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8 Innovative Companies To Keep An Eye On In 2015
8 Innovative Companies To Keep An Eye On In 2015

Day Trading Binary Options

How Technology Is Forever Changing Stock Market Day Trading

For many, the stock market is a complex and scary institution where people lose all their money. The reality is far from the unforgiving trading climate that sometimes is portrayed. With just a little knowledge, anyone can become a day trading professional and build a financial security without risking too much in the process. Don’t get me wrong, the harsh economic climate right now gives little room for experimentation and risk taking, however, without investment there is little you can expect to gain, right? In the ...

Converted RV Spaceship Simulator

DIY Hackers Convert RV Into Epic Spaceship Simulator

What do you do when your spaceship simulator games have grown boring and no longer intrigues your craving for space exploration? Well, you could do what a Tom Wyatt, Tim Reynolds and Charles Yarnold did and put together your very own epic spaceship in an RV to further increase the realism when you go where no humans have ever gone. If virtual reality is not enough to tickle your senses then this converted RV should surely do the trick. When you first lay eyes on ...

4MM Jetpack Faster Running

This Jetpack Will Help You Run A 4-Minute Mile

People have long dreamed of owning their very own personalized jetpack. You know the kind that you can soar over your neighborhood with, like a true superhero. A while ago we wrote about a company that is currently working on putting together a jetpack that pretty much anyone will be able to use. The current price tag of that jetpack is $75,000, a little out of range for most people. There are other kinds of jetpacks however, and that’s what we are going to take ...

Zombowl Breakfast Cereal Bowl

Zombowl Will Have Zombies Running The Other Way

Having a bad morning? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Don’t worry, this thing is going to turn it right around. Whenever there is a new geeky product that taunts our aesthetic neurons, we are always quick to pick it up and present it to you all. This thing is definitely one of those quirky things that any geek just have to have in their inventory. Who doesn’t want a brainy Zombowl to put their cereal in when they are ...

LEGO Calendar Software Sync

LEGO Calendar Now Sync With Almost All Scheduling Platforms

You might remember us writing about a geeky way to organize your schedule a while back that involved the almighty LEGO block. The design and execution of the idea was flawless, and I guess you would expect nothing less when you’re dealing with a product design and invention studio, in this case Special Projects. Back then this LEGO calendar could sync with Google Calendar but many wanted more options, and the studio didn’t disappoint. Most of us use different tools when we organize our living ...

Gaming Chairs Save Gamers

Why Gaming Chairs Could Save Gamers From A Brutal Beating

It is estimated that there are over half a billion gamers worldwide and counting. When you start doing the math and incorporate the fact that the average gamer is spending about 12 hours a week playing games, you quickly start to understand why this industry is generating so much buzz. Gaming has become one of the most popular pastimes of our day, and it’s highly unlikely that will change anytime soon. With so many gamers around the world, it’s increasingly alarming that most don’t know ...

Apple 2014 Keynote Presentation Header

Quick Guide To Everything Announced At The Apple 2014 Keynote

Are you excited? Many would say that I am an Apple fanboy, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Personally I enjoy technology that pushes the envelope according to my own needs. It’s true that Apple has been struggling to innovate since Steve Jobs passed away, until now. After having watched the Apple 2014 keynote live, I am now convinced that Apple, with a new armada of products, is going to stick around as an innovative force for quite a while longer. The product ...

3D Printing Restart Feature

MIT Students Innovate 3D Printing With A Restart Function

One of the most annoying things that has been haunting 3D printing for years is that far from every print is pristine or precise. The number of errors that can be found in each finished object of course varies, but they are always present and sometimes it takes a few prints in order to get the desired result. 3D printers are slowly becoming more precise and exact, but the process still lacks the accuracy that most tinkerers request and require. A group of MIT students ...

Digital Devices Increase Connectivity

3 Ways Digital Devices Are Changing Our Lives

Undeniably, the world is changing dramatically with the rapid advances in technology. Affecting everything from how we read and communicate to how we shop, the Internet is making things faster and more convenient. While some might argue that it takes away some of the humanity from people, a growing contingent argues that it is more accurately an advance in humanity, something to give us greater equality of information and a greater connection with one another. As new devices enter the market, we are familiarizing ourselves ...

Search Organization Battle Efficiency Header

How Search Is Impacted When Your Company Is Over-Organized

The battle for efficiency rages on as companies begin to store information in more and more different mediums. Sure, they work great for document sharing, collaboration, and access while traveling, but it is still just another system to sift through. Whether it is the cloud, Dropbox or even Google Docs, someone is going to have to search quite dedicatedly in order to find what they are looking for, something that could be tedious and annoying at times. The hard truth is that organization is a ...

iPhone 6 Leaked Presentation

iPhone 6 Leaked And Presented A Week In Advance

The next Apple event is but a few days away, and it is apparent that something is brewing behind the scenes. The event has been hyped more than any other event in years, and it is easy to see why people are getting anxious to see what Apple has in store for us this time around. Many people are saying that we will be seeing an iWatch but that it will not be available for quite some time. Sure is that Apple will definitely present ...

Kylie IV Pole Backpack

11-Year Old Cancer Survivor Reinvents The IV Pole

Innovation usually comes from multinational companies around the world but as we have seen before, individuals can change the world as well. It is particularly inspiring when innovation comes from a young person who’s only aspiration is to increase the quality of life for a group of people that really need it. This is exactly what Kylie, a Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer survivor, decided to do after winning her fight with her malicious disease. She decided to reinvent the IV Pole. In the U.S. there are close ...

Online Coupon Codes Savers

How To Save Big With Online Coupon Codes

We recently published an article in which we presented five tips on how to save money when shopping online. We wanted to continue that topic by taking a closer look at what has become one of the most popular form of deals on the Internet. I am of course talking about online coupon codes. There are an increasing number of websites that offer the ability to search for the cheapest place to buy a product, but coupon codes can significantly save you even more money. ...

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