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Clothing Printer: The Innovative Way We May Get Our Clothes In 2050
Clothing Printer: The Innovative Way We May Get Our Clothes In 2050

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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Barbie Doll Photography Psychopath Killer

Behind the Smiles: Serial Killer Barbie

After writing so many articles over the past year about unusual Barbie photography, I’m finally coming to the party that a lot of people don’t like her. Why is it that she is so much fun to hate? It’s kinda sad really. Although I have to admit, I almost hate her as ...

Edgy Statement Facebook T-Shirt

36 Facebook T-Shirts To Match Your Status Update

The Facebook phenomenon started a whole world, and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.  The fact that over six hundred million people now are on Facebook should make it the largest platform for anyone to blast their company, music or what have you.  With Facebook has come somewhat of a ...

Bike Plow Snow Shoveling Creation

The Bike Plow: Turns Snow Plowing Into Piles Of Fun

Sweden recently got a little bit of snow, and once again the mercury went down on the thermometer. It’s no surprise, and it is usually the case during winter over here. I have nothing against snow, and during Christmas time (even though it’s long gone and forgotten today), there has to be ...

iPhone App Gun Simulator Toy

App Gun: Turns Your iPhone Into A Toy Gun Simulator

Finally, we’re starting to see some new technology in the accessories for the iPhone. It has long been just in the docks, cases and skins. It’s like no one even cared to look beyond the horizon to see what could be done with the iPhone. The fact is, if you just have ...

Type Smiles with Emoticon Keyboard

For Moody Tweeps: The Emoticon Keyboard

It seems emoticons are taking over the world, doesn’t it? I put one in almost every one of my tweets, and I just love them. It’s crazy to me how much emotion a person can convey in a few symbols put together. It’s like another language. I’m also noticing in so many ...

How Angry Birds Was Developed

Interesting Facts About The Angry Birds Magic

Just like there was a special edition of Angry Birds for Halloween and Christmas, there will be a pink foo-foo romantic version released for Valentine’s Day coming soon.  However, if you sat on the couch all night on February 14th feeding your addiction to Angry Birds, wouldn’t that lead to a very ...

Toddlers Are Learning Computer Skills

Most Children Learn Computer Skills Before Life Skills

This is very interesting to me. It hits home because when I saw my sister and her three-year-old son a month ago, I noticed something that seemed a little strange to me. He was constantly playing games on her iPhone. He was walking around the house holding it, and he wouldn’t let ...

Indian Movie Robot Special Effects

Robot: Indian Movie Has World’s Most Insane Special Effects

You can date movie special effects all the way back to when movies had no sound.  We enjoy the fact that we can escape reality for just a couple of hours.  Some movies rely entirely on the special effects, while others use them sparsely in order for the storyline to be the ...

Exploding Green LEGO Spray Can

Exploding Spray Can Portrayed In Paused LEGO Build

The many different forms, shapes and builds when it comes to LEGO really push the builders to think differently every time they set out on a journey to create something that has never before been built.  After all, you don’t want to copy someone else’s epic viral block buster (in the real ...

R2-D2 Shiny Wood Burner

Star Wars Interior Design: R2-D2 Wood Burner For The Cold

Now when there is snow in pretty much all the odd places in the world, it’s become a challenge for many people to keep themselves warm and fuzzy.  Most of the time it’s just an extra shirt, a new jacket or some hot beverages to drink.  But as a geek, it becomes ...

Startup Business Success by Country

Global Entrepreneurial Costs & Success Rates [Infographic]

We have a lot of freelance designers, developers, artists, startup professionals and other entrepreneurs that visit Bit Rebels daily. Many creative people enjoy the flexibility of owning their own business so they have the opportunity to indulge in their inspiration whenever it strikes them. Since we are heavily involved in the Twitter ...

8-Bit Characters Escaped To Reality

8-Bit Photography: Game Characters Escape Once Again

Not too long ago, I wrote about the wonderful and creative image mashups of 8-bit game characters that had escaped to reality.  I also wrote about the awkward job interviews with some of the most legendary game characters that we all may ever know.  As expected, the interviews didn’t work out that ...