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Awesome Suitcase Anti-Theft System From 1961
Awesome Suitcase Anti-Theft System From 1961

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Sculptures Made From Rat Poison Packaging

Sculptures Made From Rat Poison Packaging

Ok, by now you know that when I come across something that will put your weird shit-o-meter into overdrive, I have to write about it. I have no experience with rat poison. Well, other than watching it on the classic movie 9 to 5 which I’ve probably seen twenty times. However, I ...

Cherries For A Good Cause - Converse Sneakers For Charity

Cherries For A Good Cause – Converse Sneakers For Charity

Dutch designer Parra recently teamed up with Converse all in the name of charity. The result from that collaboration is this line of sneakers called “Cherries for a Good Cause.” These tan suede high top sneakers are decorated with embroidered cherries. These shoes even have a very stylish red lining. These little ...

Rubik’s Cube Goes Digital To Celebrate 30th Birthday!

Wow, I had no idea that the Rubik’s Cube has been around for 30 years. That little colorful brainteaser has some staying power for sure. For its own 30th birthday, the Rubik’s Cube is celebrating in two very special ways. First of all, they’ve come out with a limited edition wooden cube. ...

Crazy Classy Creative Hair Designs

Crazy Classy Creative Hair Designs

Yesterday Richard wrote an article about the “designer way of cutting hair.” Those wild and crazy hair tattoos (which is what they look like to me) got me thinking a lot about hair and all the opportunities we have to express our creativity through our hair. My hair is long. It’s too ...

Up, Up and Away - Balloon Sculptures

Up, Up and Away – Colorful Balloon Sculptures

When I was in high school, I worked at a balloon store. Not only did I deliver balloon bouquets all over town, I did it dressed up as a gorilla. Those were good times. I drove an old beat up 1974 Maverick which I bought for $400. I can only imagine how ...

A Storm In A Tea Cup - Design Inspiration

A Storm In A Tea Cup – Design Inspiration

I’ve never heard the expression, “a storm in a tea cup.” As the saying goes, apparently when someone is overreacting or creating some sort of drama, they are making a storm in a tea cup. Even though I’m not familiar with that terminology, I am completely in love with this design. For ...

Tokyo-Go-Go Illustrations To Inspire And Awe You

Tokyo-Go-Go Illustrations That Will Make You Go Wow!

I love illustrations when they are thought through and created with passion. There is a lot of crap out there that honestly, if it had only been given a little bit more time and attention, could have been truly amazing. It’s when you stumble over the good pieces that you really know ...

Giant Houshold Furnitures

Funky And Eye Catching Furniture For…Giants!

Do you have an eye for interior design, and are you constantly trying to find the next big thing in that industry? If so, this is going to make you really happy cause I know this is the next big thing. Instead of us always trying to fit stuff into our house ...

Abandoned Desert House With Interior Covered In Sand

What Happens When You Abandon Your House In The Desert?

Now that the summer is about to come to an end, a lot of people are leaving their summer houses to sit for the winter until the sun once again starts reaching for the spring. Usually when you come back to it the following summer, everything is pretty much the same. Your ...

A Luxury Hotel... For Your Cat's Next Vacation!

A Luxury Hotel… For Your Cat’s Next Vacation!

When I found out about this hotel, I instantly knew I had to write about it. I’m not really a cat person myself, but my best friend on Twitter, @mistygirlph, loves cats. Actually, her whole family does. Her big-hearted sister rescues cats, and they have about 20 of them in their home. ...

Super Mario iPhone Wallpaper For Any Geek

20 iPhone Wallpapers Fit For A Geek

Are you one of those people who rallied out to get the new iPhone 4? Well, then this post might not be for you. The screen resolution for the iPhone 4 is double the size of the iPhone 3G and 3Gs. Maybe it would work anyway. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to ...

Mini Lego Dudes by PIXAR Animator Angus MacLane

Mini Lego Dudes by PIXAR Animator Angus MacLane

Is there anything that can’t be created with Lego bricks? I mean, seriously, we’ve seen it all, haven’t we? Now even PIXAR animator Angus MacLane has officially joined the ranks of those people that are obsessed with Lego. He loves those colorful bricks so much that he’s recently created an entire series ...