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Lightsaber Sneakers Light Up The True Path
Lightsaber Sneakers Light Up The True Path

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Shopping Food By Certain Colors

Shopping By Color: The Designer Way To Buy Groceries

Whenever it is time to go grocery shopping over here I usually make the legendary list. Yup, it’s all about optimizing, and the more detailed the list is, the faster the whole trip will be. I sometimes even try to list the items the way they are positioned in the store I ...

Facebook Book Friends Drawn Portraits

Social Media Art: All Your Facebook Friends Sketched

There are so many things about this that are so cool; I don’t even know where to start! I remember a few years ago when we started seeing people create Twitter backgrounds made up of a collage of avatars from all their followers. I thought that was such a sweet way for ...

What Is User Experience Design

User Experience Design: Notes From An Inspired Designer

Talented designers have always inspired me. They just seem to be able to present information and ideas in ways that would never occur to me. This designer that I’m sharing with you today is a perfect example of that. I carry around two spiral Bit Rebels notebooks with me everywhere. One is ...

Steampunk Thumb Drive Designs

10 Fierce Steampunk Inspired Flash Drives

We write about steampunk a lot on Bit Rebels. There is just something about mixing new technologies with Victorian sci-fi antique-looking designs that takes us into an impossible world full of possibilities. Just like every other style of design, sometimes artists get a little funky with their steampunk. I think this ornate ...

Gelatin Cubes Slow Motion Video

Stunning Slow Motion Video: Gelatin Cubes Jiggle Your Brain

I’ve written before about how much I don’t like Jello. Well, it’s not that I don’t like it; it’s more that I’m afraid of it. It’s like an abomination of food. It goes up there in the same category as tofu, Spam and white chocolate. I think aliens might have put those ...

Game Posters That Are Drawn

Drawn Game Posters: Always Better Than Computer Generated

Usually when I create a new design, I like to switch up my tools every once in a while and not get stuck in Photoshop all the time. Illustrator is definitely a favorite as well, but I find myself working in Lightwave 3D more and more. It’s a great way to create ...

Make Crane Tongue Trick

Create An Origami Crane With Your Tongue

The talent the girl in this video has with her tongue definitely gets the WTF award of the day. One reason surfing the Internet is so much fun for me is because it’s the land of the one-uppers. Everyone is all about one-upping everyone else. It seems the goal is to be ...

Super Mario With Portal Gun

Super Mario With A Portal Gun Is Way More Fun

Once again, I find myself walking the halls of the vibrant memories of Super Mario Bros. It’s like it has become a close friend of mine that I can always return to in order to feel that awesome retro feeling that sometimes pokes at my attention. The gameplay, as we have analyzed ...

Concrete Block Zombie Bunker House

World’s Most Secure House: A Zombie Bunker

Every once in a while I stumble over some crazy article in the newspaper that reports about someone rich building a doomsday shelter or bunker to keep safe from whatever might strike earth in the near future. Those articles have always been quite mesmerizing to me because it sounds like a huge ...

Tips For Building Courage

Creativity Takes Courage: 5 Ways To Build Your Courage

“Creativity takes courage” is one of my favorite quotes. It’s an oldie but a goodie from Henri Matisse. It’s so true. Creativity really does take a lot of courage. When creative people express their emotions through their artwork, writing or music, and they present it to the world to see on the ...

Accents and English Language Map

North American Dialect Chart: Ya’ll Talk Funny

Lately, for whatever reason, I’ve been talking to more and more of my Twitter friends on the phone. One of the first things people usually notice when they talk to me is that I have a very southern accent (gimme a break… geez, after all, I do live in Atlanta). For some ...

Geeky Anniversary Video Present

The Geekiest Most Romantic Anniversary Gift Ever

Since most of the hot guys out there these days are geeks, a lot of girls claim to be geeks just to hopefully capture the attention of the geek guys they’ve got their eye on. It’s all part of the dark side of being a geek. Guys, I have one guaranteed way ...