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Utopian Future: The Internet Connects Everything [Infographic]
Utopian Future: The Internet Connects Everything [Infographic]

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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Memory Card Storage Reader

The Logo Reader Stores All Your Card Data In One Gadget

I know from experience that SD and flash cards can be quite a handful to carry around, and it’s easy to lose them if you’re not careful.  Some people have fancy boxes and storage containers to house their cards, but for me, that’s not exactly a necessity since I store most of ...

laziness in corporate america

How Lazy Are We At Work? [Infographic]

One reason I’m an entrepreneur is because if I worked for someone else, I’d probably get fired my first week. After all, I like to get on Twitter and Facebook whenever I want, and I like to take as many breaks as I want during the day. Is that lazy? I don’t ...

Jeans No Wash Experiment

Science: He Wore Jeans For 15 Months Without Washing Them

I know you are probably wondering how this article can be about science, but trust me, wearing jeans for 15 months without washing them is as much a science experiment as anything else. Can you even imagine the bacteria that would be growing on those badboys? Gross. Well, at least that is ...

Recycled Tupperware Turns To Lamps

Old Tupperware Bowls Become New Retro Kitchen Lamps

Do you remember back in the old days when people used to make Jello molds? My mother used to make those when we were young. She would put canned fruit inside them and whipped cream on top. Another thing my mother used to do is go to Tupperware parties. Does anyone still ...

Knitted Coffee Mug Sweater Heaters

Design: Cozy Knitted Sweaters For Your Coffee Mugs

I have a confession to make. Normally I wouldn’t put this in an article, but since I tweeted it to my friend today, I guess it’s public information anyway. Last night, I slept with my winter gloves and scarf on. And, yes, I sleep inside the house. I have central heat, but ...

French Fry Skull Build

A Heavenly McDonald’s French Fry Skull

Of all the fast food restaurants you can think of, wouldn’t you agree that McDonald’s has the best french fries? McDonald’s french fries are the only ones I like to eat. To me, all other fries taste substandard compared to theirs. As you may know, every year Brand Keys does a list ...

Anger Management Vending Machine

The Anger Management Solution In a Vending Machine

On the surface, vending machines may seem boring, but over the past several years there have been quite a few changes with them. First of all, the first touchscreen vending machines were introduced last summer. Now you can read the nutritional information, flip the product around and look at it, scroll, etc… ...

Game Characters Escape To Reality

When Video Game Characters Escape To Reality…

Imagine for a second that you could immerse yourself in a game so much so that it felt like reality. Wait a minute, that’s almost possible today, and the faster the technology gets, the better the experience will become. However, there is still some adventuring to be done before we can fully ...

Unusual Colorful Creative Beards

Creative Beards: The Beards That Reel In The Girls

Alright, I might be a little off on that title here, but to some extent, it is all true. I mean, how could a girl ever say no to a guy with a candy beard for example? I am just asking. All statistics says that most girls are turned off by beards, ...

Alternative Pottery and Planters

Alternative Pottery: Books, Bags and What Have You

Interior design today is pretty much futuristic, and the angles are getting weirder with every day that goes by. What looked like a normal couch yesterday, now looks a lot like something taken from a spaceship. Kitchenware, beds and other furniture looks like they are the brain children of some traveler from ...

iPad Lap Stand Concept Design

PadPivot: Turns Your iPad Into A LapPad

I have long tried to find the ultimate travel accessory for the iPad, and as of yet, I haven’t found one that really makes a difference. They all seem to be docks, stands or some other none mobile thing that either puts the iPad into a static mode, or changes it’s exterior ...

Conan O'Brien LEGO Build

Celebrity Goes LEGO: Life Size Conan O’Brien LEGO Build

You can build a lot of things using LEGO, and I think the Internet has shown us that pretty much anything is possible. When I first saw the impressive Star Wars Droid Control Ship, I was blown away by the determination some people put into their LEGO building. It’s one thing to ...