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Vampires vs. Zombies – Do You Know The Difference?
Vampires vs. Zombies – Do You Know The Difference?

Bundled Cartoon Characters Comic Lamp

Comic Lamp: Best Way To Light Up Your Evening Reading!

There you are, getting right into bed to get some shuteye. It’s dark outside, and it’s even raining. You have just made yourself some hot chocolate to keep you warm before the night embraces your soul. You reach for your favorite comic. It’s the latest issue, and you picked it up on your way home from that joyful meeting with an old friend. You reach to turn on the lights on the nightstand, but there is something very wrong. The lamp you’re about to turn ...

Bamboo Mouse and Keyboard

Bamboo: The New Hype Material For A Keyboard And Mouse!

At first, I was a little skeptic when I saw this new keyboard and mouse made out of bamboo. However, it turned out to be the new cool and the latest in a string of gadgets in Asia to go viral. So much so, that it’s actually considered the geekiest thing to have right now. It’s rapidly spreading throughout the world, and being it’s the fastest growing tree, it’s quite a good fit. Just plant new trees and the material will be in abundance, and ...

HydroBOB Underwater Scooter

HydroBOB: Ultimate Way To Experience The World Underwater!

Have you ever felt like the sea is a scary place with a lot of creepy animals swimming and crawling around? If that’s the reason why you have never scuba dived then you must renegotiate your fears. The underwater life is ten times as beautiful as dry land. There are things you couldn’t even dream about down there. And, you don’t even have to go down very far to see them. On top of that, it was recently announced that you don’t even have to ...

Star Wars Mexican Traditional Art

Star Wars In The Form Of Mexican Traditional Art

Once again the brainchild of someone else has completely taken me by surprise. No wonder we have something called a viral social media phenomenon. It’s amazing what people come up with and how inspiring it is every time you manage to cross roads with something new and fresh. Even though this art style isn’t exactly new, it is for the Star Wars brand. It’s so fresh as a matter of fact that I haven’t even thought about the connection until I saw these wonderful drawings. ...

Customized Rubik's Cube

Tired Of Your Ordinary Rubik’s Cube? – Customize it!

Sometimes I think that we all have a Rubik’s Cube at home. They’re everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I know it almost sounds hysterical and weird but it’s the doggone truth. They are on the bus, on the plane and even in the store. Everyone seems to think they will get smarter if they play with the cube for a couple of hours. Maybe you will, I don’t have any scientific proof of that so I don’t know. If you ask me, I ...

Keychain Photo Frame Viewer

Keychain Digital Photo Frame: Flash Them Photos!

I remember the first time I saw a digital photo frame. Back then it wasn’t very advanced, and it looked kinda bulky. You could place it on your book shelf and impress your friends with it. Nowadays, these things are somewhat like miniature computers with movie and photo capabilities. They also have multiple media formats which enable you to inject pretty much anything into them and they will show it. They are getting quite cheap as well, but even so, I still have trouble finding ...

Charybdis Fountain Pillar of Water

This Reversed Fountain Will Mess With Your Mind!

Traveling is a great way to see new things, things that you would normally only see on TV, the Internet or read about in the news. When it comes to landmarks and special attractions, there is no better way to experience them than going there in person. I am sure we will soon find ourselves immersed in a virtual world enabling us to travel anywhere at any time. It will be the first time travel that we actually get to experience. It will certainly play ...

Bejeweled Diamond Encrusted iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Finally Bejeweled – Now Worth £5 Million!

Isn’t it funny how everything that comes from Apple sooner or later gets bejeweled? It’s like it’s an unwritten rule that all their gadgets have to get bejeweled, almost like everything with an Apple logo is divine. Of course, that’s not the case, and the iPhone 4 has had more troubles with its release than probably any other Apple product released to date. It’s just that jewelers really enjoy encrusting those Apple gadgets with their diamonds to show off their creativity. The fact that it ...

Star Wars Costumes From 1942

How Star Wars Costumes Would Have Looked Back In 1942!

When I went to school, I sure had my share of geeky teachers. You could tell they were passionate about the subjects they taught by just listening to them explain physics or biology. It kind of ran through their veins and right from the very first sentence you could tell that the subject was something very dear to them. But if I told you that these teachers were interested in anything geekdom like we have here on Bit Rebels, I would be straight up lying ...

Star Wars Characters Squidified

Star Wars, Terminator And More Now Squidified!

I bet if we’re keeping this up we’ll have the wildest and strongest compilation of Star Wars awesomeness on the Internet. I think that if George Lucas really knew how many people idolize and completely immerse themselves in his brainchild world, he would actually get scared. The hours put down to create odd, wonderful, weird, cool, awesome, dangerous, heavenly and brilliant Star Wars stuff must be endless. It would probably count up to thousands of years of pure creation. But that’s not really the point ...

Anit-Wrinkle Glasses

Anti-Wrinkle Glasses: You’ll Never Grow Old, Just Silly!

Age. It’s one of the last mysteries that us humans haven’t yet been able to master or control. Sure, we have Botox and a ton of other medical “marvels” that supposedly keep us looking younger, yet weirder. It’s like everything a human is rejects the fact that we’re getting older and more busted up. Isn’t it weird that when you’re trying to look young, as an adult, you only start looking weirder the older you get? I can’t really get my head around that fact ...

Back Pulley Tool Balancer

When Garden Accessories Go Beyond Geeky!

I don’t have garden so I don’t have to cut the grass, cut the trees or maintain the odds and evens of a garden. So why am I writing about this you may ask? Well there is a simple answer to that really. It’s because I am a geek and I need to know everything. Also, how could you pass up an opportunity like this when it so gracefully flew passed your eyes when you were draining the Internet of useless yet interesting knowledge? Well ...

Gear Wheels IQ Cube Brain Toy

Now All Of You Smart People, Try Solving This One!

So after a while, you manage to finish up the Rubik’s Cube. You are fairly skilled in pretty much any programming language there is, and math is your closest friend. You might even have a crack at becoming a member of MENSA (or at least that’s what you think). But hold up a second there. Before you run out the door and start looking for the locations where you can apply for a test to join the smartypants group, you might just have a look ...