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The High Rises Of Tomorrow Come In Prefabricated Blocks!
The High Rises Of Tomorrow Come In Prefabricated Blocks!

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Commuter X4: The First Wearable, Fibre Optic Bike Light
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How To Make Designer Pancakes

DIY Pancake Art: Perfect For Breakfast In Bed

Playing with food is fun, isn’t it? It’s one of those things we’re told not to do when we’re young, which may be why it’s extra fun when we are adults. I remember last year when I wrote about Jim’s Pancakes. Jim is a wonderful father who creates fun pancake designs for ...

Felt E.T. and Computer Mouse

Soft & Fuzzy: Creative Felt Designs

I love felt. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s a great material. It’s got the yin and the yang. It’s soft, yet tough. It can be colorful or dull. It’s so versatile you can wear it in the form of socks or clean your car with it. I ...

Climate Change Global Warming

Combating Global Warming: Simple Action Steps

I read something the other day that said most people don’t understand what global warming is. The phrase itself, “global warming,” has been used so much in so many different contexts over the past few decades that a lot of the meaning in those words has lost its punch. In the spirit ...

Star Wars Vector Graphic Art

Star Wars Vector Art: This Is Pure Brilliance

I am a huge admirer of vector art. Every chance I get, I study its intricate patterns and delve into the millions of tutorials on the web about making realistic portraits and whatnot. I usually work in Photoshop, but I have found Illustrator to be somewhat of a second outlet for me ...

Collection of Fun Geeky Cupcakes

The Anatomy Of A Cupcake

There are two reasons why I’m writing about this topic today. The first is because I’m craving a cupcake, and since there are none within a ten-mile radius of where I am right now, I thought writing about them might make me feel better. The second reason is to highlight a data ...

The Truth About Movie Snacks

Movie Snack Breakdown: The Scary Truth

I bet you are a frequent movie goer if you are reading this. Why else would you want to know anything about movie snacks, right? Oh wait, you could of course be one of those movie junkies who sits at home in front of your super mega big screen and surround sound ...

Midnight Shot Night Vision Camera

Night Vision Camera: Take Pictures In Total Darkness

Taking pictures is so much fun. It seems like these days everyone has a digital camera or a smartphone with a camera. Ever since the photo sharing trend started on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, people have been capturing more and more of their memories to share with friends ...

Lego Commercials Back In 1960

Retro Commercial: Welcome To Lego In 1960

It’s 2011 and Lego has never been more popular. The only bad thing about it is that it’s still really expensive if you want the cool stuff. Just imagine that Lego has been around since 1949 when Danish businessman Godtfred Kirk Christiansen developed it. It’s one of those ideas that would come ...

An Image that depicts failure

5 Tips For Handling Failure

We are overjoyed when we know of friends who are experiencing triumphs and successes in life. Whether it be with their relationships, work, or whatever aspect of life, we celebrate with them. However, when we experience failure, often times we find it hard to deal with the situation. One reason I love ...

Iconic Dogs In Show Business

Highest Earning Dogs In Show Business [Infographic]

I am a frequent, if not a fanatic, visitor of the Box Office Mojo site where you can find updated information about already released and upcoming movies, including how much money they’ve each grossed. Going to that site is almost like a drug cause all the information you ever wanted to know ...

Good Or Evil Tutorial Guides

Good & Evil: A How-To Guide For Each Side

In a world plagued by terrorism and war, it’s hard sometimes to stay positive and believe in the future of mankind. However, there are so many things that we can still marvel over that our mother earth offers us. We shouldn’t delve into things that will only cause us further harm or ...

Successful Brand Logo Reversioning Design

Brand Re-versioning: Logos That Will Mess With Your Mind

We have come to know the giants on the Internet and their logos as something that is part of our daily lives, at least if you spend your hours working through the Internet. Their logos have been etched into our minds, and we can tell them apart in an instant when we ...