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Wedding Vending Machine: Get Hitched For A Buck
Wedding Vending Machine: Get Hitched For A Buck

Colors That We Like

Men vs. Women: Our Favorite Colors Based On Gender

Color, or the lack of it, is such a huge part of our lives. People spend a lot of time learning how to manipulate colors for photographs, or how to mix just the right colors for paint. When you think about it, we start being associated with colors even before we are born. Many times parents receive pink or blue gifts the moment they find out if they are having a boy or a girl. Apparently this color association continues throughout our lives. There are ...

10,000 Piece Star Wars Lego

10,000 Piece Lego Star Wars Crawler Is Pure Awesomeness

I don’t think anyone can deny that spending hours and hours building Lego is an experience all its own. When your inspiration is dead, there is nothing you can really do but to stack those blocks on each other hoping that you will have a glimpse of a creativity spark that will provide you with a new idea for what to build. I don’t know what it is like to have a whole basement with boxes of Lego, and I don’t think I ever will ...

Do You Need Web Designer?

How To: Determine If You Need A Professional Designer

Last weekend when I was on the flight back from Shanghai to Atlanta there was a man sitting across the aisle who started talking to me. He asked me about myself, and whenever anyone does that, I always get excited because it’s an excuse to talk about Twitter and social media. Since Twitter and Facebook are both blocked in China, I was even happier to talk about it since I was starting to show major withdrawal symptoms. Long story short, he told me he had ...

Drawing Caricatures Tutorial Charts

How To: Draw Creative Caricatures

Caricatures are such a fun style of drawing and illustrating. We’ve written about talented caricature artists many times on Bit Rebels. Just last week, I wrote about the very well done caricature art of Denis Zilber. When I look at caricatures, I have a lot of questions. How does the artist know which features of the person to distort? How do they add that sense of humor? How do they keep the likeness to the original subject yet make it fun and cartoony? I’m not ...

Left-Handed People Statistics Infographic Facts

Left-Handed People Have More Fun [Infographic]

It’s always a treat to see someone write or draw with their left hand. Not that it’s a freak show or anything, but it’s impressive to see and watch since my own left-hand writing is… well, let’s just say that it’s less than impressive. When you think about it, there are quite a lot of people out there that are left-handed. Well, not actually a lot of people. Apparently 15% of the American population is left-handed. That number really stands out to me since I ...

Kick To Pick iPhone App

Kick To Pick App: Lets Unborn Babies Choose Their Own Name

I’ve often heard that somewhere up in the universe babies choose their parents. It’s not a random selection or a magical combination of DNA. Although that sounds all fluffy and happy, I don’t necessarily believe that to be true; however, if it were the case, then I suppose those unborn babies should have more of a say in choosing their name too, don’t you think? Although the Kick to Pick App seems kind of silly, if I was pregnant, I would totally pay a buck ...

Simplistic Typography Movie Poster Design

20 Simplistic Typography Movie Posters: Pure Genius

Once again, I want to visit the realm of movie posters. Yeah I know, I am quite a fanatic. The fact is that as long as people try to send a message through them, I will always check them out. We have touched on the subject of simplifying the meaning of movie posters before, and the more I look for them, the more simplistic they get. However, I think they can’t get much more simplistic than what I have found for you all today. The ...

RFID Tags Embedded In Food

Edible RFID Technology: Changing Our Perception Of Food

If you keep up with the latest evolving technologies, you are probably aware that RFID technology is huge right now. RFID is simply a tracking system that gives the reader information stored on a tag, which is attached to the object. If you are like me, you wondered exactly what the differences between RFID and barcodes are. After all, they seem very similar. I found the answer to that question in Difference Between RFID and Barcodes. Here’s where things get a little freaky… Edible RFID ...

Successful Blogging Tips and Strategies

5 Things Successful Bloggers Do Differently

We often see articles about the habits of successful people. Whether it’s waking up early in the morning, working hard, or even doing yoga, it seems many people have their own opinion about what breeds success in life. After reading another article this morning in the Harvard Business Review about successful habits, it got me thinking about the whole thing from a blogging perspective. Are there things that successful bloggers do differently than other bloggers? I’m fortunate enough to follow many very successful bloggers on ...

Tombstones With Custom QR Codes

Interactive Headstones: Bringing Technology To The Cemetery

I know this is a morbid thought, but what if we schedule some tweets, and then we die, and those tweets go out afterwards on schedule? They’ll literally be tweets from a ghost. I remember when Richard wrote about Webwill which is a service that streamlines all our social media so when we die someday, our prewritten last Facebook status and last tweet will go out to everyone. It’s creepy to even think about this stuff, but as social media becomes more and more popular, ...

Zero Gravity Office Magnet Balls

Zero Gravity Office: A Huge Magnet & Some Balls

As we have written about before, many offices tend to be tweaked towards geek activities nowadays, and that’s all fine. Here at Bit Rebels we look forward to the day when we have our very own office where all of us will be able to kick the geek afternoons off with a Nerf gun battle or a Nintendo NES best of three competition. Even though it might sound a little odd, it actually helps increase work morale. Business without fun is like having non-sugared ice ...

Most Popular Superpowers In World

World’s Most Popular Superpowers

With all the developing going on in the technology arena, and what we have been able to recreate from movies like Star Wars and Star Trek, I keep wondering when we will start to really enter the field of superpowers. There is definitely a need for it, and some advances have already been made, and by that, I of course mean the exoskeleton that keeps getting smaller and more powerful by the day. However, when are the really cool superpowers going to enter the the ...

Frequency Of Letters Being Pressed

How Frequently Each Letter Is Used On Your Keyboard

I am sure there is some kind of app or software out there that will help us keep track of all the characters we use on our keyboards throughout whatever time period we want. I know there are some plugins for WordPress that will keep track of how many words each author has typed in every article and gives the result on the front page of the dashboard. I installed it not too long ago, but had to uninstall it due to some compatibility issues. ...

Los Angeles Bronson Caves

Photography: Rainbow Ghosts Inside The Bronson Caves

I remember a few weeks ago when I wrote to you that I was going to try to write one photography post per day through the end of the month. Although a few days have gone by when I haven’t done that, for the most part, I’ve written about a collection of fabulous photographs or a creative photography technique each day. I did that so I could learn more about photography because it’s an art that I’m very interested in. I have learned more in ...