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The Complex & Detailed Hand Drawn Maze That Took 7 Years To Complete
The Complex & Detailed Hand Drawn Maze That Took 7 Years To Complete

Beer For Dogs: Now Your Dog Can Booze It Up!

Beer For Dogs: Now Your Dog Can Booze It Up!

WTH, I think I’ve seen it all now. I thought after I wrote about these dog highchairs, there wouldn’t be any other way to make our dogs seem more like human beings, but I was wrong. Do you want your dog to get snokkered with you this weekend? Now he can! All you have to do is fetch him some Dog Beer. As most dog owners know, despite the funny commercials, you cannot safely give a dog a Budweiser (or any beer made for humans). ...

Awkward Star Wars Pinup Cases

Awkward iPhone Star Wars Pinup Cases

iPhone cases seem to be the new app gold rush. iPhone case developers are springing up like they were seeded potato fields. Some are radical, and others are plain and simple. Most are a way to personalize your iPhone to fit your own lifestyle. However, there are also some that create safety cases to keep your iPhone from scratching or breaking. Sometimes they even encourage you to throw it on the ground. The designs of course vary, but they are all trying to make you ...

The Dipr Cookie Dipper Tool

The Dipr: Dunking Cookies Just Got A Lot Easier!

Oreos are my favorite cookies, and there is no better thing than to eat a couple together with a cup of hot chocolate when the night is dark and there is a few feet of snow outside. The cold creeps onto you like a unwelcome bone chilling blanket and the warm beverage helps to lift it off. My personal experience with dunking cookies is that it isn’t much of a bother unlike what the creators of this new and ultimately geeky tool to dip your ...

Electronic Music Synthesizer T-Shirt

Play That T-Shirt: Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt

We have become obsessed with the illustrations and designs on the t-shirts from Seventh.Ink, but when it comes to next level t-shirts, there are always things to improve upon. Whether it is the layout or the cut of the t-shirt doesn’t really matter today cause these days, pretty much anyone can print their own t-shirts using one of the many online printing services. It is the great minds and designers that really bring home those bucket loads of cash. There are a few that we ...

Zelda Link Adventure In Real Life Illustration

NES Zelda: The Reality Of A Hero Isn’t So Glamorous After All!

When I think back on the days when playing Nintendo was the prime reason to wake up in the morning and when the hero status of the characters I played meant more than the breakfast cereal at my disposal, I suddenly realize that those days were a long time ago. However, that doesn’t change the fact that becoming a hero every once in a while is a nice change when your days are filled with the every day tasks like making sure there is food ...

Recycled Mechanical Wildlife by Davide Pan

Recycled Wildlife: Mechanical Nature Is Here

So you’re looking out onto your garden. There’s a rabbit jumping aimlessly around looking for something to eat underneath the snow. You keep staring at it because it’s not very often you get to watch these animals so closely without interrupting their everyday life. It’s a treat, and it becomes a memory that will last throughout the day. It’s a happy moment that you wish you could snap a photo of, but you are too scared to catch the rabbit’s attention making it run away ...

iDrop Data Transfer Sylus for Mobile Devices

iDrop: Next Gen Data Transfer Between Your Mobile Devices!

The days when we transfer data to our devices through tedious and sometimes non-working bluetooth connections may soon be over. That has long been the most preferred way to transfer applications, software or data, but there are other innovative ways soon to be introduced on the market. At the least that’s what many people are hoping for. My own experience with bluetooth on the Apple mobile gadgets (like the iPad and iPhone) is that it’s just not reliable enough to use as primary transfer connection. ...

MacOven Heating Your Food Using Your Laptop Heat

MacOven: Cook Your Food In A MacBook Microwave

Are we overusing our microwaves and most importantly are we using up unnecessary power by doing so? Well, if everyone were to stop using their microwave for just one day, I am sure it would be a huge positive impact on the environment and on ourselves. God knows what effect all that nuked food that we eat has on us. With the energy consumption ever increasing, where will it end and when will nature finally have enough? When will the fuses pop so to say. ...

Retro and Vintage Refrigerator Couch

Retro Seating: Now You Can Literally Sit In Your Fridge!

Many things can be modified or beautified, but few things can be turned into something entirely different and still be useful in a whole new way. I know, that sounds really weird, and the more I think about that sentence, the more my head spins. However, it’s the truth, and this article is going to show you just what I mean. I mean, what can you really do with a toaster for example? Well, toast bread, right? What can you do with it when it ...

Doily Web Art Installation

Doily Webs: Beach Artwork Never Looked So Beautiful

When my studio was located elsewhere a few years ago, I used to take my Inlines and go for a trip down to the shore in the middle of the night during the summers. At around 3am I laced my wheels onto my feet and got myself some morning inspiration. The road was kissing the shoreline and the concrete was super smooth so it always made me enormously energized just floating along with it. Every once in a while there was a beach shooting out ...

Recycled Cardboard Bike Station In France

The Only Bike Station Made Entirely Out Of Cardboard

In a world full of junk and garbage, it seems we are all trying to do our part in recycling whatever we can. Sometimes it’s easier than others, but the fact remains that we are making a huge change by just trying. There are all different kinds of recycling going on in everyone’s life if you look really closely. There is everything from kindergarten programs that encourage toilette roll recycling to complete car part recycling. Either way, it is what needs to be done to ...

The Biggest Fattest Monkey You've Ever Seen!

The Biggest Fattest Monkey You’ve Ever Seen!

What would you do if you had several thousand extra pairs of flip-flops lying around? You’d make a big ‘ol fat monkey sculpture with them, right? Look closely at the pictures below. Now do you see what I mean? Who the heck thinks of this stuff anyway? Well, in this case, it was an artist named Florentijn Hofman along with a bunch of student helpers in Brazil. It’s almost summertime there, so tis the season for flip-flops. Called “Fat Monkey,” this installation was created for ...

How To: Recycle Old Jeans Into A Cell Phone Case

How To: Recycle Old Jeans Into A Cell Phone Case

For a woman, finding the perfect pair of blue jeans is like finding the Holy Grail. We try on dozens of pairs, and once we find the right ones, we love them, nurture them and keep them safe like they were our best friend. I own two pairs of blue jeans that I treasure. I’ve had them both for several years and they are worn, faded and ripped. Each tear and imperfection on those jeans carries with it a special memory. I’ve washed them both ...