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Creative Eggs and Toast – Breakfast Inspiration
Creative Eggs and Toast – Breakfast Inspiration

Commodore SX-64 Paper Model

How To: Build Your Own Paper Commodore SX-64

Are you ready to cut some corners in order to get an old school computer on your desk? Well, here is your chance. And when I say “cut corners,” I of course mean it literally. Ever since I owned a Commodore C-64, I have been into coding. That’s why every computer has a special place in my mind and heart, even though I know how geeky that sounds. But, it’s perfectly true. I am sure that anyone with an interest in computers remembers this household ...

26-Foot Optimus Prime Ice Sculpture

Iced Out: 26-Foot Optimus Prime Sculpted From Ice

When going to events, you sometimes see ice sculptures cranked out all over the place. It’s a nice touch to an already exclusive invitation and gives you a sense that it has been immensely planned and thought through, unlike one of those random parties just to have some fun. However, don’t for a second think it’s an easy task to sculpt these crazy beautiful creations. The art of ice sculpting is a skill that takes a lot of years to master. To keep the block ...

Swedish Cosplay Mertoid Samus Costume

Swedish Cosplay Girl Takes Metroid’s Samus Beyond Cool!

I remember when I bought my first Nintendo NES base station. I was overjoyed by being able to play the games that today have become iconic and legendary. Back then there were not as many cosplay communities as there are now. The coolest thing you could find were some homemade fan magazines, and occasionally someone that had created something cool out of fabric. If you wanted more like that, you had to go to the game shows to get to actually “meet” Super Mario or ...

BlackBerry User Interface Emotion Technology

BlackBerry: New Concept UI Uses Human Emotion Technology

The one thing that makes a cell phone a success is probably the user interface. If the UI isn’t user friendly, you can be sure that the phone itself will do no good to the user and most likely won’t become the success the developer wanted it to be. There have been plenty of trials and errors, and they keep emerging every day. What you should keep in mind is that it’s not exactly the easiest of tasks to create a breakthrough user interface. It ...

Bubble Wrap Tie

Bubble Wrap Tie: The Joyful Workday Has Arrived!

If you have ever had a day at work when you wished that time would go by faster to make it all as painless as possible, you know what I mean when I say that some days are just too stressful to handle with just a smile and a cup of coffee. We all get through them one way or another, but to relieve stress is a must, and we all do it in different ways. I am sure that the guys working in storage ...

4th Amendment Underclothes To Send TSA A Silent Message

Send the TSA a Silent Message with These Underclothes

The new airport scanners are not only an intrusion to your rights, some people say, but also quite degrading and humiliating. How far are we going to go in order to make sure our airplanes are safe to travel on? That is a question only you and I can answer, and as long as there are people out there that will try to harm as many people as possible, this is the solution I guess. I can’t help but wonder what amount of radiation people ...

School Bench of Recycled Metal Ware

These Fantastically Creative School Benches Will Make You Smile!

Once again, there is someone out there whose passion is larger than life itself. I have always found it overly inspiring to hear or see someone that is doing everything they can to make a change in the world. There are so many world leaders that are messing our beautiful blue planet up while the rest of us are trying to put it back into order. That little thing you’re doing, even if it’s just to make something out of that empty toilet paper roll, ...

Adidas Facebook Superstar Sneakers

Social Networking Addicts: Facebook Adidas Sneakers

Everyone that has used social networking sites for any amount of time knows that it is highly addicting once you start seeing the results of it. To connect with people you normally wouldn’t find in your home town or in the networking circles you already engage with is a wonderful and ultimately rewarding feeling. Making new friends and collaborations are what fuel the businesses of today. If you neglect the impact that social networking can have on your business, I am afraid that you are ...

Christmas Ornament Recycled Wine Cork Wreath Tutorial

How To: Create A Recycled Wine Cork Christmas Wreath…

I recently wrote an article about how you could use 175 wine corks to create a bathroom mat. As you might imagine, that would either take a lot of drinking, or a lot of money wasted pouring out the wine in the sink. Either way, it’s quite a creative little tutorial. However, there is more. That little bundle of air tight sealing for wine bottles does more than what meets the eye. Recycling is a wonderful thing when you know what to do with old ...

Stylish Wall Mount For The iPad

Wallee: The First Stylish Wall Mount For Your iPad

Ever since the launch of the iPad, people have been coming up with the most odd wall mounts to nail it to the wall. Sometimes they are plain stupid, while other times, they are just bulky and ugly. There is yet to be one that looks even remotely good enough to actually grace the wall of your home. Some people have suggested that duct tape is the way to go, or even Velcro. However, both of those have their own negative consequences, so before you ...

A Stunning Tribute To Butterflies, Fashion & Photography

A Stunning Tribute To Butterflies, Fashion & Photography

I love butterflies, and I always have. Whenever I see one, I always have to stop what I’m doing to admire it. These fragile, colorful insects are a symbol of grace, beauty and elegance. Here in the States, if a butterfly lands on your shoulder, it’s considered a sign of good luck. When I was in elementary school, many times my friends and I tried to catch butterflies. We even had a plastic toy called a “butterfly catcher.” Of course, they were always smarter than ...

Architecture: The Official Eiffel Tower Blueprints

Design Inspiration: The Official Eiffel Tower Blueprints

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I’ve never been to Paris, and if I ever get the opportunity to go, visiting the Eiffel Tower will be at the top of my list. The Eiffel Tower used to be considered such a classy, sophisticated monument. However, several years ago, that prestigious image started to change. I’m not sure if it was when Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes up there or ...

A Delicious Dinner That's Smaller Than Your Finger!

A Delicious Dinner That’s Smaller Than Your Finger!

Kim Burke is hot right now, and it’s no wonder. Mini-designs and food art are the trend, and she combines both of them beautifully. The more I look at these, the more I’m in the mood to cook something yummy! I remember the first time I was ever introduced to itty-bitty food art was when Richard wrote about the “World’s Tiniest Pastries.” That article featured the incredible tiny food sculptures of Stephanie Kilgast. Today I want to share with you another insanely talented mini-food artist ...

Comfortably Update Twitter & Facebook While You Exercise!

Comfortably Update Twitter & Facebook While You Exercise!

Oh hell yes! Let’s face it, up until now; it’s been hard to tweet while we are exercising, right? You might ask, “Why do you need to tweet while exercising anyway?” There are two answers to that question. First, because I’m a twitterholic and second because aside from sleeping, exercising has got to be the most friggin boring thing to do on the whole planet. Of course, I’m half kidding. I have a treadmill in my house, but I normally choose to ride my bike ...