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Death Star & Tie Fighter Tea Ball For Star Wars Tea Fanatics
Death Star & Tie Fighter Tea Ball For Star Wars Tea Fanatics

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Commuter X4: The First Wearable, Fibre Optic Bike Light
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Horrific Super Mario Sad Story

A Sad Story: Super Mario Depicted From A Darker Side

Super Mario has always been this lively happy game that we have all enjoyed since its first incarnation. There have been countless versions of the game, and also other games featuring Super Mario. He may very well be the world’s most famous game character ever conceived. Each game created hauls in huge ...

The History of Console Gaming

The History Of Gaming: From Oscilloscope To Virtual Reality

I have always wondered how people can ignore the power of gaming and say it’s utter play. Of course it’s play, but one must not forget that it is because of play that we have the technologies we have today, no matter what it is. It’s from the trials and errors that ...

World's Simplest iPhone Case Skin

Could This Be The World’s Simplest And Thinnest iPhone Case?

I think by now I have pretty much covered the most expensive, the most durable, the largest and the most technological iPhone cases that I have been able to find. However, I have yet one more to process. As I’ve said many times before, Apple really opened up a new market when ...

Soap Henge Art Installation

Soaphenge: The Cleaner Version Of Stonehenge

So where does art begin and end? That’s a monumental question, and as I ask it out loud to myself, I am not sure it is to be answered, at least not by me. I appreciate art in all its forms and sizes, so much so that I regularly visit exhibitions and ...

Twitter Paper Toy Bird Template

Twitter Paper Toy: For The Seriously Addicted Tweeps

So what does it mean to be addicted to Twitter? That’s a question many people have tried to answer. The scale has many ratings and what seems like perfectly normal behavior for some is considered beyond addiction to others. The fine line between these camps would be much too hard to explain, ...

USB Flash Drive AA Battery

AA USB: The Flash Drive That Doubles As A Battery

Energy consumption is one of the hottest topics in today’s news. Pretty much every day we’re seeing how the price for energy is skyrocketing. It seems especially during the winter, production of energy is most costly which in turn pushes the prices up higher and higher. I can imagine that some resourceful ...

old freezers, monitors, tvs, printers and copy machines

Abandoned Homeless Droids: Trash or Treasure?

Everything in life is about perspective, isn’t it? One day we might think something is gross and the next day we might love it. It all depends on our perspective in that moment. For example, I’ve always thought rats were completely disgusting. However, this year, in my son’s class, they have two ...

high speed water photography

Photography: A Drop of Water Becomes a Rainbow of Color

What is it that makes water so interesting to photograph? I’ve been inspired by some of the photographers we’ve featured on Bit Rebels, and I’ve tried to photograph water droplets myself. However, I usually just end up with a big mess. I guess that is what separates a real photographer from a ...

World's First Jada Badminton Robot

This Is Jada: The First Working Badminton Robot In The World

Sports have always been the main activity for kids to get their butts out the door. For grown-ups, it’s a bit different since with age we seem to slow down on the activities a little and become couch potatoes. But with technology changing, we are getting some really cool and nifty things ...

the solemate high heel shoe solution

Ladies, This Is For You: The Best Invention I’ve Seen All Week

I’m on the Internet almost all day long. For those of you who actually have a life, I pride myself on bringing you the coolest most useful inventions quickly so that you don’t have to sit in front of your computer as much as I do. However, this brilliant invention somehow slipped ...

Grilltendo Grill Customized Mod

Grilltendo: Become The Master Of Your Barbecue Party

Alright, so even if there is still snow on the ground, I am looking forward to that first barbecue that is looming in the horizon. It will be quite some time because I reckon the snow won’t melt away for at least another month or so. Even after that, there is no ...

The insane cereal experiment

Just Adding Milk Doesn’t Make It Cereal!

Robb Posch is my kinda guy. He approaches food from a ridiculous perspective, and he likes to experiment. Do you remember Nerds? Nerds were popular back in the 80s, as a matter of fact; they were “candy of the year” in 1985. It was a Willy Wonka candy that was kinda like ...