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Lightsaber Sneakers Light Up The True Path
Lightsaber Sneakers Light Up The True Path

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These Super Mario Characters Are Zombies!

These Super Mario Characters Are Zombies!

I totally dig the whole zombie/vampire culture. I think it’s a lot of fun. I don’t like it as much as the couple that went so far as to have a romantic zombie wedding, but I love the movies. John Carpenter’s Vampires is a classic that will always be one of my ...

Gross Out Your Friends With Your Profile Photos!

Our avatars usually get people’s first attention when they check out our profiles on social networking sites. Do you notice that the photo section gets more views when you upload new pictures? People are into taking photos and then sharing them. What if you want to add a little something unique to ...

Amazing Inception Movie Infographics

Inception: Explained In Infographic! [Spoiler]

It debuted as the second most successful sci-fi genre movie of all time. Only “The Matrix” scored a higher grossing first weekend. Leonardo DiCaprio certainly knows how to pick his movies. I haven’t yet seen the movie myself, but it sure looks like a nice little brain twister. However, when looking at ...

Get Creative - Pimp Your Pizza Cutter

Get Creative – Pimp Your Pizza Cutter

My 9-year-old son eats pizza at least four times a week. If I’m a coffee-holic, he is definitely a pizza-holic. Sometimes we order it to be delivered, but for a more healthy option, many times we make it at home. I gotta admit, after making so many pizzas in his lifetime, it’s ...

To Poke or Not To Poke on FaceBook!

To Poke or Not To Poke on FaceBook!

If you are a FaceBook user (who isn’t right?) you know by now that there are a lot of things you can do on the social networking site. You can update your status, tell people what is happening with you or share links that you think your friends will also be interested ...

Numark iDJ Misxing Console For iPad

iPad Music Mixing Station – Hardware That Rocks The World!

All you DJs out there are going to flip when you see this really neat little accessory for the iPad. Previously, there has been only software stuff for the iPad to record, edit and mix long and creative strings of music. As a DJ, it hasn’t really been possible to use the ...

Become A Baking Jedi - Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Become A Baking Jedi – Star Wars Cookie Cutters

I don’t bake much, but if I did, making these cookies would be at the top of my list! What could be better than gracing your cookie jar and your tummy with Yoda, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper? These just aren’t ordinary cookie cutters either. The stamp in each cutter ...


Here Is An iPhone App That Makes Popcorn!

People can’t live without their cell phones, especially now with the smartphones that allow us to do so many things other than just send SMS and call. Internet browsing, playing games and making video calls are now possible. I guess the reason why so many people love the iPhone is because you ...

Catching The ROlling Tarp Surfing Wave

How To: Surf with Just a Tarp and a Skateboard

It’s summer, and it’s hot like a mofo outside. All you want is to go to the beach and catch a wave or two. Surfing on the computer is no fun, and unfortunately, the beach is too far away for you to ever make it there and back in the time you ...

Touchable Hologram Technology Is The Next Generation Phone Call

Touchable Holograms Are Now A Reality!

It is about time that we get some news about this whole holographic world that we keep seeing in movies. We’ve seen it in Star Wars, Minority Report and of course Star Trek. However, until now, we haven’t really been able to master the science of creating working and realistically looking holograms. ...

A Minimalist Foosball Table Inspired by the Oscars!

I love foosball tables. I think it just goes along with being a geek, doesn’t it? I don’t really care about playing the game; I just like checking out the tables themselves. This Lego Star Wars Foosball Table is incredible to me. Today I have another one to share with you. This ...

Brillant Geek T-Shirt Saying I Was Here

Brilliant Caffeinated T-Shirt: “I Was Here”

I confess! I am a t-shirt junkie with a fanatic need to find the ultimate t-shirt for each day and occasion. It’s not easy I tell you. Designs are sometimes limited in stores and finding something that will set both you and the viewer on the edge can be quite impossible sometimes. ...