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The Anatomy Of A Facebook Fan [Infographic]
The Anatomy Of A Facebook Fan [Infographic]


Ultimate Bachelor Gadget: All In One Beer Opener & Remote

Suddenly it seems so obvious. I can’t believe it was just now invented. This is one of those things that you bonk yourself on the head and wonder why you didn’t think of it. Now there is a universal remote control that has a built in bottle opener so you don’t even have to leave your couch to open your beer! For couch potatoes around the world, this must be a dream come true. Thanks to The Clicker, you no longer have to be inconvenienced ...


The New YouTube | Do You Like It?

Social media is now part of our daily lives, the majority of us have been communicating and sharing via different social networking platforms. One that has gained a lot of popularity is YouTube. If you have noticed, people have gotten used to the idea of sharing ideas, concepts and information to friends and family. Just over the past year, we have seen the redesign of pages from Twitter and FaceBook. The aim is really for people to have an improved engagement experience. Now the social ...

Re-Thinking The Twitter Concept - [Humor]

Re-Thinking The Twitter Concept [Humor]

Have you ever asked yourself the question “What if Twitter was conceived as another animal instead of a bird…what then?” What would we call it or what expressions would we use in our daily use of this tremendously successful invention? I decided to do some research to see what I could come up with. I wanted to see if there were any other animals that could have taken our lovely blue bird’s place when the final decision was made. I got myself a fresh cup ...


An Online Help Resource for Kids

When I was growing up, opening up to my parents was easy. They always encouraged us to speak. I cannot imagine not being able to say anything to the people I look up to. I guess I was very sheltered growing up. I was also very idealistic because I never thought that kids had actual problems. I often thought that people only had problems once they were grown up. I found a site that actually helps kids speak out about their troubles. The site is ...


Disturbing Hello Kitty Images For Your Dark Side

I don’t really know why I wrote this post because now I’m all freaked out and I’m going to have to watch a sappy happy movie tonight before I go to sleep just so I don’t have bad dreams. I used to think Hello Kitty was cute. I’ve even written an article about Hello Kitty here on Bit Rebels before. I had no beef with that cat until recently. I don’t know what is going on lately, but Hello Kitty stuff keeps popping up in ...


You’ve Never Seen (Or Smelled) Shoes Like This Before

Just when you thought you’d seen everything… I’m not sure which is more shocking about these shoes; the 10-inch heels or the elephant poop. Ok, I know which one. I think this is the strangest fashion statement I’ve ever seen, but I’m trying to be open-minded. We’ve featured so many fun high heel shoe articles here that I just couldn’t resist including these when I saw them. Artist/designer insa created these shoes, which are made out of.. yup.. elephant dung. He even gave them a ...


Unique Twitter Birds for Your Inspiration

I wrote this article to help boost your creativity when you are on Twitter. For those who have come to love the site and use it as often as I have, you will agree that we like seeing the blue bird that we’ve come to know as the symbol of Twitter. Did you know that a team of biologists have done some research and found several species that might be the Twitter bird? As one of the biologists says “About the closest thing you’ll find ...

50 Awesome And Hilarious Twitter T-Shirts

50 Clever, Hilarious and Geeky Twitter T-Shirts

It’s amazing what Twitter has achieved in its short lifetime so far. Just the mere fact that it keeps on growing and growing without any signs of stopping is, to me, just incredible. I have found that Twitter is one of the most effective and interesting social networking platforms available and the learning curve and response is just unprecedented. You can just sign up for an account and start declaring to the world exactly who you are and what you are doing. Nothing else is ...


How To: Find Killer Twitter Content To Tweet

Here’s the scene: You’ve been on Twitter a while, you’ve had fun tweeting about what you are doing, you’ve been retweeting the power users, but now you are ready to up your game. You are ready to start providing valuable links and content to your followers. You are ready to start being a contributor to the great information that is passed through the twitterverse every single day. You want to establish yourself as a leader and someone that people look to for their daily supply ...


Can You Have Real Friends on Twitter?

Twitter is a great social networking platform. It lets you communicate with people from all over the world 24/7 real time. We are always told that you cannot have real friends online and that it is impossible to have meaningful friendships with your Twitter friends. I would like to disagree. I believe that you can have real friends. There are a lot of people that I have become close with that I met on Twitter. They are a source of encouragement and a true source ...

Bendy-M - Hollow Stick Mouse Made From Future Technologies

Bendy-M: Hollow Stick Mouse Made From Future Technologies

Are you tired of the conventional and ordinary mouse designs that we see today? There have been many attempts to try and refine, originalize and re-design the conventional mouse to meet the market’s need for upgrades and freshness. More times than not, the new and exciting designs, expressed by the designers, have met dire reviews and many times a huge failure when launched. To create a really good mouse is harder than people realize. Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and a bunch of others have tried their ...


The Longest Letter Ever Written – Do You Know Who It’s To?

This is very touching. About ten days ago, a new world record was set for the longest letter ever written, and you’ll never guess who it was written to. The previous letter that held that record was a note to Santa Claus. A bunch of students in India decided to celebrate their Silver Jubilee year by allowing everyone to participate in creating and writing this letter, and as you see from the pictures below, it was no easy task. 3 hours and 2,800 people later, ...


Breathtaking Seascapes for Inspiration

Summer is my favorite time of the year, even though it gets very hot in my country. It reaches up to 40 degrees C sometimes. To battle the heat, people trek to the malls or the beach on the weekends. What’s great is that the beach is quite accessible in my country. You can hop in a car and arrive at a beach in approximately 3.5 hours. However, not many people are making any effort to make sure that the beaches here are taken cared ...