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Super Mario Goes To The Dark Side: A Shadow Tribute
Super Mario Goes To The Dark Side: A Shadow Tribute

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Commuter X4: The First Wearable, Fibre Optic Bike Light
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Visual of voice and sound

Voiceprint: Create A Picture Of Your Voice

Have you ever thought about what the visual representation of your voice looks like? What would that sound look like if it were painted on a canvas? A lot of us save special audio clips. When we play them, they give us a certain feeling inside. Sound is very powerful. It’s similar ...

Lord of The Rings Reenactment

One Man Show: This Guy Is The Lord Of The Lord Of The Rings

It’s one of my favorite movie series of all time.  It was a wonder of its time, and the making of it spanned about 10 years all together.  Of course, I am talking about The Lord of The Rings.  The casting couldn’t have been better and each of the characters in the ...

Etiquette Checker for Bad Breath

The Ultimate Bad Breath Detector

I’m a complete fanatic about having fresh breath. I eat mints like they were my last meal, and I keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in my car. You can never be too sure, right? To me, there is almost nothing worse in a guy than disgusting breath (ok, I can think of ...

mind blowing ice sculptures

9 Ice Sculptures That Will Inspire You!

Writing here on Bit Rebels is a little bit like a diary to me. Everything I write about every day always has something to do with what I’m going through in my life at that moment. It’s really fun for me sometimes to go back over the 1000+ articles I’ve written here ...

Disney Goes Godzilla Rodan Gomera

When Disney Characters Go Horror Movie

It’s a widespread known fact that Disney always puts a touch of grownup/adult hints in their movies. If I am not entirely incorrect, I think there is a website or an article telling us about all of these hints that you can find in pretty much every Disney movie ever released. Maybe ...

Unusual Office Kitchen Behaviors

Office Kitchen Politics: Does This Happen At Your Office?

The other day I wrote an article about laziness in the workplace. It was really funny to see how many people in Corporate America spend their time during the day. Since I don’t work in a traditional office, the whole thing made me giggle. I think it’s ridiculous that some people can’t ...

Skizee Snow Mobile Machine

Skizee: Turns A Skier Into A Bionic Snowmobile

Not too long ago, I wrote about a new way to go off road and people seemed to like the idea of finding alternate machines to travel on through the terrain.  Snowmobiling, skiing and biking are all pretty widespread, so to introduce new gadgets to play with is really a good idea.  ...

Land Art by Sylvain Meyer

Eco-Friendly Land Art: Created From Dirt, Rocks & Leaves

Since I’m a huge fan of nature and art, I especially like artwork that takes nature as we know it and gives it a twist.  For example, these photographs of pixilated gaming characters romping around outside that Richard wrote about last week were really cool! Today I would like to share with ...

Find your missing remote control

Finally! A Remote Control That Finds Itself

How many times have you lost the remote control in your house?  A lot, right?  I see it on Twitter all the time.  People send tweets that read something like, “If I were a remote control, where would I be?“  Of course, it’s always funny to read where they end up finding ...

mBrace: Handle for Macbook Pro

Make Your Life Easier: Add A Handle To Your MacBook

Some girls take their purse everywhere they go, some take their dog, I take my MacBook Pro. I even take it to the park, which you can see in this tribute to our readers. If you have a MacBook that you take everywhere like me, then you know how cumbersome it can ...

Lazy Teenage Superheroes Cult Movie

Teenager’s $300 Superhero Movie Proves Budget Doesn’t Matter

With every movie company throwing millions of dollars into movies that all have one thing in common, superheroes, it’s not always easy to see where all the money is going.  A big chunk is of course for royalties and fees for the cast, director and so forth, but a large chunk is ...

Holographic Image Video Cube

HoloCube Is Seriously Going To Mess With Your Reality

Are you eager to try out a working hologram concept that will seriously mess with your sense of reality?  It might be a while until that happens in real time, and until it seamlessly incorporates the viewable area in front of you without using screens or transparent sheets of glass.  What I ...