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Tuit: Unlocks Your NFC Enabled Smartphone With A Security Ring
Tuit: Unlocks Your NFC Enabled Smartphone With A Security Ring

Depixelizing 8-Bit Game Artwork Algorithm

8-Bit Characters Depixelized: Awesome Futurfication Software

I sometimes get really bummed out that the 8-bit era has ended, and the original artwork created in the ’80s is forever over. Sure, we can create pixalated art pieces today, but that doesn’t really make it the same, does it? No, it’s the memories connected to the artwork that make it retro and cool. No matter how much we want more of the pixelated graphics, there was only so much created in the era of the Nintendo NES. But the future has some pretty ...

Twitter Facts And Figures Infographic

Twitter Facts And Figures: The True History [Infographic]

Alright, so here you are thinking, “What could there possibly be more that I could learn about Twitter?” Well, there is quite a lot actually! Twitter’s history is full of milestones and valleys that would make a huge difference to your online life if it never would have become reality. There are of course countless infographics out there that present the full statistics or the full story of Twitter and everyone has their point. The cold hard facts usually never get put on a piece ...

Sugar Is Not Healthy

14 Not So Sweet Facts About Sugar

There has been a lot of controversy about sugar over the past few decades. Among other things, we’ve heard that eating too much sugar causes diabetes. Then we were told that it doesn’t cause diabetes, but it causes obesity, which is linked to diabetes. There are those affected that need a continuous glucose meter. We’ve also been told that eating too much sugar is linked to insomnia, allergies and even our metabolism. I could go on and on about the side effects of sugar. My ...

USS Enterprise Star Trek Door

Make A Functional Star Trek Door For Your Home

I love Star Trek doors. You don’t have to be a Trekkie to know which doors I’m talking about. I was trying to figure out today what it is about those doors that makes them so cool. I think a big aspect of it is the way they sound. That woooooooosh sound when it opens is so geeky, and it always puts a big smile on my face. Wouldn’t it be a geek’s dream come true to have a Star Trek door installed in our ...

Technology Can Be Stressful

Study Reveals Technology Makes Us Stressed Out

I remember several months ago when I wrote an article about a study that showed Americans go crazy when their Internet is slow. At the time I wrote that, I wondered if that was a good representation for people around the world, or if it was just another example of how us Americans can be impatient and intolerant at times when it comes to technology. Today that question is answered. A poll of 3,000 adults conducted by Stinky Ink in the UK reveals that British ...

Snowflakes Photographed Up Close

Wow! Snowflakes Under A Microscope

I’ve always been inspired by snowflakes. To me, they are like little specks of magic when they fall from the sky. Since it doesn’t snow much in Atlanta, I don’t get to see snowflakes very often. I remember in January I wrote 5 Lessons A Snowflake Can Teach Us About Blogging on a day when it snowed here. Now that winter is long gone and most of us aren’t thinking about snow at all, I have something really special to share with you. AK Donovan ...

Boxers Before And After Fight

Boxers: Before & After The Fight

I have never been much of a boxing fan, but when Mike Tyson was active, I would watch the fights just to see how fast he would knock the poor guy out. He always amazed people in his glorious days, and I am sure many would consider him to be the best boxer that ever walked the planet. Sure, many would say Muhammad Ali is the best one, but as we have stated so many times before, everyone is of course entitled to their own ...

Denis Zilber Fun Caricatures

10 Creative Caricatures That Each Tell A Story

I’ve always been fascinated by artists that can create caricatures. We all know that a caricature is a portrait that distorts or exaggerates the essence of the person being drawn. The artist somehow has to choose which feature to distort and change, yet keep the likeness similar enough so that the person is recognizable. On top of all that, there is usually an element of humor. It’s next level drawing requiring lots of special talent and skills for sure. Caricatures can be traced back as ...

Tablecloth Full Of Curse Words

The Periodic Table Of Swearing

I’ll admit that I have a potty mouth every now and then. There are certain situations in life when we just have to let the expletives fly, don’t you agree? For example, I’ve been known to drop a periodic F-bomb when Twitter is down, when getting dental work done, or when my computer crashes and I lose a post that I forgot to save. I remember reading this article on Gawker last month that said according to a new study, cursing helps to numb pain. ...

Chair Made From Pencils

The Pencil Chair: Never Lose Your Pencils Again

How many times have you been at home and needed to write a quick note, but you couldn’t find a pencil anywhere? I prefer a pencil to a pen, but regardless of how many I buy and bring into my home, it seems I can never find one when I need it. When I look at this creative chair made out of pencils, all I keep thinking is how cool it would be to sit on it and reach down to grab one of those ...

Superheroes At Home Photo Series

Superheroes At Home: Their Life Between The Deeds

We’re all familiar with superheroes, and they are showing up more frequently in our lives. Maybe not in reality but definitely on the silver screen. There are movies being released almost weekly with some kind of superhero connection it seems. The odd thing is that usually we don’t really get to see what they are really like when they are not in costume battling the evil in the world. It’s kind of sad because that would certainly make the movies a lot more interesting. It ...

Twitter is down for Overcapcity

Wall Graphic: Twitter Fail Whale Never Looked So Good

If you are active in social media, I am sure that you have at some point seen the now famous Twitter fail whale. For those new to Twitter, the fail whale is the signal we get when the site is down, which usually happens due to overcapacity or maintenance. For many Twitterholics, seeing the fail whale can be brutal because it forces us to take a small time out from tweeting. People react to the situation differently, which is quite interesting to see. Some people ...

Cookie Splash Photograph Effect

How To: Effectively Photograph A Splash

Some days when I want to feature some extraordinary photography or effect for you, it’s hard to pick which one to write about since there are so many creative techniques and photography collections to choose from. However, today the choice wasn’t difficult. I found a flickr group that I absolutely love. It’s the Cookie Splash group, and each photograph features a splash. There are over 1,000 photographs from 824 members in this collection. I’ve often wondered how a photographer can capture a splash since it ...

How To Become Pickup Artist

How To Be The Perfect Pickup Artist – The Tricks [Infographic]

It’s not a secret that geeks have a somewhat hard time when it comes to socializing with girls. Whether it is a stereotype that has been created by countless movies or just fiction, I don’t know, but we keep on hearing about these stories over and over again. Learning the skills for hitting on girls or becoming a pickup artist isn’t exactly unusual knowledge that people search for on the Internet. Personally, I am not much for smooth talking girls, and I always find it ...