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How To Detect a Lie
How To Detect a Lie

Star Wars Cosplay Comic Con

Meet Miss Death Star: The Ultimate Star Wars Cosplay Dress

We’ve featured a lot of cosplay on Bit Rebels. It’s so much fun, and it seems the costumes are getting better and better as people continue to be inspired and let their creativity shine in this way. Definitely one of my favorite cosplay costumes that we’ve shared is this Samus from Metroid. The girl that made it is incredible, and that costume is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The detail on that thing is mind-blowing. This Death Star dress seen at this year’s ...

Ms. Alabama Nursing Home Pageant

Age Is Only A Number: The 100-Year-Old Pageant Winner

I love writing about old ladies. They are just so cute and full of wisdom. They are special people in the world, and if you have to opportunity to listen to an old lady’s stories, you’ve truly been given a wonderful gift. In some countries, elderly people are treated with kindness and respect. That isn’t always the case here in the States, but I wish it were. I remember when I wrote about grandmas & technology and the oldest known Facebook user and geek. However, ...

Sacha Goldberger Interesting Photography

Human Photography: Harley Davidson Fans In Raw Form

I grew up in a very conservative Christian family in a small town. I never even left the country until I was an adult. In my hometown, everyone knows everyone. My uncle is the chief of police, and there are no strangers. Back when I was growing up there, tattoos were considered extreme and only the bad kids in high school smoked. Of course, times have changed. I moved to the big city of Atlanta in 1996 to work at the Olympics, and suddenly a ...

Mona Lisa Dot to Dot

The World’s Largest Connect-The-Dots Puzzle

What do you do if you are in the mood for a puzzle but can’t find anything challenging enough? What if you want it to be massive yet brilliantly simple with a complicated twist? If you are Thomas Pavitte, you create your own puzzle just the way you like it. You may have seen the name Thomas Pavitte before. He has a reputation for creating unusual, inspiring art. This time, he created his own connect-the-dots puzzle. In typical Thomas fashion, it couldn’t be just any ...

The Complete Google+ Cheatsheet Infographic

The Complete Google+ Cheatsheet [Infographic]

We are just getting warmed up with Google+, and some people claim to master it already. Well, I honestly think that is a little bit too soon to announce to the world since the service hasn’t been up very long, and things are still being implemented, changed and refined. Personally, I haven’t gotten passed all the features about the circles. Some of them are not easy to use without reading about them first. The primary thing we want in a new social media service is ...

A New Wolrd Inverted Experiment

A Different World: Can You Spot What’s Wrong?

Seeing the world from a constant perspective, such as from one of those old globes that you can buy and put on your table, teaches us that the world has a pattern all its own. We get so used to looking at globes when we are growing up that we can tell immediately, from just a glance, what part of the world we are looking at when we are a little bit older. It’s our brains own way of sifting through the information stored in ...

Intriguingly Awesome Cartoon Tattoo Illustrations

11 Intriguingly Awesome Cartoon Tattoo Illustrations

Once again we visit the realm of tattoos. Whenever we go there, one thing is for sure, it won’t be boring. Sure, there are of course some tattoos that are less impressive than others, and maybe a little less desirable, but overall, how can you say that something you choose to put on your body is boring, right? Furthermore, there are people who get a tattoo because it felt enormously right at that very moment; however, a couple of days, months or years later, they ...

Air Guitar National Championship Winner

An Air Guitar Performance Like You’ve Never Seen Before

My friends and I used to play our air guitars all the time in the 80s. Back then, there was nothing quite like the exhilarating feeling that came from playing an air guitar to Guns N’ Roses or Def Leppard. Then when were were old enough to drive, it was all about playing the keyboard on the steering wheel to Van Halen. Someday I’ll have to ask Richard if playing these real instruments is more fun than playing air instruments. :) In case you don’t ...

Blackboard School yearbook Photography Creativity

Blackboard Yearbook: A New Breed Of School Photography

With all this commotion going on about the different social networking services being debated, maybe it’s time to mix it up with a little bit of awesomeness. You all know we stay true to being a geek, and we want you to see things that are usually not on the ordinary Internet we all browse. We like to bring you things that are different. I can easily see you commenting on this post right now and writing, “What does that have to do with the ...

250 Canon 60D Music Video

Mad Japanese Music Video Uses 250 Canon 60D DLSR Cameras

I usually don’t get impressed by technology anymore. There’s a simple reason for that, and it has to do with the fact that we get to see a lot of weird, cool and amazing stuff here at Bit Rebels on a daily basis. You kind of get used to it really fast. I don’t think I have been impressed by any of Apple’s 3 latest keynotes actually, and I must say that they have been kind of expected. However, when things are taken to a ...

Curse Words Illustrated In Typography

Beautiful Swear Words: Cursing Has Never Been So Much Fun

Swearing is fun sometimes, isn’t it? It’s like a totally naughty way to express ourselves without hurting anyone. Well, that is, unless you call a person a dumbass or something, I could see that being hurtful. For the most part, if there aren’t kids around, it’s a completely innocent way to be bad. There are quite a few artists who are inspired by the beauty of swear words. I remember when I wrote about this Periodic Table of Swearing because I couldn’t believe someone was ...

A Life On Facebook Video

Living A Life On Facebook: The Path Of Online Dating

Just as we are all in the midst of discussing the new giant Google+‘s amazing march towards becoming one of the larges social networking services, there is something that caught at least my eyes. At first I didn’t think much about it, but as I started watching, it brought a whole new level of reality to my thoughts. Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace and now also Google+ really lack one thing which is the reason why Facebook is still the undisputed king of the world when it ...

Social Networking Facebook Spoof

The Man Without A Facebook: A Thought-Provoking Spoof

Do you know anyone who is over the age of 16 and under the age of 100 who isn’t on Facebook? Do you ever feel like a genius for being able to write with a pen on a piece of paper? Do you ever feel like a night out isn’t worth having if you can’t post pictures from it on Facebook? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are going to love this little clip below. According to you YouTube, “Once in ...