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Clothing Printer: The Innovative Way We May Get Our Clothes In 2050
Clothing Printer: The Innovative Way We May Get Our Clothes In 2050

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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Photographs Of Cities At Night

Nighttime In The City: Breath Taking Aerial Photographs

When I think of aerial photography, the only name that really comes to my mind is Cameron Davidson. When you see the examples of his photography below, you’ll immediately understand why his client roster reads like a media who’s who list. These are especially some of my favorite shots because they highlight ...

Hairball Necklace From Cat Hair

Custom Hairball Jewelry Made From Your Pet’s Hair

Do you have a cat? If so, look down at your clothes; do you have cat hair on you? I’m not much of a cat person, but my dear friend @mistygirlph loves cats. Her family in the Philippines has over twenty of them in their home, so I will dedicate this article ...

Creative Carvings On Watermelons

Unfreakingbelievable Watermelon Carvings

It’s almost summer, which means it’s time to start spending more time outside with friends and loved ones. One of my favorite parts of the summer is planning fun BBQs and going to the park. Eating watermelon is a summertime tradition here in Atlanta, and I thought a fun way to kick ...

Online Groupon Deal Service Comparison

What’s The Deal: Groupon Businesses Compared [Infographic]

The word that was on everyone’s tongue not too long ago was Groupon. They were the dominator in a field where no others had previously dared to enter, and they did it uber successfully. I have to admit that I haven’t even made an effort to look into all this chatter about ...

Simpsons Parody Concept Character Posters

Simpsons Parodies: Famous Games Get A Makeover

To say that The Simpsons is not one of the most successful cartoon shows on the telly would be quite untruthful. The series has gone on forever it seems, and the jokes are sometimes nasty and evil. However, there is always a sense morale in the way that they tell their stories, ...

Wine Holder For Bikes

Bicycle Wine Rack For Sophisticated Geeks

I’m a huge fan of bike riding. It’s my main source of exercise, and I ride my bike all over Atlanta. There is nothing like feeling the sun and the fresh air on your face while zipping around on a bicycle. Since I enjoy bike riding so much, I usually notice designs ...

Portal Tetris Unlimited Game Play

Portal Tetris: Free Unlimited Online Gaming

There is so much that can be said about the legendary Tetris game designed and created by the Russian mathematician Aleksej Pazjitnov. Not until very recently did Aleksej get the copyright for his creation. If he would have had it from the start, it would have made him a millionaire many times ...

Hello Kitty Body Painting Tattoos

Funky Hello Kitty Body Paint Art

When I look back at all the articles I’ve written about Hello Kitty in the past two years, I realize I’ve been a little harsh on that famous kitty. One thing is for sure; she’s got staying power. People are just as nuts for Hello Kitty today as they were when I ...

Mario Link and Donkey Kong

Evolution Of Nintendo Characters

Ahh… Here I am, in the land of Nintendo. It’s a little strange since we usually leave it up to Richard to cover all the Nintendo goodness on Bit Rebels since he is so good at it, but I couldn’t resist today. Last night I was feeling particularly retro, and I downloaded ...

The Real Cost Of Dating

The Real Cost Of Dating [Infographic]

So there you are, you’re just about to go on that first date. As a guy, you always want to make a good impression and be the expected gentleman you know you have to be in order to gain the respect of your date. There are some misconceptions when it comes to ...

Real iPad Kindle Book Cases

iPad & Kindle Book Cases: The Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes…

You know, now that the iPad and the Kindle (and all the rest of the tablets) are furiously entering the market with eBooks, there is a huge decline in the number of people who actually go to the library anymore. This in itself is causing a real problem that I don’t think ...

Superhero Movies By Dollar Amount

Top Grossing Superhero Movies (Some May Surprise You)

Movies about superheroes have always been popular, but lately, it seems like they are becoming a part of our culture. We expect them to come out regularly and to be good. When they suck (cough cough The Green Hornet), we are truly disappointed. Our expectations get higher and higher from one superhero ...