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Nike Toy Story Dunks Anyone? – Bring Out The Toon In You
Nike Toy Story Dunks Anyone? – Bring Out The Toon In You

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GoBall: The World's Most Compact GoPro Handle
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fingerprint art

The Most Creative Fingerprints You’ve Ever Seen

Fingerprints are just plain cool. I remember the time I was arrested and fingerprinted (Just kidding. LOL). One reason fingerprints are so cool is because they are one of the few parts of our bodies that is completely unique. Although it is possible for our relatives to have relatively the same fingerprint ...

Pac-Man Game Show Series Trailer

Pac-Man: The Official Movie Trailer Is Out

My first thought was, this must be a joke. And to some extent it is, but not completely. The trailer is a real one that is amping up the hype around a new series on American TV this year. Some say it’s more of a movie but Merv Griffin Entertainment, the producer ...

Angry Birds Cake Top Edibles

Now There Are Even Edible Angry Birds Cake Toppers

So I finally pushed myself over the edge and tried out the heavily successful Angry Birds game on my iPad. I had tried it out briefly before, but this time, I wanted to really get into the game, and I did. The graphics aren’t that impressive, and the game play isn’t unique ...

Nintendo NES Guitar Build Mod

Nintendo NES Guitar: It Doesn’t Get Much More Old School

There have been a ton of customizations during 2010, and it seems the trend is going to continue in 2011. We’ve seen pretty much everything become an instrument that you can actually use to rock your heart out with. What makes some of these people take their beloved epic ’80s gear and ...

Apple's Rise To Number One Inforgraphic

Apple’s Rise To Number 1 [Infographic]

Apple has always been on the rebellious side of the computer industry. In the beginning, their energy was spent on creating a cult following, and within the company, everything was a battle. Even the developer groups had their own battles about who could develop the most successful product. Documentaries show that it ...

Solar Vox USB Charger

Solar Vox: Charge Any Of Your USB Devices Using The Sun

I take it we’re getting used to gadgets being charged by different weird inventions. I mean, if it’s not solar, it’s wind, but I have yet to see a wave charger. To charge a mobile device in today’s day and age isn’t that hard, but if you want to be able to ...

Personal Beer Robot Cannon

The Beer Cannon Delivers Beer Exactly When You Want It

The inventions people come up with sometimes have an unknown purpose, and it can be hard to really see the point since it doesn’t really optimize or make anything easier. In my humble opinion, new inventions should help us in our daily life, make our tasks easier, and sometimes obliterate them completely. ...

Pac-Man New Villains From Legendary Game Characters

48 New Pac-Man Ghost Villains From Legendary Game Characters

I must admit that I used to adore that little Pac-Man shaped hand held game when I was a kid. Sure, it was monochrome and the sound was horrible, but the gaming was good and you couldn’t put it away if your life depended on it. Even though I can take the ...

Surc iPhone Case Turns It Into A Universal Remote Control

Surc: Turn Your iPhone Into A Universal Remote Control!

More and more iPhone cases are starting to incorporate technology into them that will technologically enhance the iPhone itself. So far we have only seen cases and skins that will alter the look and feel of it, but slowly but surely, we are seeing a shift in the thinking behind them. It’s ...

Twitter Multitouch Great Wall

Now We Can All Tweet At The Great Wall Of Touch!

About a year ago, I wrote an article about the Intel Touch Screen Wall at the CES which everyone, at the time, thought was the 8th wonder of the world. But, as it turns out, this year there is one better. Not only does it seem that the future is harboring some ...

Twitter Surface Knowledge Forum

TwitnicTable: The All Knowing Twitter Table Surface!

The knowledge that is harbored by Google is probably the worlds most complete, but that doesn’t mean it is the all knowing pool of answers. Humans still battle questions everyday, and it can sometimes be hard to find the exact answer you need if your question is complex and multifaceted. The only ...

Bill Durgin's Figure Studies Photography Collection

Bizarre Photos of the Human Body: Creepy or Cool?

I’ve always been interested in photography; however, I’m more into it now than ever before. My very dear Twitter friend @NiniBaseema began a photography project with some of her friends in social media. It is called One SelfPortrait A Day. Nini is a fabulous photographer, and you can view her daily portrait ...