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Microscopic Bugs 3D Printed In Titanium So They Become Giant Bugs
Microscopic Bugs 3D Printed In Titanium So They Become Giant Bugs

Summharry Harry Potter Complete Comic

Summharry: The Complete Harry Potter Story In One Comic

Speaking to people about Harry Potter is a win or lose situation. There are obviously a ton of people out there who have embraced the Harry Potter movies and books, and they just can’t believe the series is over and there probably won’t be any more Harry Potter books or movies to look forward to. Then we have the people who really don’t like them as much. It’s funny because my experience is that there are no people in between who are just neutral to ...

Bad Hair Day Solutions Infographic

5 DIY Treatments For Bad Hair Day Emergencies

Why is hair so much fun to write about? It’s silly really, but it always makes me smile. Maybe it’s because it’s so ridiculously irrelevant compared to what’s going on in the world today. But you know what? Sometimes the little things in life matter too, and hair is kinda a big deal. Well, unless you are @paul_steele. :) Whether we are writing about how to get Jersey Shore hair, famous hair hats, creative facial hair, or even the most beautiful bad hair days, it’s ...

Narrowest House In Warsaw Poland

World’s Skinniest House: It’s Only 52 Inches Wide

I suppose the proper way to phrase this would be to write “world’s narrowest house,” but skinniest is just a fun word, and I hardly ever get to type it. We’ve written about tiny houses before, many times actually. With the population on earth growing exponentially each year, many designers and architects are getting very creative with how to optimize our living space. However, we have never ever featured a house this narrow before. This thing blows my mind! Wait; let me back up just ...

Japan iPhone 4 Hand Cover

WTF: The Chopped-Off Hand iPhone Case

I love featuring products from Japan because they are always so different than what we have in the States. I mean different in a good way. They never fail to give us a different perspective and make us want to look at the pictures. Every time I write about one, I think there is no way we’ll see something again that will be able to top what we’ve already written about. Then, of course, something else comes along that is so much fun I have ...

Historic Art In Photoshop Series

Photoshop vs. Art Masterpieces Of The World

As technology moves forward, we have seen some radical examples of limitations both within it and outside of it. What I mean is that with Photoshop, for example, there is a lot of code in the software whose only purpose is to keep us from changing, creating or manipulating one of the world’s most important assets, namely money. If you have ever tried to load a bill into Photoshop, you have been greeted with an error message or an explanation about why you can’t load ...

Alcohol Milk Carton Packaging Design

Odd Packaging: Alcohol Milk Cartons

The choice of which packaging to use for your product can have every effect on sales, and choosing the wrong one can potentially destroy a whole carefully planned marketing campaign. However, being creative and going for the right one can spawn an avalanche effect and make the whole thing go viral in a matter of minutes. Creating the ultimate packaging for your product is anything but easy, and it will most likely take you a long time before you think it’s ready for the masses. ...

Walls Street Art Graffiti Notebook

Street Art & Graffiti Notebook: A New Way To Doodle

I don’t know how many times I have been walking around in the city and instantly had to stop to take a picture of some awesome graffiti creation or other street art. I gain great inspiration from it, and I keep it all in a folder on my computer which I can easily access to get inspired should I ever run out of this precious creativity juice. We have discussed this so many times before, and it’s always  interesting to see what people think about ...

Angry Boobs Birds Bra Design

The Angry Boobs Bra: For Ultimate Angry Birds Fans

The funniest part of this Angry Birds bra isn’t the bra itself, but what the site Fashionably Geek said about it. I’m still laughing. They wrote, “If you are brave enough to pit one boob against the other, but all means, buy this hand-painted Angry Birds bra.” Well, yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I think this bra is awesome. I wonder if it could be worn as a bikini top in the pool, if so, I would totally want one. Etsy user SceeneShoes ...

Steampunk NES Minion Designs

Little Steampunk Toys To Brighten Your Day

These little designs combine two things I absolutely love, steampunk and Nintendo. These precious little minions as they are called (I call them toys), are just as cute as can be. They are like little dolls, but much more fun. According to wikipedia, a minion is “a follower devoted to serving his master relentlessly.” These would be fun to have on a shelf or on a bookcase, but they are even more useful than that. Designer Joseph Drust made them semi-functional too! There is one ...

Biro Pencil Illustration Carpet Design

The Biro Pencil Carpet: Creativity Underneath Your Feet

Interior design is a broad topic, and I don’t think I have ever met anyone who is able to manage it all. There are so many elements to it, and yet, there’s such a limited area to practice it on. I mean, our house is only so big, and we usually fill it with stuff as we go. We don’t typically put everything in our house at once. We’re used to changing it from time to time too, and that makes it all a time ...

Two Lovers Meet On Internet

Twitter’s 30 Most Eligible Bachelors

We always hear about couples meeting on Facebook. Apparently Facebook is a very handy dating tool, and it seems like every week I read about how that site is either reuniting past lovers, breaking up marriages or nurturing new relationships. According to Chadwick Martin Bailey, a market research firm out of Boston, over 20% of couples meet online these days. That is a huge number considering that I remember back in the 90s when it was considered dangerous to even use your real name on ...

Mind Numbing Double Exposure Pictures

11 Mind-Numbing Double Exposure Pictures

Creative people are the most interesting people to me. It’s not because they continuously show us their skills or express their emotions through an outlet that we can all take part in. It’s purely because they never stop dreaming. In order to create, you have to have a goal or a dream of what it is you want to create. If you are a designer, photographer or a just a coder, you wouldn’t be able to function as one if you weren’t constantly dreaming about ...

Retro Handheld Console Gaming Website

Pica Pic: Play All Those Retro Handheld Games Online!

I think almost everyone got to play the small handheld monochrome gaming pods when they were kids. It was the coolest gadget a kid could have, and we walked around with it to let everyone else see us play it. That’s how us geeks did it, and we always watched to see if there were any other kids around with different games so we could just swap them out for a second or two. That way we could try to master that one as well. ...