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The Elemental Structure Of Social Media: The Overview [Infographic]
The Elemental Structure Of Social Media: The Overview [Infographic]

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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Osama bin Laden Is Dead

How Americans Feel About The Osama Mission [Infographic]

I remember exactly where I was the morning of September 11, 2001. I was sitting on the floor of my living room with the television on. I was playing with my son who was not quite two years old at the time. These days, I don’t watch TV, but back then; I ...

Social Network Funny Meme Collection

7 Funniest Social Network Pass-A-Note Memes

When they announced that they were going to make a movie about how Facebook started, I was quite skeptical. My only question was, how in the world are they going to be able to make a captivating enough movie to make the whole thing breakeven? After I saw it, I was happily ...

Student Vs. Homework Game Boy

Student vs. Homework: It’s Not What It Used To Be

It’s funny how time and technology can change everything, even the most ordinary things that have been untouched by time for seemingly forever. It’s like when kids first learn they will soon be starting school. They cheer, smile and jump around as if they are about to go on an epic adventure. ...

Brotips Tips For Guys

Brotips: Redefining The Bro, One Tip At A Time

Over the years, I’ve heard guys call each other “bros.” I’ve even see it on Twitter, but until today, I never knew exactly what a bro was. According to the Urban Dictionary, bros are “obnoxious partying males who are often seen at college parties. When they aren’t making an ass of themselves ...

Languages Hard To Learn

Brain Food: The Hardest Languages To Learn

Do you know what the hardest language to learn is? It turns out; the answer to that question depends on what your native language is. If a language is similar to your native language, it won’t be as difficult for you to learn as it might be for someone else. Overall, languages ...

Homemade Pop Rocks Candy

How To: Make Pop Rocks

Do you remember eating Pop Rocks as a kid? I do. It was like a chemistry experiment exploding in my mouth every time I ate them. I thought that eating Pop Rocks was just one of those things from the ’80s that parents let us do, like riding in the car without ...

World's Smallest PC Stick Computer

World’s Smallest PC Makes Apple Shake In Their Boots

I must admit Apple has taken quite a great leap towards world domination with all their new technology and gadgets. It’s like everything they do is perfectly manufactured to fit into everyone’s lives. It’s quite an enormous achievement really, and where it will end only the future will tell. However, there is ...

Shopping Cart Relaxation Chair Customization

Relaxation Shopping: The Customization Of A Shopping Cart

Anyone who has a household to maintain knows that shopping can not only be tedious, but it can also take up your entire evening if you’re not careful. The phrase “relaxation shopping” isn’t exactly something that is common to most people. Going to the store can be stressful, and usually we have ...

Super Mario vs. Donkey Kong

No Backing Down: Super Mario Doesn’t Always Win

It’s evident that the hero concept in gaming is slowly coming to an end. We’re no longer interested in saving the girl, the world or anything else for that matter. We simply just want entertaining gameplay, and a way to kick some butt it seems. Gaming, for me personally, is all about ...

42 Fresh Twitter Facebook Facts

42 Fresh Facts About Twitter & Facebook [Infographic]

The infographics business has really taken off in the past year or so. We see new agencies spring up pretty much every day, and the infographics get more and more intricate and inspiring. Some people argue that we’re starting to oversaturate the blogging world with infographics, and I can agree to some ...

Staple City Skyline Photography Inspiration

Amazing Micro Photography: The City Of Staples

Not too long ago, Diana wrote about the 100,000 Staple City. It was an amazing feat of engineering, and when viewed from afar, it was utterly mind boggling. Not only must it have taken an incredibly steady hand, but it also must have required immense patience. The pictures of that build are ...

Superhero Power Bike Concept Design

Bike Concepts Gone Wild: Superheroes, Star Wars & More

Superheroes have many powers, and they usually have some kick ass transportation method which becomes their trademarked gadget. Batman has his Batmobile, Spiderman has his net swing and the list goes on and on. With the increasing number of superheroes being created by Marvel, DC Comics and many others, it sometimes feels ...