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The High Rises Of Tomorrow Come In Prefabricated Blocks!
The High Rises Of Tomorrow Come In Prefabricated Blocks!

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Commuter X4: The First Wearable, Fibre Optic Bike Light
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Movie Concept IKEA Instruction Manuals

Star Wars, Jurassic Park & More Drawn In IKEA Manuals

We have all been there at some point, even if you don’t want to admit it. We went there, looked around, and went back home with a bunch of boxes containing the entire evening’s building project. I am of course talking about IKEA, the first company in the world to let us ...

Portal 2 Recreated In Lego

The Escape: Portal 2 Recreated In Lego

Someone told me once that you should never start an article with a question, but this time I kind of have to. Did I ever play Portal? Did I ever play Portal 2? The answer for those two questions is definitely no. I have only been exposed to the game through the ...

91 Movies In New York

Name The Flick: 91 Cult Movies On A New York Map

I think I have mentioned this before, but New York is one of the most popular sets for movies in the history of Hollywood, or at least it seems that way. Not too long ago I wrote an article about the superhero jam packed districts of New York, including their real addresses. ...

Monowi Nebraska One Person Population

Smallest Town In America: Population One Person

I can’t decide if this is sad or kinda neat. As you see in that sign, the town of Monowi, Nebraska has a population of one person. Her name is Elsie Eiler, and she is 77 years old. Most of the town’s buildings are crumbling down, and as you can imagine, it’s ...

LifeProof Protective iPhone Case

LifeProof iPhone Case: Protects Your iPhone From Life

I think this might be one of the most practical and useful iPhone cases I’ve ever seen. After learning about this, I’ve decided I need a LifeProof case not only for my iPhone, but for me too. How cool would it be to put on a cover that would protect us from ...

Empty Ink Cartridge Sculptures

Most Creative Way To Recycle Your Ink Cartridges

If you didn’t read the title of this article first, and if you just looked at the pictures below, what would you think those science fiction sculptures were made of? Would you ever guess those were old ink cartridges? I really, really don’t like buying printer ink. Not only is it messy ...

LinkedIn Social Networking For Professionals

The Value Of Being LinkedIn [Infographic]

Are you on LinkedIn? I realize that some people want to bonk me on the head just for asking that question. Since you are already logging into Twitter, Facebook and now Empire Avenue everyday, the last thing you need is an argument for being on yet another social networking site, right? I ...

Donald Duck As Luke Skywalker

Illustration: A Unique Star Wars & Disney Mashup

As Richard pointed out in one of his articles recently, there seems to be a growing culture of designers and artists who love to do mashups. It doesn’t really matter what kind of mashups, and the more unusual the better. Combining two very distinct and different movie or gaming concepts that would ...

Truth About Ironman's House

Truth vs. Rumors: The Iron Man House For Sale

Have you noticed all the hype on the Internet over the past two months about the Iron Man house? If not, I’ll give you the quick version of the story. If you do a Google search, you’ll see that beginning in March there have been dozens of posts written (some on reputable ...

Airport Modeled Like Hamburg Airport

Wow! World’s Largest Model Airport Design

Since I’m on the Internet almost all day everyday, it’s rare that I see something that impresses me as much as this does. On Bit Rebels, we’ve written about many different kinds of builds, some of which have taken two or three years to make, but I think I’ve found something that ...

Worlds Smallest Working Hard Drive

World’s Smallest Hard Drive Is The Atari 810 Build

I certainly love technology, and I recently wrote about the world’s smallest PC. For all of you who after reading that article are wondering what “side” I am on, I can safely say that I work mostly on a PC (or in Windows as someone wanted to label it instead). I have ...

Sugar Chair Made Of Sugar

The Lollipop Chair Made From Pure Sugar

Ahh… a chair made out of pure sugar. Could life get any sweeter than this? Too bad about that New York Times article last month, which said sugar might be toxic. I think I’m going to forget about that and dream of licking this chair till it’s all gone. Ignorance is bliss, ...