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The Ultimate Bad Breath Detector
The Ultimate Bad Breath Detector

J.A.E.S.A: Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
J.A.E.S.A - Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
Looksery: Real-Time Face Transformation Filters
Looksery App
Leaf Mount: Collapsible Stand For iPads, Samsungs, Kindle+
Leaf Mount
ANTVR: All-In-One Universal Virtual Reality Kit
ANT Virtual Reality
Fallout Cosplay Heavy Armor Suit

Heavy Cosplay: Sick Fallout 3 Power Armor Costume That Rules

The cosplay community is growing by the second. It’s becoming more and more advanced, and the costumes never seem to be too elaborate for anyone to create. They are taken straight from today’s games or from the legendary games of the past. However, they have one thing in common, and that’s the fact that they never cease to amaze you with their many details like the realism and the technology put into them to further bring forth their authenticity. The people behind these cosplay costumes ...

Star Wars Toy Photo Series

Photographer Uses Star Wars Toys In Amazing Photo Scenarios

We write about photography way too little here on Bit Rebels, and when we do, it’s usually something creepy, weird or just plain wonderful.  Personally, I think we should step it up a little and share the awesome world of photography way more and that is my mission for the day, at least when it comes to this article.  Anyone who has been mesmerized by the lens and the images of a camera knows that there is no limit to what you can capture with ...

8-Bit Gamer Geek Girl Flowers

8-Bit Flowers: Perfect For Your Geek Gamer Girl

I’m sure a lot of women will disagree with me, but I’m not a fan of receiving big expensive bouquets of flowers. The thought behind a gift like that is so humbling, and I appreciate it; however, I think the money could be so much better spent on something that isn’t going to die in a week.  Maybe I’m just an overly practical geek. I know a lot of people like to give and receive flowers because of the symbolism behind them. Whether it’s a ...

Steampunk Design, History and Images

A Tribute To Steampunk: An Art Movement

Somebody asked me this morning to explain what steampunk is. It’s a very interesting thing to try to describe. I love steampunk style, but it’s tricky to put into words. It’s kinda like modding modern day technologies into old-fashioned non-scary looking monsters. It’s a little bit of goth mixed with cyberpunk mixed with brass and wood. It’s many times a mixture of knobs, handles, screws, hinges and springs. There’s a whole Victorian meets sci-fi look to it. And, of course, a lot of times there ...

Baby Darth Vader Discovering Force

Baby Darth Vader’s Discovery Of The Force

Before the Star Wars movies became household names for awesomeness, we didn’t know anything about the force.  It simply wasn’t a part of our vocabulary.  We had no clue what light sabres were, and we definitely didn’t know anything about a creature named Yoda or what the Death Star was.  We lived pretty much a simple and non-complicated life in the peaceful way we usually do.  However, that all changed when George Lucas started revving up that big brain of his.  Suddenly we started to ...

Beer Bottle Cap Gaming Artwork

Gaming Art: Beer Bottle Cap Game Characters

As we have stated before, art can come in a myriad of forms, sizes and shapes and none of them are right or wrong.  It’s quite interesting to know that almost half of all the art created with games as the inspiration comes from the early 80s and the Nintendo era.  Those 8-bit characters truly have become a silent fixture in our minds, and when we think of gaming, we usually think of Super Mario. Am I right?  Sure, if you’re a World of Warcraft ...

Death Ray Made With Mirrors

Teenager Builds Ultra-Powerful Death Ray

Dang, the teenagers of today are so different than when I was younger. When I was a teenager, I used to ride my moped to Burger King (aka the BK Lounge) to meet up with my friends. Today’s teenagers are first generation digital natives, which means they are doing much more exciting things than hanging out with friends after school. Thanks to technology, kids are now making movies with killer special effects, creating machines nobody has ever seen before and even traveling around the world ...

 Wear Green Plant Around Neck

The Wearable Plant: Is It Fashion or Foliage?

The reason I write about plants on Bit Rebels is because it’s as close as I can get to actually having them. I stopped buying plants a few years ago because I always accidentally kill them. And then, after they are dead, I go through the whole emotional spectrum like when I was six and I killed my goldfish. Some people have a green thumb. I have a deadly thumb. Even though they always die for me, I still think plants are very cool. Did ...

Bra and Panty Valentine's Cookies

How To: Make Flirty & Naughty Valentine’s Day Cookies

What? You didn’t know cookies could be flirty and naughty? Well guess again, they sure can be! These little lingerie bra (with a pearl necklace) and matching red-shimmering thong panty cookies are just as cute as can be, and they are perfect for Valentine’s Day! Shelly, a very sweet writer at How Does She, created these. According to her tutorial, they don’t look that hard to make. You will need some sugar cookie dough (if you are too busy to make it, you can always ...

Touching Strangers Photography Project

A Social Experiment: Can Complete Strangers Fool You?

This is really interesting because when you think about it, we’ve all seen movies where the actors and actresses had chemistry. It doesn’t even have to be a sexual chemistry, it could just be a chemistry that sucks us in and makes us believe what they are saying. If a movie is good, we’ll get lost in it for two hours and forget that it’s just that, a movie. Does it take years of acting classes to learn how to do that? Can two complete ...

Prison Inmates Last Supper Requests

The Last Meal Requests of Death Row Prisoners

Here in America, we have the death penalty. It’s a very controversial topic, and whether you are for it or against it, it’s here. In most states, the death row inmates get to choose whatever they would like to eat for their “last meal.” Whenever I think about this, it always reminds me of the biblical reference of “the last supper,” and it makes me sad. If I was on death row, and if I got to choose my last meal, I probably wouldn’t eat ...

iPod Steampunk Victorian Case Customization

Steampunk iPod Case Goes Beyond Extraordinary Details

Today’s gadgets are all streamlined and designed to perfection. Usually they entail an overall white color with seamless assembly points. If you really try to categorize them, they are more depersonalized gadgets than inspiring ones if you ask me. Everything from Apple, for example, has a really simple, beautiful yet soulless finish to it. They have never been able to quite hit that edge where it says, “This is me!” more than with the first Macintosh. However, sometimes design isn’t supposed to have a soul ...

Angry Birds Lego Collection Build

Angry Birds LEGO Builds: When Addiction Meets Creativity

How is it that every day now there is something new in the world of Angry Birds?  This ultimately addicting game is starting to become the new Star Wars when it comes to its many spoofs and creations.  What I mean is that I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon saw a Beetle car turned into an Angry Bird itself.  It’s not so much a question of if or why anymore, it’s why not?  It’s like the addiction has become so strong that some people ...