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Super Mario Goes To The Dark Side: A Shadow Tribute
Super Mario Goes To The Dark Side: A Shadow Tribute

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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$1,000 Tequila Popsicle Treat

World’s Most Expensive Popsicle

I’m sure all you foodies out there know that there are many tasty treats made with real gold. Yep, apparently gold is edible, who knew, right? What you may not know is that the luxurious all-suite Marquis Los Cabos Resort in Mexico recently launched a new poolside menu item which is creating ...

Nintendo NES Recycling Entertainment System

Recycled Nintendo NES Becomes 6 Man Music Jamming Device

I don’t know how many times I have wished that I never got rid of my Nintendo NES console. It has almost become something to grieve over, and I can’t seem to get my butt out of the chair long enough to actually hunt another one down. I would just love to ...

Tintin Movie Concept Mashup Illustrations

Tintin Joins The Mashup Lineup With Alien, Tron & More

Here we are again making sure that you are exposed to the latest in concept mashups. If you are a frequent visitor to Bit Rebels, you know it has become one of our cornerstones to off the various insanities. However, this time, we are not going to venture into charted territory. Nope, ...

Instructions Peel Orange One Piece

How To: Peel An Orange In One Piece

We all have those little things in life that make us feel good, don’t we? For me, it’s opening a pickle jar without having to bang it on the counter first. Oh, and of course, parallel parking. I think I’ve only successful parallel-parked three or four times in my life, so when ...

Skydiving In Melbourne Australia

Rise Above It All: Experience Human Flight

I know that life can be tough. Everyone has their own battles they face everyday. Some people struggle with financial challenges, others with relationship issues, and even others struggle with time and maintaining balance in their lives. However, regardless of what the challenges may be, I can assure you that everyone has ...

Tribute Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch

Remembering Michael Jackson 2 Years After His Death

It’s hard to believe that next month will mark the second anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. It’s so sad that someone who was so talented and brought so much wonderful music into the world for us all to enjoy died at such a young age. I thought it might be fun to ...

Stainless Steel Scissors Sculptures

Badass Spiders Made From TSA Confiscated Scissors

If you travel much by airplane, you’ve probably seen the big buckets of items confiscated at the airport security checkpoints. Last month when I was at the airport in Toronto, I was blown away by the huge plastic container that was almost as tall as me filled with everything from used toothpaste ...

Butterflies Are Nature's Gift

Nature’s Gift: 9 Beautiful Butterfly Wing Patterns

For me, one of the best ways to celebrate life is to get outside and enjoy nature. Sometimes for us computer geeks, that might just mean taking the time for a quick walk in the backyard. However, you might be surprised at what you can find right outside your own door. It’s ...

Colorful Knitted Creepy Masks

Brutal Knitting: Don’t Mess With This Yarn

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the words brutal and knitting in the same sentence before. When I think of knitting, I think of sweet grandmas who carry around a little bag with different colors of yarn and knitting needles. I don’t usually think of scary masks that might give me nightmares. ...

Men Don't Understand Women

Stupid Shit Women Say That Men Don’t Get

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the differences in the way men and women communicate. I’m the first to admit that as a woman, I know I say a lot of things that men probably find confusing. Okay, I admit it, I say stupid shit sometimes. It is almost like women ...

Discarded Map Cut Portraits Concept

Discarded Maps Recycled Into Impressive Human Portraits

It’s quite impressive to think that some people out there go out of their way to recycle their old things into new ones. It doesn’t really matter what it is, they seem to find a use for it anyway. Sometimes the new use is even better than the old one. It’s easy ...

Angry Birds Plush With Sound

How To: Play Angry Birds Dodgeball

I grew up playing with a lot of kids on the streets. I was fortunate that my brother and sister were both close to my age, and we always ended up spending our summers together playing street games with the other kids in our neighborhood. My parents would yell to us when ...