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Lightsaber Sneakers Light Up The True Path
Lightsaber Sneakers Light Up The True Path

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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Ring Shaver Concept Technology Idea

Ring Shaver: The Future Of Grooming Is Revealed

It’s probably one of the most frequent commercials on TV, and it seems for each year that passes by, the only difference we see in today’s shavers is that they add another razor blade to the thing. It’s almost a little annoying really. Why not bust on as many razor blades as ...

Childhood Meets Adulthood Photography Illustrations

The Intersection of Childhood & Adulthood Illustrated

Just yesterday when I was sitting in my car at the supermarket, I saw a mother and her daughter pass by in the parking lot. The mother was on her cell phone and looked like she was in an intense conversation. She had a scowl on her face, and she was walking ...

Star Wars Characters Bobble Heads

Alarmingly Cute Star Wars Bobble Heads Now Available

I am going to go for a strike today with Star Wars related material. With this many years in development, Star Wars certainly deserves all the attention we can throw at it. After all, George Lucas has given us a world within our own and boat loads of gadgets that never would ...

Darth Vader Ice Cream Delivery

Imperial LEGO Ice Cream: Darth Vader Now Serves Us All

I think the number of Darth Vader incarnations goes way beyond what anyone can keep track of. It has become a genre where humor is as much a part of the cool as the actual movies are. It’s a weird statement I know, but the fact that it is spot on is ...

Book Origami Typography Art

Book Origami Typography: The Ultimate Inspiration

As a designer, you will find inspiration in everything that has a message. This means that pretty much everything you hear, see or feel will poke at your creativity and spark something that will be born into something new. It’s a process very much like life itself, and how it begins. But ...

Interactive Billboard in NYC!

Get the Chance to Have Your Face on a Billboard in NYC!

I would like to visit New York City one of these days. It would be a thrill to see and experience the sights and sounds of the big apple. I’ve heard that they have big billboards that showcase so many different brands! In the Philippines, there are a lot of billboards on ...

Inception Augmented Reality Sound App

Alter Your Sense Of Reality: Experience Your Life As A Dream

Get ready for your mind to be blown. Of every app I’ve ever written about, this one is the most fascinating. This app doesn’t just help you do something, like most apps. This app gives you a personalized, custom experience in a dreamland. Let’s back up a moment. Have you ever heard ...

Twitter Bird Charm Necklace

Keep Twitter Near Your Heart: The Twitter Charm Necklace

The Twitter inspired products never seem to end. There is always something new we can buy to celebrate our addiction to that wonderful website so many of us call home. We’ve featured a lot of that stuff right here on Bit Rebels, and most of the time, it’s stuff that is cute ...

Cloning Extinct Animals To Life

Science: How To Clone An Extinct Mammoth

Whaaaaat? When I first read about this, I thought, “This is just wrong!” But, I never want to be a person that snubs technology, so I guess I’ll warm up to it. Long story short, scientists recently announced that they are very close (about 4 years away) from cloning a woolly mammoth. ...

The Michael Jackson Mini Me

The Self-Proclaimed Mini King of Pop

I’m not normally into kiddie videos. All of us who have kids think our kid is the cutest, and we always want to show off the videos, right? I’m not into all that. The only time I can usually sit through a kid video is on Christmas morning or a special birthday. ...

Dadam Riplus computer mouse

For Trendy Geeks: A Sleek New Minimalist Mouse Design

I remember even just as recently as five years ago, almost nobody was getting creative with computer mouse design. We all had a standard mouse, and nobody really questioned it. It’s just the way it was. However, these days, things are much different. Designers are catering to our creative side and almost ...

Emma Stone confirms web shooter device on new Spider-Man costume

Spider-Man Costume Update: Web Shooter Device Confirmed!

If you are a true Spidey geek, then you know that there is a new Spider-Man movie scheduled to be released on July 3rd, 2012. And, if you are a super Spidey geek, you also know that about four days ago Sony unveiled the first pictures of the new Spider-Man costume. Although ...