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Working LEGO PIP-Boy 3000 Is Far From Your Standard LEGO Wear
Working LEGO PIP-Boy 3000 Is Far From Your Standard LEGO Wear


An Origami Tea Bag – Appreciate The Simple Things In Life

I don’t know what it is with hot tea and me lately, but I feel like a little kid who is discovering something new. Yesterday I bought a beautiful hand-carved wooden box lined with navy blue velvet that is filled with different flavors of tea from all around the world. I’m having the best time experimenting with the different tastes. A few days ago, I wrote an article about how we can take our drippy used tea bags and create inspiring art. If you are ...


I Love Cats! Purr-fect Photo Inspiration

I love cats. We have 19 cats at home to prove it! Well, they are really my sister’s cats. Our love for cats dates back to when we were small girls. We also love dogs, but find that cats are mysterious and their traits are really amazing. They are loyal, and they give unconditional love. They are also playful. Did you know that cats and our pets in general can lower our stress level when we play with them on days when we are totally ...


25 New Nike Designs Including Twitter, Google & Michael Jackson!

We must really dig unique and geeky sneaker designs because we’ve written about them a lot here on Bit Rebels. Maybe I’m more of a dork than I thought, but when I saw these Twitter sneakers, I instantly started drooling. I would totally wear these! :) Daniel Reese, a 21-year-old sneaker designer, takes regular Nike sneakers and turns them into works of art. In addition to Twitter, he also creates Pac Man, The Simpsons, Google, Michael Jackson and many other custom sneakers, how cool is ...

We've Finally Found The Real Entrance To Alice's Wonderland!

We’ve Finally Found The Real Entrance To Alice’s Wonderland!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could just imagine something, and it would come true? We could travel to foreign lands and experience adventures far beyond our wildest imagination. Well, luckily for us it is not possible more than in just that… our imagination. However, that doesn’t stop us from continuing the search. As a matter of fact, what would the world be if we didn’t search for a little adventure every now and then to spice up our ordinary boring lives? As you ...


10 Reasons To Love FaceBook!

There have been so many arguments lately for why people should close their FaceBook account. The biggest reason is the privacy issue. I have been on FaceBook since 2007, and I am still enjoying every minute of it and still recommend the site to my friends. I know the privacy issue is a big deal, but I always believe that it is also the user who is responsible for his or her own content that they choose to share on the social networking platform. However, ...

The Most Accurate Flying Vehicle Ever!

The Most Accurate Flying Vehicle Ever!

Ever taken a cross Atlantic flight? Well, let me tell you… it can be quite bumpy but also quite smooth. As soon as you enter the jet stream in the sky, you’re flowing along like you were on the ground. I guess you know that already. It’s the landings that always mess me up. I have had a couple of incidents that I thought… well it was fun being alive. Wind can certainly mess up a good flight and make it a horrible almost nightmarish ...


Your Favorite Movies Illustrated – Artist Inspiration

If I could draw worth a flip, I think it would be so much fun to be a story artist. Not little kids stories, but I’m thinking more like fun adult stuff. My favorite story artist at the moment is Josh Cooley. He works for Pixar Animation, and he’s got so much talent it makes me drool. For the past two years, he’s been working on a book compiled of his movie art. Modeled after the Golden Books for children, his collection is called, “Inappropriate ...


How To: Spot A Twitterholic

I love Twitter and I know so many people who also love it as much as I do. We have a special bond that some people do not understand. Social media has really changed the way we live and view things. Some people even question why we tweet a lot and why we value the social networking platform so much. I guess it is understandable why they ask those questions, and I know it’s hard for them to understand us because they have not gone ...

The Hoverboard From

The Hoverboard From “Back To The Future II” Is Now A Reality!

There are many movies from the ’80s that we all remember and idolize. They are the essence of our childhood and they bring back memories of awesomeness as well as humiliation. We believed in everything that we saw in those Hollywood movies, and it was pure magic. Today it’s all about what you can make look real without it being real… or something like that. The memories can go on forever. However, as we have seen in the past decade, all the things shown in ...


Used Tea Bag Art – What a Beautiful Way to Recycle

I love both coffee and hot tea. To me, coffee is less maintenance though. You just pour it in a mug, add a little cream and go. Tea, on the other hand, takes more patience. You have to stand there while it steeps and then deal with the drippy messy tea bag when you take it out. What do you do with your used tea bags? Do you throw them in the garbage can? Do you recycle them? I have a very close friend of ...


A Day in the Life of a Stormtrooper! – Funny Inspiration

I have watched the Star Wars Trilogy and the new Star Wars movies so many times that I can actually say the lines of the characters by memory. My older brother was the one that got us all hooked on Star Wars. I love the cinematography, the special effects, and the characters. When you watch the movie, you get so enthralled with the story and the images that you think it is real. George Lucas did an amazing job! My favorite characters are the ewoks, ...

The Next Generation Fridge - Yes, It's All About Touch!

The Next Generation Fridge – Yes, It’s All About Touch!

Everything is advancing and there’s really no stopping it. Soon enough the flippin pillow will have its own incorporated alarm clock and vibrator to wake you up in the morning. Maybe that already exists, I don’t know. In either case, there is a lot of research and development going on in the world, and before you know it, stuff goes out of style. It happens really fast. To stay in business, you have to have the most far out solution, but that’s not all. It ...


The Tree Urinal – The Next Generation Porta Potty

Have you ever been at a concert or sporting event and had to pee really, really bad? I drink a lot of water, and this is pretty much the story of my life. I spend so much time standing in lines at porta potties. Apparently designer Sam van Veluw feels the same way. He designed this next gen porta potty, which is basically a urinal that straps to a tree. Yes, I’m for real. There is even a way this can be connected to a ...


A Practical Guide For Managing Time

People have always asked us here at Bit Rebels how we can do so many things and yet still be able to write our articles. Everyone knows that @adamsconsulting, @Minervity and myself have full time jobs as well. It is not easy, but passion and the love for writing and sharing has given us a lot of energy to do all the things we want and love to do. The real key is time management. Managing one’s time is important. Having a schedule and making ...