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How To | Make a Paper Magic Ball – Origami
How To | Make a Paper Magic Ball – Origami

J.A.E.S.A: Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
J.A.E.S.A - Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
Looksery: Real-Time Face Transformation Filters
Looksery App
Leaf Mount: Collapsible Stand For iPads, Samsungs, Kindle+
Leaf Mount
ANTVR: All-In-One Universal Virtual Reality Kit
ANT Virtual Reality
Prison Inmates Last Supper Requests

The Last Meal Requests of Death Row Prisoners

Here in America, we have the death penalty. It’s a very controversial topic, and whether you are for it or against it, it’s here. In most states, the death row inmates get to choose whatever they would like to eat for their “last meal.” Whenever I think about this, it always reminds me of the biblical reference of “the last supper,” and it makes me sad. If I was on death row, and if I got to choose my last meal, I probably wouldn’t eat ...

iPod Steampunk Victorian Case Customization

Steampunk iPod Case Goes Beyond Extraordinary Details

Today’s gadgets are all streamlined and designed to perfection. Usually they entail an overall white color with seamless assembly points. If you really try to categorize them, they are more depersonalized gadgets than inspiring ones if you ask me. Everything from Apple, for example, has a really simple, beautiful yet soulless finish to it. They have never been able to quite hit that edge where it says, “This is me!” more than with the first Macintosh. However, sometimes design isn’t supposed to have a soul ...

Angry Birds Lego Collection Build

Angry Birds LEGO Builds: When Addiction Meets Creativity

How is it that every day now there is something new in the world of Angry Birds?  This ultimately addicting game is starting to become the new Star Wars when it comes to its many spoofs and creations.  What I mean is that I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon saw a Beetle car turned into an Angry Bird itself.  It’s not so much a question of if or why anymore, it’s why not?  It’s like the addiction has become so strong that some people ...

Los Angeles Zoo Ad Campaign

Los Angeles Zoo: Creative Ad Campaign In The Name Of Geek

One of the most creative industries must be advertising.  Designing ideas and coming up with good ad campaigns must be a truly rewarding job if everything falls into place.  When it doesn’t, I can imagine that you would want to switch jobs in an instant.  But when things work out, it certainly must feel good to have come up with the initial idea for it. There are so many really boring ad campaigns out there that I sometimes wonder why someone even paid a person ...

Toy Army Man Art Installation

Creative Inspiration: The Toy Army Men With A Message

I’ve played with toy army men for as long as I can remember. The army men they sell these days are a lot different from when I was young. Now you can get fancy army men that snap together into a team, kind of like Lego blocks. But, my favorite ones will always be the old-fashioned, 2-inch tall green soldiers that you can get at almost any store for super cheap. They look like the army men in the movie Toy Story. Have you ever ...

The Man Of The House

Life: The Ultimate Instruction Manual For Men

When I was growing up, my dad took good care of us.  He always made sure we had food on the table and clothes on our back.  I bet it is hard for some fathers out there to juggle making sure they earn a good living to provide for their families and taking care of the house to make sure everything is in order.  In addition to that, he also needs to make sure that he has a good quality of life, that he is ...

Transformers Cars To Robots Infographic

Transformers: The Cars Behind The Robots [Infographic]

I was never a huge Transformers fan as a kid.  There, I said it!  Even though that might sound weird coming from someone claiming to be in the realm of the uber geeks, it simply never caught my fancy.  Why I have no idea really.  Watching the blockbuster movies today put it all in a skewed perspective for me, and I enjoy the new movies better than the actual original series back in 1984-1987.  I would really like to take credit for knowing a lot ...

Mix Monster Silicone iPod Case

Mix Monsters: Cute Customized Geekdom For iPod Shuffle

Even though I have never owned or even tried one of those iPod Shuffle players from Apple, I still think they look neat.  I am one of those retro geeks, and I still sport my first generation iPod which had the monochrome screen and the 8gb memory.  It has served me well, and when fully charged, it kicks everything’s butt.  Also let’s not forget all the stares you get when at an airport, and you slingshot the kick ass white retro iPod out of your ...

Angry Birds Laptop Decals

Angry Birds Laptop Decals: Keep The Fight Going

The Angry Birds hysteria seems to be going on forever.  Not that I mind the fight or the concept of it, it’s quite genius if you ask me.  Who would have thought birds against pigs would make such an epic fight.  For every day that passes, it seems that the Angry Birds concept gets an even more ironclad hold on us.  New products with the birds and the pigs are released almost on an hourly basis.  There’s even a new game coming out called Angry ...

Nanocade Lap Console Gaming Gadget

Nanocade: The Lap Arcade Console For Hip ’80s Kids

It’s rare nowadays to see something inspirational enough when it comes to gaming.  Usually it’s the same ole Wii, PSP or Xbox stuff that keeps flashing by as if it was a race to the finish line (which it somewhat is when you think about it).  To capture the attention of the geek kids from back in the 80s, it’s important to remember that some of us were entirely engulfed in the arcade scene and made short work of the coins we had in our ...

Beer Hour Personal Can Dispenser

Beer Hour: The Portable Personal Beer Dispenser

In all honesty, I have never been a huge beer drinker and when I do drink beer, it’s never in large quantities either.  Some people kick back when they get home and open a beer.  They sit down and just enjoy that another day’s worth of work is all over.  It’s something mythical to me since I don’t seem to end my work days at all.  Being self employed as a designer, developer, musician and writer, it’s an ongoing job.  The only thing that keeps ...

Dominic Episcopo Meat Photography

Decadent & Delicious Meat Photography

I love meat. I can eat any kind of meat, preferably rare, everyday. I know it’s controversial and a lot of people I know think it’s wrong, but I am definitely a carnivore. It’s just who I am. I remember when I wrote this article called How To: Kill A Lobster In A Humane Way, I got a ton of nasty comments. I even had someone write me a scathing email and then unfollow and block me on Twitter because of it. But what can ...

State Facts for the USA

The United States of Awesome and Shame [Infographic]

If you live in the United States like I do, you know that some states do things more or less than other states. For example, I live in the south, which is the Bible Belt of the country. It’s no surprise that down here there are the most churches and the highest rate of church attendance compared to the rest of the country. If you’ve been to L.A., you’ve seen the layer of gray smog that peacefully lingers in air, and everyone knows the air ...