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5 Minute Guide To Scoring A Job In Social Media [Infographic]
5 Minute Guide To Scoring A Job In Social Media [Infographic]

Recycled Can Tab Jewelry

Can Tabs: They Become Jewelry You Won’t Believe…

All you girls out there probably have quite a few pieces of jewelry laying around at home. You probably don’t know what they are made out of or even how they are made. We are so used to going into a store, finding what we like, and then just buying it. When the time is right, we wear it, and that’s pretty much the end of the story. However, there is so much more information to be gathered that will not only amaze you, but ...

LED iPhone 3G 3GS Flash

iFlash: Adds An LED Flash To Your Old iPhone

Believe it or not, I am still messing around with my old iPhone. I have yet to get my butt out of yesterday’s technology and claim the new. What has always bothered me is that when the first iPhone came out, pretty much every other cell phone had their own flash incorporated. Why Apple chose not to include it on their first generation of the iPhone, I have never understood. Maybe it was because of lack of space inside the phone, but I am sure ...

URBN Hotel Shanghai Recycle

URBN Hotel: Luxury Hotel Entirely Made Out Of Recycled Material

I have stayed at quite a few hotels in my life so far, and sometimes they blow my mind with their beauty and aesthetics, and other times they are not even inspiring enough to go back again. However, when hotels are built today, the designers are usually shooting for a more technological approach to keep up with the social environment so to speak. Sometimes it’s a good thing, but it’s always at the expense of the environment in one way or another. Of course, I ...

Orbit Wrist Watch Time Teller

Orbit: Tell The Time All The Way Around Your Wrist

Again I think I have found what would be ultimately awesome if it ever becomes a reality. I don’t need to tell you again how much I enjoy collecting watches, and this one would certainly fit into my collection. There has been a boom in the watch industry lately where everyone is trying to create the next big thing when it comes to blending the coolest technologies available and the usability of a simple watch. There have been many examples of trials and errors, but ...

Malware Virus Spuit Protection Removal

Protect Your Gear: Awesome Intuitive Virus Protection

In the climate of today’s technology landscape, pretty much everyone is battling the storm of malware and viruses that could potentially render your most valuable assets unusable. If it wasn’t for all the companies out there that specialize in creating virus protection, firewalls and malware detectors, we would all not be doing what we do right now. Why someone would want to destroy the valuable files for someone they don’t know is beyond me, but I guess it tracks back to one single statement that ...

Metatrend Hovering Cell Phone

Metatrend: New Technology Suggests Hovering Cell Phones

New concept technologies have always inspired me. The pace at which we see new stuff emerging on the market is ever increasing, and the gadgets are getting more and more intelligent. Someone once said that a fully working artificial intelligence will never be created, but with what I see being presented in terms of robotics and computers, it makes me not so sure about that statement. Of course, I wouldn’t want an artificial intelligence cell phone to start calling my friends every time I am ...

BendDesk Touch Screen Concept Screen

BendDesk: Your Future Work Desk Hints Of Minority Report

We all wonder what the future will have in store for us. With people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates thinking up the next generation gadgets, I am sure we have something truly inspiring to look forward to. However, some remarks made by these people still hint that a full sized vertical touch screen is nothing that will be beneficial in the long run. I have pondered this since I heard Steve Jobs say it, and I still can’t agree. If the screen is big ...

Clone Hardware Recycled Computer Parts Jewelry

The Creative Non-Edible Geek Tech Jewelry To Flaunt

Being a geek and trying to find matching jewelry isn’t exactly the easiest of tasks. But if you thought it was impossible, you are not a geek. A geek never gives up and always strives for excellence. However, we should always remember that there are restrictions to everything. It might sound odd talking about restrictions when we’re talking about jewelry, but I assure you, there are some stupid people out there. Yup, even grown-ups, and they need to be informed. So what exactly are we ...

Steampunk Steam Turntable

Steampunk: Steam-Powered Turntable Puts The Retro In Cool!

There’s always time for some steampunk here at Bit Rebels. We have, as you all know, covered a lot of steampunk stuff through the existence of the site, and we have no intention of stopping now. People have long been retrofying future stuff into old, used and battered steampunk gadgets to preserve the cool in the new. Or, something along those lines. Basically, no matter what you throw on a steampunk creator, he or she will make it into something that you probably would think ...

Game Movie Poster

What If Games Had Movie Posters…

If you are a gamer of any amplitude, you know that the graphics and experience are everything in a game. Sound, of course, comes with it too, but you wouldn’t be mesmerized by a game if it were not for the graphics or the experience. Games like Call of Duty and Gran Turismo are games that totally bear the trademarks of graphic awesomeness. Then there are games that we play just because they offer such a great experience. Tetris and Minecraft are games in that ...

Rerto Sony Walkman MP3 Player

MP3 Player Lets You Carry Your Music The Sony Walkman Style

As some of you may remember, Sony discontinued the manufacturing of their legendary music player, The Sony Walkman, not too long ago. The epic cassette player was once the state of the art music gadget to have, and we flaunted it any chance we got. As I remember, the cassettes could contain music for up to 60-90 minutes which was pretty good if you ask me. It was pretty much like the CD today, yet the CD carries a way better quality; however only 16bit ...

Fna-Made Tron Movie Trailer

TRON Legacy: Fan-Made Trailer Even Impresses Movie Maker

There is a whole culture out there where geeks and nerds are recreating trailers of upcoming movies. Sometimes they are just that, geeky imitations of the real thing. But every once in a while, along comes something so great that it actually supersedes the real trailer. When that happens, it helps promote that specific movie so much more. And for the makers of the movie, that’s the best promotion it can get. It’s completely free as well. Everyone likes free, right? When you create something ...

Victorian Steampunk PC Computer Mod

Steampunk: PC Modded Into A Victorian Beauty Of The Past

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article on about a ton of modded computers that looked absolutely stunning. That article became one of the most successful articles on Minervity to date. However there is, of course, still room for more. And this time I am going to share some of the new awesomeness with you guys here at Bit Rebels instead. Modding has become a household name in geek communities, and the cooler your computer is the better geek you are. Some ...

Pac Man Arcade Machine Cocktail Table

Pac Man Arcade Machine Cocktail Table

Back in the day when Pac Man was on the edge of gaming and the experience was beyond extensive, I remember having a yellow bulky thing, a handheld, that looked like a Pac Man itself. It was a small arcade Pac Man game that I played until the batteries actually started to give in and shed their liquid. The handheld was beyond repair, and I had to toss it away sadly. However, Pac Man has ever since been my very fondest memory of playing a ...