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Crowdfunding 101: How To Get Funded Online [Infographic]
Crowdfunding 101: How To Get Funded Online [Infographic]

Image of Couple on Beach

5 Tips To Make Anything Happen In Life

I really love this quote from Philip Adams, “Unless you’re willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go, success won’t happen.” I had the opportunity to hear a talk about how Disney works in terms of their thinking when it comes to strategy. I must say, they follow simple rules yet you can see the impact in everything they do. Some people I know have dreams and goals that they know can be accomplished, and yet they hold back and tell themselves ...

XBox Millennium Falcon Mod Console

Beautification: The Star Wars Millennium Falcon XBox Mod

I think it’s obvious to anyone reading Bit Rebels that we really like geeky cool stuff, especially gadgets that have been customized or modded. It’s really nice to know that we aren’t just sticking to the same ole boring designs that we sometimes see in the stores when we’re hunting down our next gadget. If you go into any store today looking for a computer for example, especially a PC, then you will quickly realize that they all look pretty much the same. It’s when ...

Super Mario Ghostbusters Pixel Design

Retro 8-Bit Super Mario Ghostbusters Mashup

Some of you may have seen my post about the Depixelization Software that I wrote about the other day. It’s basically an algorithm that transforms pixelated retro game art into smooth and up-to-date graphics. I have a sneaky suspicion that it compiles it into vectors which in turn makes the art not only smooth and sleek looking, but also sizable into just about any size you want without losing any quality. It’s a great little trick that will most definitely get it’s own little chip ...

Catrina Dulay Ongoing Illustrations

In A Perfect World: Life’s Daily Annoyances Illustrated

Have you ever had a day when you woke up at the wrong time because the AM/PM got mixed up on your alarm, then you walked to the kitchen only to realize there was no milk to put in your cereal? You reached for your iPhone, but it was out of battery. I haven’t had a day that started out that rocky in a while, but they can happen to the best of us. It really comes down to the classic half empty/half full argument. ...

Guitar Wire Coiled Bracelet

For Music Lovers: The Handmade Guitar String Bracelet

This is creativity at its best. Who would ever think to hand roll vintage sheet music and carefully coil steel guitar strings to create a beautiful bracelet? Tanith Rohe, a jewelry maker from the San Fransico Bay area, did. She is a self-proclaimed urban archaeologist and thrift store shopper. According to her Etsy page, one day she looked at her guitar string and realized it would make the perfect wire for coiling into jewelry. She likes to take what some people might consider trash (like ...

Beard and Mustache Hat

Beard Beanie: The Geeky Way To Keep Your Face Warm

I remember when I wrote about the Snuggie For Geeks last year. Up until now, I never thought I would see anything more ridiculously geeky for people to wear to stay warm. I found something today though that I think beats that snuggie hands down. I’d like to present to you the beard hat a.k.a. the beard beanie. As much as this makes me giggle, I suppose if I was a guy with a beard, and if I was visiting the North Pole or skiing ...

Running In High Heels

World Record In Stiletto Racing (Yeah, It’s Possible)

I love high heels. I’ve been wearing them for years. I started out wearing them because I’m short, and every cosmo girl knows that nothing can make you feel more large and in charge than a hot pair of stilettos. However, I’m not going to lie, it takes practice to get used to wearing them. You have to walk with a whole different type of awareness when wearing a pair of shoes like that. Did you know that stiletto is also a word that describes ...

Party Battleship Drinking Game

Sink Your Ship With The Battleship Drinking Game

Hmm… I can’t decide if this looks like fun or if it would be a puking disaster. Brazilian design student, Mauricio (Tony) Harion, created this new version of the classic Battleship game. It’s for adults only, and it’s called Enigma – Battleship Drinking Game. According to Coroflot, “It’s played just like the usual Battleship game with one addition. If you miss the target you drink a sip of water, and if you hit an enemy boat, your opponent empties the corresponding shot glass.” This game ...

Government Offices In Different Cities

Around The World: Government Officials & Their Desks

When I think of bureaucracy, I think of outdated rigid rules, tons of paperwork, and tight budgets. I have compassion for people who can work as civil servants and remain inspired enough to make it all happen in their respective cities. Every time I go into a government office here in Atlanta, I’m itching to get out from the moment I walk in the door. Did you know you can tell a lot about a city or country by what their government offices look like? ...

Interesting Look At Nintendo Company

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Nintendo Company

I’m sure you know by now that we love Nintendo on Bit Rebels. We write about it a lot, and we’ve covered everything from the original NES all the way up to the Wii. I still remember the first time I discovered Mario. I was just a kid, and of course, at that moment I was convinced I had to get the Mario lunchbox, the Mario sneakers and the Mario t-shirt. Playing videos games back then was considered mostly an activity for boys, not girls. ...

Unique Faces On Potatoes

Potato Portraits: The Real Life Potato Heads

A potato is a versatile little veggie, isn’t it? Not only can we cook it about a million different ways, it can also be used as an artist’s canvas. Next time you are sitting home bored on a Saturday night, just grab a potato from the kitchen, and you’ll be guaranteed hours of fun. Ok, maybe not, but that doesn’t take away from these fabulous real life potato heads. Ginou Choueiri, a visual artist living in Beirut, Lebanon, must really like potatoes because she’s created ...

Tiny Planet Photography Website

Tiny Planet Photography: A Creative Way To View A Panorama

Panoramas are just plain cool, and this tiny planet photography takes it to a whole new level. A panorama is a wide-angle view of a space, and it’s usually found in the form of a painting or photograph. Creative artists frequently use a panoramic view to illustrate landscapes and historical events. For example, these Evolution of Man illustrations and Last Supper Parodies are both presented in panoramic views. Robert Piontek, a photographer from Germany, found a way to put a creative spin on the classic ...

Dramatic Silent View Photography

Creative Photography: Dramatic Effects Of Red & Black

Earlier this month, I wrote an article called The Beauty Of Selective Color Photography. It highlighted the photography technique which involves converting a photo to black and white, but leaving some parts of it in color. It’s truly a stunning effect. In addition to using the contrast of certain colors to add a layer of creativity and complexity to a photograph, it can also be used to add drama and display emotions. An example of this can be seen in the photography below by Silent-View. ...

Supreme Cover of Smooth Criminal

This Smooth Criminal Cover Will Mess With Your Head

Growing up I listened to my share of Michael Jackson (bless his soul) songs and became mesmerized by the lyrics just like everyone else. His songs have evolved into different meanings for pretty much everyone that has listened to them from the time they were kids all they way up until they are adults. Ever since Michael died (and of course before as well) there has been a landslide of covers springing up on the Internet, and most don’t even come close to the originals. ...