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Does Twitter Make You a Nicer Person?
Does Twitter Make You a Nicer Person?

Angry Boobs Birds Bra Design

The Angry Boobs Bra: For Ultimate Angry Birds Fans

The funniest part of this Angry Birds bra isn’t the bra itself, but what the site Fashionably Geek said about it. I’m still laughing. They wrote, “If you are brave enough to pit one boob against the other, but all means, buy this hand-painted Angry Birds bra.” Well, yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I think this bra is awesome. I wonder if it could be worn as a bikini top in the pool, if so, I would totally want one. Etsy user SceeneShoes ...

Steampunk NES Minion Designs

Little Steampunk Toys To Brighten Your Day

These little designs combine two things I absolutely love, steampunk and Nintendo. These precious little minions as they are called (I call them toys), are just as cute as can be. They are like little dolls, but much more fun. According to wikipedia, a minion is “a follower devoted to serving his master relentlessly.” These would be fun to have on a shelf or on a bookcase, but they are even more useful than that. Designer Joseph Drust made them semi-functional too! There is one ...

Biro Pencil Illustration Carpet Design

The Biro Pencil Carpet: Creativity Underneath Your Feet

Interior design is a broad topic, and I don’t think I have ever met anyone who is able to manage it all. There are so many elements to it, and yet, there’s such a limited area to practice it on. I mean, our house is only so big, and we usually fill it with stuff as we go. We don’t typically put everything in our house at once. We’re used to changing it from time to time too, and that makes it all a time ...

Two Lovers Meet On Internet

Twitter’s 30 Most Eligible Bachelors

We always hear about couples meeting on Facebook. Apparently Facebook is a very handy dating tool, and it seems like every week I read about how that site is either reuniting past lovers, breaking up marriages or nurturing new relationships. According to Chadwick Martin Bailey, a market research firm out of Boston, over 20% of couples meet online these days. That is a huge number considering that I remember back in the 90s when it was considered dangerous to even use your real name on ...

Mind Numbing Double Exposure Pictures

11 Mind-Numbing Double Exposure Pictures

Creative people are the most interesting people to me. It’s not because they continuously show us their skills or express their emotions through an outlet that we can all take part in. It’s purely because they never stop dreaming. In order to create, you have to have a goal or a dream of what it is you want to create. If you are a designer, photographer or a just a coder, you wouldn’t be able to function as one if you weren’t constantly dreaming about ...

Retro Handheld Console Gaming Website

Pica Pic: Play All Those Retro Handheld Games Online!

I think almost everyone got to play the small handheld monochrome gaming pods when they were kids. It was the coolest gadget a kid could have, and we walked around with it to let everyone else see us play it. That’s how us geeks did it, and we always watched to see if there were any other kids around with different games so we could just swap them out for a second or two. That way we could try to master that one as well. ...

Freelance At A Glance Infographic

Freelance At A Glance: The Complete Statistics [Infographic]

As a freelancer, there is just one thing that you never seem to have enough of, and that is time. Sure, some people would probably say clients as well, but the people who say that are most likely the ones who have just started out and are building their portfolio as they go. Every freelancer has been there in the beginning, and building a respected and impressive portfolio can’t be done overnight. It’s a building process that usually takes years. Some of my very best ...

Star Wars Song In French

A Different WTF: The Star Wars Theme Song In French

Most of the time I can’t believe that there will actually be something even weirder after I have seen something that you could only describe as out of this world. But as sure as there will be snow in the winter, there is always something that shows up that is even beyond what I had just seen. Of course, it all depends on what you have seen before, and what you consider to be weird. When it comes to Star Wars, the question really is, ...

Mobile Security Wiretapping Methods Infographic

Cell Phone Wiretapping: Mobile Security Explained [Infographic]

Ever since the first mobile phone surfaced on the market, celebrities around the world have been seen on their phones texting while driving, screaming on their phones while in line at the grocery store, and many other unexpected places. You can probably think of quite a few more examples. What we haven’t seen until recently is that we have always thought ourselves to be safe when we are on the phone with our friends and loved ones. However, for celebrities, in the year of 2011 ...

R2-D2 Intricate Featured Lego Build

All Featured R2-D2 Lego Build Is A Pure Wonder

By now we should all be used to seeing Star Wars stuff featured in all different shapes and forms. Being surprised is no longer on our list of emotions. Well, it actually happens once in a while that we find something that is really out of the ordinary, and of course, that is when we jump on it like it was a fresh cake right out of the oven. When you start to think about why Star Wars fans have become such a lively community, ...

Friends Taking Facebook Photos Together

The Life Of A Facebook Photo [Infographic]

According to Pixable, the photo chaos continues to grow. There are over six billion photos uploaded to Facebook each month. That number is staggering to me, and I really can’t even wrap my brain around it. Pixable, who has over 800,000 members, decided to celebrate this online phenomenon (or obsession, depending on how you look at it) by creating this infographic which, in a very funny way, illustrates the life-cycle of a Facebook photo. There really is a fascinating psychology behind Facebook photos. I wrote ...

Star Wars Cosplay Comic Con

Meet Miss Death Star: The Ultimate Star Wars Cosplay Dress

We’ve featured a lot of cosplay on Bit Rebels. It’s so much fun, and it seems the costumes are getting better and better as people continue to be inspired and let their creativity shine in this way. Definitely one of my favorite cosplay costumes that we’ve shared is this Samus from Metroid. The girl that made it is incredible, and that costume is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The detail on that thing is mind-blowing. This Death Star dress seen at this year’s ...

Ms. Alabama Nursing Home Pageant

Age Is Only A Number: The 100-Year-Old Pageant Winner

I love writing about old ladies. They are just so cute and full of wisdom. They are special people in the world, and if you have to opportunity to listen to an old lady’s stories, you’ve truly been given a wonderful gift. In some countries, elderly people are treated with kindness and respect. That isn’t always the case here in the States, but I wish it were. I remember when I wrote about grandmas & technology and the oldest known Facebook user and geek. However, ...