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The State Of In-Car Technology And Autonomous Features
The State Of In-Car Technology And Autonomous Features

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Commuter X4: The First Wearable, Fibre Optic Bike Light
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Angry Birds Plush With Sound

How To: Play Angry Birds Dodgeball

I grew up playing with a lot of kids on the streets. I was fortunate that my brother and sister were both close to my age, and we always ended up spending our summers together playing street games with the other kids in our neighborhood. My parents would yell to us when ...

Woman using her computer

Social Memories: Turn Your Facebook Activity Into A Book

Four years ago, if we asked our friends whether or not they were on Facebook, we got a lot of funny looks. However, not anymore, people communicate so differently now than even just a few years ago. The majority of conversations between friends and family now happen on social networking sites. Times ...

Imaginative Augmented Photography Illustration Design

18 Augmented Photographs: A World Within Our Own World

As Bit Rebels has evolved, we have featured a lot of photographers and illustrators here on the website. Every time we find something we haven’t seen before, we lovingly write about it to perhaps inspire other photographers or illustrators to play with the idea or further develop it. More than often, the ...

Osama bin Laden Parody

Vader Says Obi-Wan Is Finally Dead, Body Buried In Space

According to the Galactic Empire Times (Hmm… that looks suspiciously like the New York Times, doesn’t it?), “Obi-Wan Kenobi, the mastermind of the some of the most devastating attacks on the Galactic Empire and the most hunted man in the galaxy, was killed in a firefight with Imperial forces near Alderaan.” Even ...

Unusual Hiking On Mountain Wall

Unusual Hiking: When Ordinary Just Isn’t Enough

I am sure you have been thinking to yourself that ordinary vacations are getting kind of old and boring. You are in search of something new and exciting, but can’t quite figure out what that is. You could always go abroad to check out the history and culture there, but that’s been ...

RageGage Anger Smashing Pad

RageGage: The Adult Temper Tantrum Tool

The daily traffic jams we have in Atlanta aren’t for the weak. If you know anything about the weather here, you know that for about nine months out of the year it’s hot and sticky with a humidity level that many days reaches 100%. Sitting in a traffic jam on I-285 is ...

Pentax K1000 Complete Disassemble Poster

Pentax K1000: Insane Complete Camera Disassemble

When you were young, I am sure you, just like me, loved to take things apart just to see how they worked. It’s part of a learning process I think, or maybe I just want to tell myself that so I feel better about breaking so many things that were working, just ...

DIY Steampunked Mr. Potato Head

Make Your Own Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

After seeing this steampunked Mr. Potato Head, I am officially convinced that absolutely anything can be steampunked. I’m just waiting for the day when someone steampunks their whole house, you know it’s coming, right? Instructables member saritamarianyc from New York put a steampunk spin on this Mr. Potato Head that she bought ...

Sitting Down Is Killing You

Sitting Down Is Killing You [Infographic]

When you have a desk job, it’s easy to see the advantages of sitting at a desk inside when looking outside and there is a guy shoveling snow in front of your office. There you are, in your cozy warm office, typing away on that little keyboard while that guy is out ...

Mind Controlled Cat Ears

Augmented Body: Wear Cat Ears Controlled By Brain Waves

Just when I thought I would never see any crazy inventions from Japan that could ever top what I’ve already seen and written about before, I stumbled across these cat ears. As with most Japanese inventions, if you can get passed the initial feeling of being disturbed, it’s actually fascinating. These cat ...

Body Snatcher Legendary Hands Collection

Legendary Hands: The Ultimate Collection

Weird things just keep popping up here on Bit Rebels. We constantly sift through the piles of awesome things in search of the geekiest topics of tomorrow. It ain’t always easy to choose which ones to write about, and it is never easy to write an article around it to do it ...

Star Wars Prequels Lego Movie

Lego Stop Motion: 3 Star Wars Movies Retold In 2 Minutes

There have been many attempts to try and summon the Star Wars movies into posters, designs, icons and even in parts of the episodes in Lego. However, there have never been, to my knowledge, an attempt to compile all the three prequels into one fast and understandable… well, Lego stop motion movie. ...