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Retro Nintendo 64 Star Wars Tie Fighter Game Console
Retro Nintendo 64 Star Wars Tie Fighter Game Console

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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No Internet Access In Egypt

Egypt: A Nation Forced Offline

Since this is not a political blog, we don’t usually write about what happens in the governments around the world. However, we do write about social media, and when the government in a country completely shuts off access to not only Twitter and Facebook, but all the Internet, it becomes almost our ...

Valentine's Day Beating Origami Heart

How To: Make a Beating Origami Heart for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day will be here soon, and if you are like most people, you haven’t yet figured out the perfect gift for your sweetheart. We tell our sweeties all year long how much we love them, but then the one day comes when we are supposed to show them with a gift, ...

Wedding In Freezing Siberia River

A Wedding In Cold Water: Would You Get Married Here?

When you spend all day surfing the Internet looking for interesting material, like I do, you come across some pretty unusual things that people do. I always say that after some of the things I’ve read, nothing surprises me anymore. However, usually as soon as I say that, I read something that ...

6 Month Family Technology Cleanse

This Family Unplugged For 6 Months & Lived To Tell About it

Hmm… unplugging for six months? Are you kidding me? I can’t even imagine unplugging for one week. I’m so connected to my online world that I sleep with my phone. I’m not the only one though, as it turns out, it’s a habit that a lot of people have. Technology and our ...

Kraak Smaak Squeeze Me Video

Squeeze Me: The Coolest Music Video Flipbook Ever

Music videos are getting more and more creative by the day, and I truly enjoy that. I remember not too long ago when music videos were just a bunch of exclusive mansions, high definition footage and a whole lot of girls. However, that has somewhat shifted in the last few years. We ...

Sunshine Makes Us Happy

Add Some Happy Sunshine To Your Life Today!

If there is one thing I will always remember about the winter of 2011, it will be the unseasonably cold weather. Here in the south, we aren’t used to it being so cold for so long, and I’m very excited for spring to come back! Yesterday, we got a glimpse of it. ...

The Necktie Tying Robot Machine

Why Knot? The Geek Way to Tie a Necktie

Have you ever noticed that a lot of times in movies, the woman makes a romantic gesture to her man by seductively walking up to him in the morning and tying his necktie? I’ve always been fascinated by that because I don’t understand it. I actually don’t understand why some men have ...

Short Twitter Usernames Are Best

How Important Is Your Twitter Username?

I remember back in the 6th grade, Calvin Klein jeans were very popular. All the girls in “the club” wore them, and I begged my mother to take me shopping for a pair so I could be cool. Now that I’m an adult, I’m noticing that there are still things in life ...

Alertron Smartphone Finding Device

Alertron: The Bluetooth Babysitter For Your Phone

It’s interesting to me that as the number of gadgets we get grows, so do the number of products that help us keep up with them. We depend on our technology for almost everything these days, and it’s only natural that we would lose our gadgets from time to time. Last week ...

Handmade Typography City Maps

Design: City Maps Hand-Woven From Typography

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people go back and forth online debating about what typography actually is. I guess since I’m not a designer, I am excused from not knowing how the traditionalists view it. To me, typography is text in different colors, fonts, shapes and sizes put together to create ...

Crochet Plastic Bag Blanket Bedroll

Help the Homeless & the Environment with Plastic Bags

We are very passionate about helping homeless men, women and children. It’s hard to imagine what being homeless would be like unless we are put in that situation. Only because I spend so much time assisting people in that predicament, I have learned not to take the simple things in life for ...

Pop Culture Human Monkey Illustrations

You’ll Go Bananas: Creative Half Human Monkeys

You are sitting at your desk right now, right?  Or maybe you are sitting on the train, bored, and messing around on your phone.  You needed this little break. You’re energy is low, and you are considering another cup of coffee. You saw the link to this article and thought you’d check ...