ...

A Creative Way To Identify Your Suitcase When Traveling

A Creative Way To Identify Your Suitcase When Traveling

It seems like when we travel, a lot of us carry black suitcases, right? I have a set of beautiful black leather luggage that is my favorite. Sometimes it’s hard to spot which luggage is ours at baggage claim, right? With so many pieces that look almost identical, we really have to ...

The Fastest 100 Meter Hurdles – Wearing Flippers!

I believe that a person trying to break a Guinness World Record is awesome. I imagine setting a record is even more amazing. I found a video of a girl from New Zealand who broke the 100 meter hurdles wearing flippers. Imagine how difficult it is to walk using those enormous flippers! ...

The Magical Art of Papercutting

The Magical Art of Papercutting

You’ve probably seen by now that we looooooove paper art on Bit Rebels. We write about it a lot. Some of my favorite that I’ve seen so far is the paper cut out art that Richard wrote about on our sister site, Raster Rebels. This paper cut out art below also caught ...

Do You Freak Out When Your Internet Goes Down?

I like watching videos online, I usually never watch that much television anymore, because majority of the news I can already read or watch online, or even some of my favorite TV shows I get to watch re runs as I often miss them anyways during regular programming time.  Then I saw ...

Consolor Portable Gaming Console Render

New Consolor Console: Beautiful Portable Gaming!

It seems like just yesterday a company released the “next” portable gaming console on the market. Regardless, we still only see the Nintendo & PSP ones as making the charts with their new games. It seems to be harder to please the portable gamers than the ones sitting in front of a ...

Do You Want The Ultimate Bathing Pleasure?

Taking a bath in a bathtub filled with warm water is something that your body will thank you for, especially after a hard days work. Soaking your body in warm water along with lit aromatic candles can really relax you. However, what if you crave more than just a simple bathtub? What ...

Samsung Necklace Cell Phone Called Nek-Fon For Women

Samsung’s Nek-Fon: Next Gen Cell Phone For Women

Women are more and more getting the attention of cell phone manufacturers these days, and the products they pump out are getting more and more fantastic. I wrote an article a while back about a Interactive Finger Ring (Hybratech’s Bluetooth Phone Ring), and it’s been a favorite among you all ever since. ...

Alien Swarm - Valve Games

Alien Swarm – Now Free!

Team co-op games have always been fun and in the past few years there have been a good few “greats.” Borderlands and the Left 4 Dead series are perfect examples of this. These 4 player co-op games go against the forces of whatever, with plenty of guns and a large amount of either blood ...