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Be A Rebel: Get A Recycled Skateboard iPhone Case
Be A Rebel: Get A Recycled Skateboard iPhone Case

J.A.E.S.A: Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
J.A.E.S.A - Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
Looksery: Real-Time Face Transformation Filters
Looksery App
Leaf Mount: Collapsible Stand For iPads, Samsungs, Kindle+
Leaf Mount
ANTVR: All-In-One Universal Virtual Reality Kit
ANT Virtual Reality
Be Strong, Know Your Strengths!

5 Reasons Why Knowing Your Strengths Is Important!

Have you ever taken a test to actually determine your strengths and your weaknesses?  I remember as a part of our planning sessions at work, we were asked to make a SWOT analysis before making any recommendations.  Have you had the chance to do that for your own business?  Even more importantly, have you ever really taken the time to find out what your strengths are? Some people I know always focus on their weakness rather than their strengths for some reason.  I am not ...

Soap And Cologne For Geeks

Smell Like A Geek: Two Geeky Scents To Start Your Day

When I first wake up in the morning and before I go to bed at night, I make sure I take my bath.  It always feels good to be clean and smelling really nice early in the morning and late at night.  It is natural for people to want to smell good and to be around other people who smell good.  There are so many things that people can do in order to smell fresh.  Some people spritz on cologne, others use perfume, and for ...

Star Trek Papercraft Movie Version

Star Trek: The 60 Second Papercraft Short Movie Version

Why is it that Star Wars fans and Star Trek fans don’t get along?  I mean, everyone knows that there are several billion galaxies out there and that each of those worlds can co-exist.  I mean, what’s all the fuss about?  Star Wars is nothing like Star Trek and vice versa.  It’s almost like if BMW people hated everyone driving a Audi.  It just doesn’t make sense.  We have covered a lot of Star Wars ground on Bit Rebels, but unfortunately, I can’t say we ...

Star Wars Occupation Flow Chart

Star Wars Flow Chart: What Side Or Occupation Do You Belong To?

Some people really get into their favorite movies.  They immerse themselves so much so that they sometimes believe they are a part of it.  We have seen it over and over again how some fans create stunning artwork or gadgets that work like or portray the exact same thing as in the movies.  They come up with history, legends, and even things that haven’t been in the movies just to further add depth to the world they find themselves obsessed with.  I could probably sit ...

Indestructible Cell Flexiphone Concept Design

Flexiphone: Setting The Style Of Tomorrow?

By now, there should be enough ideas for future cell phones to last for decades.  Many of the phones presented as concepts also incorporate technologies that are not yet present.  These technologies will further increase the number of ideas for developers and industrial designers to shake into a brand new idea for a cell phone.  I am quite sure that the cell phones we see today won’t even be comparable to the ones 4-5 years from now.  I think the gap will be as great ...

Recycled Computer Parts Made AT-AT

Star Wars: An Imperial Walker (AT-AT) Inspired Design

Since I’m in the computer business, I have a dozens of boxes of old computer parts in my house. I never know what to do with that stuff. I know it’s worthless junk, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it just in case I need it someday. Sure enough, every once in a while, I’ll find a perfectly good cell phone battery or hard drive in the stuff people give me, but mostly, it’s all just scraps of metal. Etsy artist Sage ...

Android Crocheted Droid Figures

Geeky Granny Inspiration: Adorable Crocheted Androids

I love grannies. They are so cute and fun to talk to, especially when they start telling stories about when they were young. I love geeky grannies even better. Geeky grannies are usually the grammas who have Facebook accounts to keep in touch with their grandchildren, and they own iPads. Many times geeky grannies also own smartphones, whereas most grannies still have a regular cell phone. My own granny has a regular cell phone which she “saves to use only in emergencies.” So cute. I ...

Cocktail Drink Recipe Infographic Illustrations

How To Make The Perfect Cocktail [Infographics]

We’ve really been getting into infographics lately. They are fun, colorful and a great way to get a lot of information at a glance. It seems infographics are popping up everywhere these days, and about every subject. I worked in a very popular bar for a few years while I was attending University. I remember on the nights I worked, at the beginning of the night, people were always picky about their drinks and how they were made. The really did want them to be ...

UPS vs FedEx Data Infographic

UPS vs. FedEx: Surprising Stats Compared [Infographic]

Every other day or so I get a shipment from some producer, publisher or as of lately, someone who wants Bit Rebels to review their gadgets.  As you might have guessed, it’s either delivered by UPS or FedEx (occasionally even DHL).  And if I am completely honest, I have never even bothered to see what other shipping companies are out there.  I don’t even recall hearing any other company name when talking about shipping stuff.  Maybe it’s because I want a master of a song ...

Flex Display Cell Phone Concept

Flex Display Phone: Makes Today’s Cell Phones Look Lame

We have stated many times that the cell phones we have today are dramatically going to change as soon as new technology gets released.  The OLED screens, for example, are going to change not only the displays themselves but also the way that cell phones are designed and created.  We will be able to have cell phones that will bend, roll, and be so flexible that you can twist them around your arm, roll them up or even fit them inside your wallet.  The way ...

Advanced Version Rock Paper Scissors

Extreme Rock Paper Scissors: 4 New Throws To Spice It Up!

I know this might be a little bit painful to think about, but do you remember back when we didn’t have smartphones? Those were the days when a mobile phone was just used for calling people. I remember my first cell phone was a flip phone. I thought I was hot stuff. Now, my son, who is only ten years old, has his own phone. My how times have changed. The makers of Angry Birds say that one reason their game is so successful is ...

Staying Warm The Geek Way!

The Geek Way To Stay Warm

I recently moved to Cincinnati, and man it is cold here!  I am still adjusting to the snow and ice.  In the short time I have been here, I have already experienced two big winter snow storms.  Adjusting has taught me so many things, like if you stay inside a room with a heater, and if there is very little moisture, it is good to use a humidifier.  Not only does this provide moisture, but it also helps to minimize the nose bleeds we might ...

Facebook Brand Data Statistics Infographic

Brands On Facebook: “Likes” Mirror Your Success [Infographic]

Ever since Facebook launched, companies have been flocking to the platform to make sure they are well represented among the millions and millions of people that could become potential customers.  With time, Facebook has become one of the leading, if not the one, place on the Internet where brands have a huge chance of growing their business exponentially.  We have seen it time and again when companies struggling to find new customers join Facebook, and suddenly their success changes in an instant.  The cool part ...