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Simpsons Parodies: Famous Games Get A Makeover
Simpsons Parodies: Famous Games Get A Makeover

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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Recycled Beer Can Furniture Builds

Beer Can Furniture: When Life Continues To Be A Party

The recycling community out there is always fresh, and they take whatever is at their disposal and they create new things with it. It’s the ultimate way to be creative, and the outcome is usually something that everyone just has to take a peek at. Recycled art is sometimes even more awesome ...

College Student Facebook Like Infographic

Facebook According To College Student Likes [Infographic]

There is a button that pretty much everyone on Facebook enjoys, and that is of course the “Like” button (or link text). It gives us the ability to tell people that we really enjoy what they just wrote, shared or commented on. Building likes has become almost a sport these days with ...

Haunted Deteriorated Lego House Builds

3 Creepy Lego Halloween Houses That Will Haunt You

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and we’re a mere few weeks away from this haunting season. I am hoping to be invited to some badass party somewhere where I can scare the crap out of all my friends with some awesome costume. As usual, I’ll wait and see what comes up. Maybe I ...

Motorcycle Band Build Viral Video

Guy Takes His Band On The Road, Literally! [Video]

The silliness we get to check out each and every day is sometimes epic in nature. There’s never a dull moment, and we are constantly on the edge of doubting that the things people send to us are not real or true. However, most of the time they are, and it’s mind ...

How To Get Tech Job

How To: Get A Job At Google, Apple or Facebook [Infographic]

I just learned today that one in four young professionals starting their career journey wants to work for Google. It’s not surprising really. We all know the reputation for innovation and world domination that Google has, but in addition to that, their offices around the world are always inspiring and fun workspaces. ...

Daft Punk Coke Can Design

The Newest Dazzling Daft Punk Coca-Cola Bottle Design

If you remember, earlier this year Coca-Cola released its first Daft Punk inspired limited edition bottle design. The design itself was a little too gaudy for my taste, but it definitely reflected the style of Daft Punk electronic music. Well, they are at it again, and the two have collaborated to create ...

Decorate The Streets With Water

Water Calligraphy Device: Decorate The Streets With Water

There is an ancient Chinese custom of writing messages on the streets with water. Although it creates a beautiful and natural decoration, there is a little more behind this tradition than that. The reason water is used is not only to make the messages temporary, but also because in Chinese Fung shui, ...

Slingshot Turned Into A Camera

The Sling Shot Camera: Make Your Photos Deviously Fun

We all know how important photos are these days, especially in social media. We now use pictures as a way to validate and verify (or secure bragging rights) for claims made by users. You know the saying, “pics or it didn’t happen.” There is even a whole psychology behind women and Facebook ...

My Star Trek Quiet Book

Star Trek Quiet Book: Teach Toddlers To Be Trekkies

I remember just last month when Richard wrote about the Jedi Quiet Book, which we thought was such a creative way to teach children about the magic of Star Wars. Of course, a lot of people at that time asked, what about Star Trek? Juliebelle has answered that request, and she just ...

Luigi Design Made On Tetris

Tetris Art: A Luigi Pattern Created While Playing Tetris

I remember Tetris in the arcades in the ’80s. It was always next to Pac-Man, Galaga, Space Invaders, Arkanoid and the other classics. Tetris was a little different though, and it attracted a different kind of player. Tetris was known back then as being the video game for the “smart kids,” and ...

A Visual History Of Twitter

A Visual History Of Twitter [Infographic]

Twitter has certainly come a long way since that day in 2006 when it opened for the public to sign up. It’s just mind boggling to see that Twitter has gone from a personal project to over 200 million users in a little over 5 years. New features are being released on ...

Dead Bugs Killed On Windshield

Photography: Squished Bugs Peeled From A Car Windshield

I’ve noticed there are two types of people in the world when it comes to bugs. There are some people who hate bugs, and they stomp, swat or squish them every chance they get. There are other people who don’t believe in killing bugs since they are part of nature, and they ...