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Interactive Sign Turns & Updates Road Directions On Demand
Interactive Sign Turns & Updates Road Directions On Demand

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Freezing Han Solo Kinect Hack

Freezing Han Solo: Real Time Freezing Kinect Hack

The Kinect platform and the awesome technology it represents is breaking new ground each day. The hacks get more and more sophisticated, and there seems to be no limit to what can be achieved with it. Some go for that really futuristic user interface, while others create games and pretty much try ...

The Royal Wedding Statistics Infographics

The Cost Of William & Kate’s Wedding [Infographics]

You can hardly go on the Internet today without being confronted with the royal wedding that took place yesterday. News reports estimated that there were over 2 billion people watching the ceremony and the partying. That’s almost a third of the entire population of the world. Sure, I had a peek at ...

Simspons ABC Letter Alphabet Design

Simpsons Alphabet: Another Reason To Learn Your ABCs

As a kid, going to school is a truly magical experience at first. You can almost not wait to get into all that school business, and get some homework so you can brag about it. However, what usually happens after a couple of years is that the school virus silently starts to ...

Gas Powered Recliner Vehicle

Couch Potato’s Dream: A Motorized Easy Chair

That’s what I’m talkin about baby! Imagine it’s Sunday afternoon, you are in the mood for a little drive, no problem… as a matter of fact, you don’t even have to get out of that recliner you’re sitting in. What a fun way to procrastinate even the slightest amount of exercise. Too ...

3D Image Scanner App

Trimensional: World’s First iPhone 3D Scanner App

I remember the first time I watched Princess Leia tell Han Solo she loved him right before he was frozen in carbonite. For a geeky little girl like I was back then, that was about the most romantic movie scene ever. Last year I wrote about a designer who made a Han ...

Tulip Fields In Holland

Tulipmania: An Inspiring Field Of 3 Billion Tulips

If you didn’t read the title of this article, and if you just glanced at these pictures below, what would you think that was? Perhaps a beautiful piece of artwork created by a child? Or maybe a tapestry of colorful fabric? Who would ever guess that is a patch of three billion ...

A World Without Facebook Infographic

A World Without Facebook… [Infographic]

We all have an account, or at least almost everyone does. If you were to ask 100 random people around town what Facebook is, you would probably get 99 correct answers. Even if people don’t have their own account, they of course know about it, at least in the civilized world. The ...

Facebook Status Update Box Design

Facebook Status Update Box: Social Networking Gets Physical

Being completely immersed in social networking can become quite a time sink, and the rest of your life might seem like it comes in second hand. However, it doesn’t have to. Just because you’re making friends, business contacts and more through social networking, you can look at it as something that complements ...

Real Life Super Mario Game

Real Life Super Mario: Gaming Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

The need for a little bit of Super Mario in our lives is evidently high, and people have started to reenact the legendary 8-bit game in various ways. Some creative people have even created a 3D version (if only a movie) of Super Mario to liven up the game in our memories ...

11 Secure Zombie Attack Buildings

11 Buildings That Will Keep You Safe From A Zombie Attack

It seems like everyone is talking about them. We even watch every single movie about them. The game industry is taking them on like they were the next big thing, and in some ways they are. After all, they are immortal. Well, maybe not immortal, but already dead. I am of course ...

Superheroes In New York City

Superhero Star Map: New York City Is The Place

Everyone who has been to Hollywood in Los Angeles knows that you can drive around in Beverly Hills and Bel Air and look at famous people’s houses. What you won’t be able to avoid are the “Star Maps” stands all around Hollywood which point out exactly where all the famous people live. ...

iPhone Case Steve Jobs Carbonite

Iconic iPhone Case: Steve Jobs In Carbonite

There are many iPhone cases out there that make sense, and then there are the ones that don’t make any sense whatsoever. But that doesn’t really matter when people are buying them like there was no tomorrow. I am quite sure that second to the app businesses around the world, the case ...