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Cinemart: Blending Art And Cinema
Cinemart: Blending Art And Cinema

Why Humanity Is All Infographics

Why Humanity Is All About Infographics

Some people have asked us why we are so keen on publishing infographics here on Bit Rebels, and the answer is really simple. It’s because we believe that they have a huge knowledge value requiring the reader very little energy to acquire that knowledge. We want to educate our readers through short, bite sized articles where you will not only learn pointless information that someday will come to good use, but also stuff that keeps you evolving and refining yourself and what you do. An ...

Social Media Gurus Are Clowns

Almost All Social Media Gurus Are Clowns…

The title of this article may be quite a sting for some people, especially the social media gurus (or the ones that call themselves that). Whichever way you look at it though, it it’s actually true… at least according to Gary Vaynerchuk, the wine emperor who started from nothing, or almost at least. I have followed Gary through his starlit career, and it’s been an inspiring journey to say the least. The energetic speaker and businessman really knows how to shake a crowd both ways, ...

X-Wing Fighter Soapbox Car Design

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Soapbox Derby Car

As a kid, my brother and I were always talking about the ultimate soapbox car, and how it would be built. We had a couple of runs building some, which to our amazement, were quite fast and cool. However, the designs were nothing that gave us bragging rights, but that of course didn’t matter to us. We rolled down the streets in those derby cars like we owned the road. Eventually the builds came undone since we always failed to secure the wheels properly, which ...

Retro Computer Disk Art

Recycled Floppy Disk Art: Retro Technology Gets A New Life

Of all the creative artwork I’ve written about on Bit Rebels over the past two years, this is definitely one of my favorites. It combines technology, painting, recycling and a human touch, all flavored with that retro feeling we love so much. I remember when I first saw the works of Nick Gentry. It was on this Lost At E Minor post by @NiniBaseema back in January. Since then, he continues to be recognized on blogs and in magazines all over the world. He refers ...

LED Technology Fashion Trend

LED Eyeshadow: Now You Can Look Like A Cyborg

I remember back in the days when LED lights were mostly just used as a tool to enhance technology. Whether it was an interactive billboard, a super geeky mod or even a fabulous light installation, LED lights were everywhere a few years ago. Then something interesting happened. Someone somewhere decided it would be fun to combine technology and fashion, and suddenly we started seeing LED lights incorporated into dresses and high heel shoes. One designer even took this trend to another level and created a ...

Dances For An iPhone App

Dances iPhone App: Modern Dance Meets Digital World

For the first time ever, a free app which exclusively highlights dance is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users in the App Store. It’s called “Dances for an iPhone,” and although I’m not much of a dancer, after checking it out in more detail, I found it to be very well put together and truly inspiring. According to Elite Dance, “The app represents a new way to distribute dance, with the potential to introduce dance to a new public, in every ...

Papercraft Hero Art Work Posters

Paper Heroes: When Simplicity Rules

I have come to love the way people reformat the methods of creating cool art. For a long time, it has all been about making something advanced, extravagant and time consuming, which will make people go numb just thinking about the work that must have gone into it. However, there is an edge here that some people don’t realize. Just because your creation took a long time to put together doesn’t make it brilliant. It is when you spend hours and hours pouring over ideas ...

Star Wars Crayon Carving Set

Star Wars Crayon Carvings Set

For a kid, a simple crayon can be the most wondrous thing in the world. The things you can create with a crayon on a paper are limitless, and as a kid, that’s the first thing you figure out when trying one out. For most of us, the doodles don’t resemble much in the beginning, but as we learn to wield that thing, we start to make patterns, shapes and ultimately pure art. There’s something magical about watching a kid realize that what he or ...

Video Game Industry Statistics Infographic

Gamers: The Industry Definition [Infographic]

There is a slight misconception that gamers are all kids and teenagers, and that they are the ones who fuel the gaming industry with their cash (or their parent’s cash that is). Even though that is of course not entirely false, it’s important to know that there are a lot of “grown-ups” that buy games as well, if not more adults than kids. Statistics in this area can be a little obscured by the fact that the parents buy the games for their kids if ...

Photographs Taken With Microsecond Flash

High Speed Photographs Taken At The Moment Of Impact

High speed photography and video seem to be hot right now. Every day I see new collections of photographs making the rounds on Twitter. Just like with any trend that becomes popular, the competition is fierce, and we are getting very picky about what impresses us when it comes to this photography technique. We’ve featured several articles about high speed splash photography with slow motion pictures of water and paint. I remember earlier this month I wrote about a very captivating video featuring falling gelatin ...

Image of Blogger writing

5 Blogging Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking The Plunge

Blogging has become a mainstream form of self-expression. It is also a great way for businesses and brands to get their message out to their customers. If you want a detailed review of a product or would like to learn the latest trends in design, for example, you can search the Internet and find the best articles written by bloggers all over the world. Like most social networking platforms, there are more and more people interested in creating blogs, whether it be for personal or ...

Human Emotions Explained With Photographs

Our Emotions Expressed Through Vivid Photography

I’ve been writing a lot lately about artists who use their talent to creatively illustrate their daily lives and experiences. To be able to draw a picture of a feeling or emotion is truly a gift since it involves injecting that feeling into the artwork itself. It’s easier said than done I’m sure. What about photography? Is it possible to illustrate human emotions through a photograph? If someone who didn’t read English moved to this country, would it be possible to teach that person the ...

Star Wars Jedi A-Holes Clip

Jedi A-Holes Strike Back: Fandom Gone Wrong

With all the new Star Wars stuff being published daily on the Internet, you quickly start thinking that some of it must be junk. Some of it really has to have a negative effect on some of the fanboys and girls around the globe. The effect might not be immediately clear, but there certainly has to be someone out there who has taken the whole Jedi thing a little bit too far. And, if you are thinking that way, you are absolutely right. There are ...

The Sony Hack Visualized Infographic

Understanding The Sony Hack: Simple Infographic Version

Using your credit card on the Internet can be quite a thrilling experience if you are not careful about which websites you use it on. The ones that stand out the most usually look really shady, or are a duplicate of something legit which they have carefully copied in order to grab the unsuspecting customer’s attention. However, for the most part, using your credit card on the bigger websites like World of Warcraft and Amazon usually pose no threat of your card being hijacked by ...