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The Only Animal That Can Live Forever – Do You Know What It Is?
The Only Animal That Can Live Forever – Do You Know What It Is?

J.A.E.S.A: Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
J.A.E.S.A - Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
Looksery: Real-Time Face Transformation Filters
Looksery App
Leaf Mount: Collapsible Stand For iPads, Samsungs, Kindle+
Leaf Mount
ANTVR: All-In-One Universal Virtual Reality Kit
ANT Virtual Reality
Lost and Found Phone Infographic

Top 10 Worst Places To Lose Your Smartphone

I’ve noticed that there are pretty much two categories of people. There are those who are always on time for everything, they never lose anything and they somehow seem completely organized all the time. My mother falls into this category. Then there is another group of people who are usually running a little late for everything, they are constantly losing things, and they are scatterbrains who are always going a million different directions. I fall into the second category. As a matter of fact, I ...

The Importance Of Corporate Fun

The Importance Of Play During Working Hours [Infographic]

Most companies today have fundamentally missed the fact that engaging their employees in play and things that are fun is key to a healthy and growing corporation. I have seen so many companies get so far up into their own agenda that they really just… well, function. Employees complain when they get to work in the morning and complain when they leave because they have to come back the next day and do the very same thing again. It’s unhealthy not only for the people ...

Mad Glow Stick Experiment Video

Crazy Glow Stick Experiment: Let There Be Light!

My first contact, visually that is, with glow sticks was when I watched some movie for the first time. It was a lot of years ago, but I still remember the cool attitude those puppies gave off. I was mesmerized by the light and the simplicity of how they worked. I don’t exactly remember which movie it was, but I vividly remember the twitch, click and then there was light. Since then, I haven’t seen them in very many other movies. I don’t know if ...

Star Wars Themed XBox 360

Microsoft Releases Star Wars Themed XBox 360 Console

With Star Wars fans on the rise and the Internet seemingly buzzing with Star Wars fan creations, it was only a matter of time before some of the multinational companies started paying attention to the excitement. We’ve talked about fan created awesomeness so many times, and even though we’ve seen some companies jump on the bandwagon, they usually only pay attention during re-releases of the Star Wars movies or when some additional movies are being announced. However, this time it’s kind of different. This time ...

Spray On Clothes Technology

Germaphobes: New Technology Makes Clothes Germ-Free

Do you carry hand sanitizer around with you and use it like it’s your lifesaver? Do you wash your hands at least once each hour? Do you dread touching door knobs and faucets in public bathrooms? Do you buy everything you can that has an “anti-bacterial” label on it? If so, you are a germaphobe like me. Yay! Clothes are interesting because you’d think they’d have a lot of germs on them, right? That’s what I thought too. Then I wrote Science: He Wore Jeans ...

Rick Genest Zombie Boy Tattoos

Extreme Tattoos: His Entire Body Is A Work Of Art

Having a lot of tattoos is one thing, but having over 80% of your body covered in tattoos and then becoming a model for GQ magazine is on a whole other level. I can see why famous photographers (and twin sisters) Aline and Jacqueline Tappia wanted to shoot Rick Genest for this month’s issue of GQ Italia Magazine. There is something very creative and mysterious about the way he’s chosen to turn his entire body into a work of art. Rick Genest spent thousands of ...

Reuse Household Items In Garden

How To: Recycle & Reuse Items For Your Garden

We are big fans of reusing and recycling at Bit Rebels. The whole concept of giving a second life to something that might have before been considered trash is becoming more and more popular. Several years ago when well known artists started making things with trash, their creations usually looked kind of homemade and amateur. However, wow have times changed because the creations being made from trash are now extravagant and extraordinary! We’ve written about it too many times to list them all here. Let’s ...

Toyota Window To The World

Augmented Reality Is Coming To Your Car Window

Growing up these days can be tough. Things were so much simpler back when I was a kid. The best part back then was that we were allowed to be kids. These days, children have to grow up so fast just to be able to cope with the world around them. I’m glad when I see new technologies being developed that offer children today a little more time to use their imagination and develop their creativity, and this is one of those concepts. I remember ...

Happy Birthday Rubik's Cube Cake

A Colorful Rubik’s Cube Birthday Cake For Geeks

Aww man, I can’t believe I missed the 37th birthday of the Rubik’s Cube on July 13th. That little colorful cube was such a huge part of my childhood. I remember the first time I solved it. In the moment that I realized I finished it, I was so confident I could have probably found the solution to world peace and global warming, all on the same day. Vicky McDonald celebrated another year of Rubik’s Cube by creating this Rubik’s Cube cake which looks too ...

Comic Con Circa 1988

Comic-Con Circa 1988: Take A Walk Back In Time

I’ve had a blast watching all the tweets about Comic-Con this week. If you go Twitter Search and put in #ComicCon, you’ll see a never-ending stream of tweets flowing that are funny, witty and weird. The pictures of the cosplay are always my favorite. I’ve never been to Comic-Con, but it’s on my bucket list to go one year. I found something today that I just knew I had to share with you. It’s Comic-Con from 1988! This year (2011), there were 125,000 people expected ...

The Interaction On LinkedIn Infographics

LinkedIn Interaction Mapped & Presented [Infographic]

I am one of those people who signs up for everything new so I can look through it, assess it, and then decide whether it is something that I want to spend any considerable time crunking around in. Sometimes, as we all know, we just don’t have time to deal with more social media or networking sites, and we decide to put them on the back burner for a while. This was the case with my LinkedIn profile a few months ago. I didn’t really ...

Geolocated Map Portrait Painting Art

Geolocated Paintings: The World Has Many Faces

With technology becoming more and more powerful, we can experience the world getting smaller so to speak. It has been predicted by many scientists over the years that we will keep feeling the world shrinking, and that may very well be the reason why we are undertaking the huge endeavor of trying to expand out into space. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know, but it sure makes sense when you think about it. The fascination in maps has been apparent for many ...

Blob Jump World Record Attempt

World’s Highest Blob Jump Will Thrill You To The Bone

Today you can break a world record in pretty much anything. It’s like there is no end to what the Guinness Book Of World Records is willing to include in their heavy lineup of weird, cool, awesome, useful and absolutely useless world records. Red Bull is a frequent organizer of the events where people attempt to break different world records while getting the Red Bull message out to the masses so we’ll run to the store to get ourselves the Red Bull energy drink. However, ...