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Instant Translation Device Translates 180 Different Spoken Languages
Instant Translation Device Translates 180 Different Spoken Languages

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J.A.E.S.A: Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
J.A.E.S.A - Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
Looksery: Real-Time Face Transformation Filters
Looksery App
Leaf Mount: Collapsible Stand For iPads, Samsungs, Kindle+
Leaf Mount
ANTVR: All-In-One Universal Virtual Reality Kit
ANT Virtual Reality
2000 As Imagined In 1910

24 Images Of The Year 2000 As Imagined In 1910

It’s easy to underestimate the future if you know what I mean.  It will come in all the forms and shapes that you haven’t even imagined yet.  If someone were to say to me that they knew what the future would look like, I would immediately be concerned about that person’s well being.  And, since the chances are quite slim that this person was really from the future, I wouldn’t think much of the remark in the first place.  However, it’s not a crime to ...

The Dynamics of Viral Videos

The Magic Of Viral Videos & A Food Court Disaster

It’s so funny to me how people always want to know the step-by-step plan for making a video go viral. It’s like they think a few people out there are keeping this big secret about it, and they will do anything to find out what it is. What some people don’t realize is that you cannot force a video to naturally go viral. Sure, you can make sure it’s funny, short, clever etc.. but once that video is posted to the Internet, it’s out of ...

Transformers Inspired Megatron Decepticon Design

Whoa! Transformers Inspired Steel Megatron Tank Design

What would you do if you were bored and had 5.51 tons of steel lying around? Hmm… you could always do what this Chinese man did and build a super duper kick ass mind blowing Megatron tank with it. The person who created this handcrafted beauty calls himself Steel Legend. I’m dying to know exactly how much it cost him to make this, but that info is nowhere to be found. It is inspired by the Transformers 2 movie, and the movie itself is the ...

Control Kinect With Swimming Movements

Kinect SwimBrowser: Surf The Internet Doing The Breast Stroke

We all know what great exercise swimming is. When I first read about this, I thought, “Great! Now we can swim, get exercise and surf the web all at the same time.” That’s true if you can hack your Kinect the way David Stolarsky did. For the 2011 PrimeSense/OpenNI Developer Challenge, he created SwimBrowser, a browser that requires the user to use hand motions similar to those you would use when swimming underwater. Like we’ve said many times before on Bit Rebels, it seems the ...

Twitter Makes You Better Person

8 Ways Twitter Can Make You A Better Person

I enjoy being on Twitter.  I am on that site all the time.  I started using Twitter in 2008, and I have seen firsthand its tremendous growth.  I remember the days when there were very few of us who tweeted 24/7.  We interacted with our Twitter friends all the way up until we fell asleep at night, and got on there again as soon as we woke up in the morning; hence the word Twitter-holic was formed.  There are so many people on Twitter you ...

Social Media Relatiionship Building

The Proof That Social Media Friendships Are Real

Many times when people don’t understand something, they become afraid of it. The fear of the unknown seems to be a human characteristic that all of us have to some extent. I’ve noticed this is very relevant when it comes to online relationships and social media. You would think that by now, almost everyone would feel comfortable on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. However, that is not the case. There are still many people out there who are very fearful about social media and ...

Plexiglass Dome Landscape Office Design

Inspiring Offices: Bubble Desk Landscape Interior Design

Offices around the world are starting to realize that having an inspiring environment will make people work harder and be happier while doing it.  Some companies are still in the old frame of mind and don’t really care about the work environments that their employees have to endure during their stay at the office.  Until recently, the fortunate ones to enjoy a creative office were usually the people who work at IT companies around the world.  I don’t know if it was Google or some ...

Thodio MacDec Ergonomic MacBook Deck

Thodio MacDec: Turns Your Mac Into A MacBook

We’ve all been taught to disconnect our gear from our computers ever since we started using bluetooth gear.  It comes in the form of keyboards, mice and pretty much everything else that you can connect to a computer.  It allows us to sit comfortably in front of our computers without having to strain because the length of the cords.  However, the fact is also that with more and more wireless gear, we’re starting to lose track of how we should sit in front of a ...

Super Mario Bathroom Paint Job

Super Mario Bathroom: Expect Your Stay To Be Extensive

There are plenty of tutorials out there that show you how to geekify just about anything.  To Super Marionize something is considered an art form in today’s geeky society, and you can be sure that the accomplishments you achieved when you were younger, like finishing the first Super Mario game, will come in second to the creations of uber geeks around the world.  We’ve seen everything from the insides of Super Mario to magnetized refrigerator elements to build your own mushroom kingdom. However, seldom have ...

Encourage Your Kids To Doodle

Now Your Kids Can Be Creative Even When On The Go

I notice that my friends are always impressed with people who can draw.  Drawing comes easily for some people, while it takes others a long time to get the hang of it.  I love to draw and doodle.  I guess I was just lucky that I started learning how to do it at a young age.  I am not a natural artist, but I learned a few skills from taking workshops when I was 6 years old.  My parents saw that I liked making my ...

Social Media Highscool Yearbook Poster

The Social Media High School Yearbook Poster Of 2011

Right about now there shouldn’t be many people out there doubting the power and impact of Social Media.  I mean, Facebook speaks its own language and every business that adapts social networking has pretty much doubled their revenue in a period of time that before would have been completely impossible.  We make new contacts and new business partners.  We find new ways to promote, deliver and share the experiences we find online as well as offline.  Always being connected doesn’t mean you’re living your life ...

Mobile Servicing and Shopping Infographic

How Mobile Shopping Is Changing The World [Infographic]

It’s pretty hard to imagine that just a few years ago we didn’t really consider mobile shopping to be a big deal.  Almost no one did it, and if you did, you were always a little bit skeptical about it all.  If it wasn’t the payment method you were worried about, it was the connectivity and the speed by which we could get a website or data delivered to our devices.  However, in time, that has changed and changed quite a lot too I might ...

Martian Clock For Galaxy Time

How To: Make A Planetary Clock For Your Next Trip To Mars

I have written a lot of DIY articles on Bit Rebels, but I think this one has the most in-depth tutorial I’ve ever seen. Alexander Avtanski built a clock that can tell time on any planet according to how it rotates. It is all part of his Mars Clock Project. My first question is, how does a person even come up with an idea to build such a thing? My second question is, how does a person test this to make sure it’s working properly? ...