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Fully Working Nikon D3 Camera Cosplay Costume Is Sick
Fully Working Nikon D3 Camera Cosplay Costume Is Sick

J.A.E.S.A: Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
J.A.E.S.A - Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
Looksery: Real-Time Face Transformation Filters
Looksery App
Leaf Mount: Collapsible Stand For iPads, Samsungs, Kindle+
Leaf Mount
ANTVR: All-In-One Universal Virtual Reality Kit
ANT Virtual Reality
Chocolate Bed Toppings Bed Spread

Sleep On A Chocolate Bar: Now You Can!

There are quite a few people out there who are obsessed with various things. Some people collect stamps, while others are desperate to climb all the dangerous mountains in the world. I could go on and on, and the list could really get long. I am a heavy lover of chocolate, and that brings me to the point where I have to exercise pretty much every day so I don’t put on too many pounds and become what everyone considers to the be the stereotype ...

A Hierarchy Of Social Communication

A Hierarchy Of Social Communication: Know Your Tools [Infographic]

In a social media climate where new services are continuously poking at our attention, we need to know more than ever what it is we’re trying to achieve. If it is just to communicate, then there are several ways to do that, and to get the result you want. However, if you’re looking at it from a business perspective, then that is a whole different situation, and you need to look over the tools you are using in order to maximize the outcome of your ...

EOL Robot Band Amateur Creation

Why Bother With A Diva Artist: The All Robot Band

I couldn’t even tell you how many times I have worked with people in the studio who keep their diva personality up in the air as best they can. It’s not only annoying, but it brings all the creativity down to a minimum, if even that. At those times, you just want to scream, but that would probably not be the best thing to do since you are under contract and need to do the best with what you have. There is another type of ...

Matrix Fan Created Movie Kaydara

Unbelievable 55 Minute Long Matrix Fan Movie

It’s been a few years since the last Matrix movie, The Matrix Revolutions, was released. It was back in 2003 to be exact. It created a cult following with a lot of people thinking they were Neo himself. Well, as we know, that doesn’t really make any sense, yet still there were large communities who wanted to reenact the movies as best they could. I guess you could call it cosplay, and it was all for the love of these quite groundbreaking movies. Of course, ...

Android Operating System History Timeline

The Complete Android History Timeline [Infographic]

I can’t say that I am very knowledgeable when it comes to the Android market or the things around it like the operating system and the application development community. I have looked at it and tried the phone out a couple of times, yes, but that’s about it. Pretty much all I have learned about the Android phone (yeah I haven’t spent much thought on it really) I have picked up from one of my co-workers here at Bit Rebels. Diana (@adamsconsulting) is a previous ...

Interconnected Tech Companies of Today

The Astounding Family Tree Of Major Tech Companies [Infographic]

Here at Bit Rebels we are always trying to think a little outside the box, and we constantly brainstorm. It’s hard to stay focused in the game these days since the technology industry, especially in the Internet area, is announcing news services pretty much every day. Coming up with something that might become the next Google or Twitter is hard, and you have to have a creative side of you that is prepared to go beyond what people are really looking for in order to ...

Painted Marshmallows Look Like Art

Phenomenal Paintings On Marshmallows [14 Pics]

My mother always told me not to play with my food when I was young, which is probably why I’m fascinated with people who play with their food as adults. There are some artists who create the most incredible edible creations from ordinary food. We’ve seen beautiful portraits carved in an Oreo cookie, a $1,000 popsicle sprinkled with real gold, and even panties created from knitting noodles. However, I have never seen painted marshmallows before today. This is crazy cool. All of the incredibly painted ...

World's Highest Tennis Court

Scary & Spectacular: World’s Highest Tennis Court

We are no strangers to creative architecture on Bit Rebels. There is really nothing more inspiring that seeing a designer build something unusual and unexpected in a public space, and we’ve written about it too many times to count. My favorite ones so far are this insane playground, this humongous office slide, and this castle made out of cases of beer (does that one count?). The design I want to share with you today is truly mind-boggling. I have never seen anything like this before. ...

Gold Plated Atari 2600 Console

Gold Plated Atari 2600: Not Owning This Would Be A Sin

It’s hard to believe that the world was in a serious economic recession not too long ago. Sure, we can still see the effects of it, and with Greece in such a troubled situation, it’s evident that we’re not entirely out of danger just yet. However, we can’t keep looking back on the troubles of yesterday because without looking forward, there will be no future. It seems some people are picking up right where they left off before the economic meltdown, and they are producing ...

One Reason Using Google Plus

The ONE Reason To Be On Google+!

Yes, I am on it! I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by @Iconic88 on Twitter through Empire Avenue that he had an invite for the Google+ beta if I was interested. I happily said that I was, and I started my adventures within the Google social network. However, I fell short due to time restraints, and now I feel like someone with a Nokia brick phone in a world dominated with iPhone 4s. You see, it’s like the little head start that I could ...

Summer Cooling Foam Spray Can

Summer Cooling Spray: This Is Just Too Cool

Today it’s unbelievably hot here in Stockholm. I am trying to keep cool by the computer; however, it feels more like I’m sitting in jam packed server room without air conditioning to be honest. I got myself a bottle of Coca Cola Zero, chilled of course, but that’s pretty much the only thing I have around me to keep me cool. We have featured a few out-of-this-world gadgets that are supposed to chill our bodies during extreme heat, but they are usually expensive and not ...

Lost and Found Phone Infographic

Top 10 Worst Places To Lose Your Smartphone

I’ve noticed that there are pretty much two categories of people. There are those who are always on time for everything, they never lose anything and they somehow seem completely organized all the time. My mother falls into this category. Then there is another group of people who are usually running a little late for everything, they are constantly losing things, and they are scatterbrains who are always going a million different directions. I fall into the second category. As a matter of fact, I ...

The Importance Of Corporate Fun

The Importance Of Play During Working Hours [Infographic]

Most companies today have fundamentally missed the fact that engaging their employees in play and things that are fun is key to a healthy and growing corporation. I have seen so many companies get so far up into their own agenda that they really just… well, function. Employees complain when they get to work in the morning and complain when they leave because they have to come back the next day and do the very same thing again. It’s unhealthy not only for the people ...