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Photoshop | Breast Enhancement

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Artist Doodles - Permanent Marker Used to Create Installation

Artist Doodles – Permanent Marker Used to Create Installation

Installation artists never cease to amaze me. They create larger than life works of art. I am a lover of art, and I appreciate everything that is created out of one’s imagination. You can see a person’s inner thoughts and feelings through their masterpiece. I found a cool installation art (vinyl) using ...

Han Solo Death Star Trash Compactor Bookend From Star Wars

Star Wars: Death Star Trash Compactor Bookends!

What a great way to start the month, seeing a bunch of Star Wars related gear that will make any home into a geekilicious lair of Star Wars awesomeness. There’s no avoiding it, even though we have started to get some ganks from Star Trek lovers saying that the cult movies of ...

Coffee Never Had This Much Zing!

Coffee Never Had This Much Zing!

I love coffee!! I know a lot of you out there would agree that the day wouldn’t be complete without a cup of good coffee! Nothing makes my day more than sitting at my desk, sipping a good hot brewed cup of coffee. Instant coffee never really works out as well as ...

How To Find The Secret Worm Game On YouTube

How To: Find The Secret YouTube Game!

Little did I know that the “Worm” game has been under my nose this entire time. It’s kind of a secret hidden Easter egg that YouTube incorporated for viewers to overcome those sometimes long loading times. It’s a neat little trick that will keep you occupied well past the loading time. When ...

FaceBook Brings People Closer!

Social media is really here to stay, no matter what people say or argue. I just recently attended a talk on how social networks are gaining ground and that more and more people are getting into it. The stats were overwhelming. Just here in the Philippines, 93% of the people are into ...

Logitech G50 Bionic Mouse Sci-Fi Fashionable Extentions Of Your Hand

The Bionic Mouse: Fashionable Extension Of Your Hand

I get so tired of these “normal” and “usual” designs for the mouse. They always come in this bulging lump of plastic with a sensor underneath and a couple of buttons pinching the roller wheel. It’s like we never evolved the device after we found a working concept. Maybe it is because ...

Impress Your Friends – Origami with a Twist!

I love origami, otherwise known as the art of paper folding. I think it takes a lot of patience on the part of the artist to create artwork from a simple piece of paper. Have you ever seen origami used for table napkins? I have, and they look quite delicate and elegant ...

Star Wars Lighted Shoes Captain Darth Vader

Star Wars Shoes: Walk Like A True Trooper!

There is no end to the exceptionally cool Star Wars mania that is going on in the world. No wonder Mr. Lucas is on his toes trying to get payment for everything people shovel out and market with his brand. I am sure he has a truck load of cash delivered to ...

Awesome Delete Design Box Wipes For Cleaning Your Computer

“Delete” Wipes: Clean Dirt Off Your Computer!

I think everyone agrees with me that the keyboard is probably the most dirty and germ infected spot in your whole house (yes, even more so than the bathroom as suggested by an episode of Mythbusters). Cleaning your keyboard and mouse is probably the best thing you could do to prevent getting ...

Space Invaders Couch For Geeky Interior Designing

Space Invaders Couch: Gank The Invaders At Home!

There have been several posts here on Bit Rebels that deal with the perfect geek interior design. So far we have only touched the tip of the iceberg it seems, and more and more genius designs are leaking into our lives. Is there really something that is considered “too geeky?” Well, here ...

Inception Movie Scenes Done In Lego Bricks

Inception Movie: Legolized!

I don’t think it has escaped anyone’s attention that Inception is, next after The Matrix, the highest grossing sci-fi movie ever released. The intricate storyline and the spectacular special effects make the movie somewhat of a milestone of combined efforts to make the über movie of the century. Everyone is trying to ...

Lifelike and Realistic Indian Paper Craft Scultures

The Best Paper Sculptures You Have Ever Seen!

Yet again we cover something made of paper. It’s not exactly the first time, but I can honestly and with a promise say that you have never seen anything like this before. The creativity that goes into something like this is just amazing, and it will wrinkle every fabric of your brain ...