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Telephone Bag: Quite Possibly The First Mobile Phone Ever
Telephone Bag: Quite Possibly The First Mobile Phone Ever

Zombie Inspired Bowling Balls

Severed Zombie Head Bowling Ball Designs

I remember about two years ago when zombies suddenly became really popular. I’m not sure exactly if it was a movie or television show that started the craze. There was the Twilight series of course, but that is vampire-themed, and as you know, vampires are very different from zombies. If you don’t know the difference, you can check out Vampires vs. Zombies: Do You Know The Difference? My friend Jessica Northey always says, “Vampires are hot, zombies are not.” We’ve seen a lot of zombie-inspired ...

Emmy Award Nominees On Twitter

The Effect Of Twitter Followers On Emmy Awards [Infographic]

In case you don’t live in the States, I’ll quickly explain what a Primetime Emmy Award is. It’s an award presented in recognition of excellence in American primetime television. It’s basically the television equivalent of a Grammy Award (for music) and an Academy Award (for movies). For the past two years, the only television I’ve really watched is the Super Bowl in January. I might have picked up an American Idol episode here or there, but nothing regular, so I’m not very familiar with the ...

Tilt-Shift Photography Creates Perspective

A Tiny Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse World Created With A Smartphone

Tilt-shift photography is a technique that makes the end result simulate a miniature scene. I’ve always thought of it as a very complicated procedure requiring fancy lenses and camera equipment. However, amateur photographer Stu Kennedy recently showed the world that not only do you not have to have fancy camera equipment, but you can also get this effect from simply taking a video with a smartphone and editing it. He used his Samsung Galaxy S2, which has an 8-megapixel camera and can video in HD ...

House Made From Books Bookshelves

Architecture: A Cozy House Created From Bookshelves

As we all know, now that we are experiencing the era of the iPad and Kindle, traditional books are becoming less and less popular. As a matter of fact, even some elementary schools are replacing books with iPads. I have a friend who just got her packet for attending University in the fall, and it came complete with an iPad 2 and a list of e-books to order for her classes. People are handling this major transition in different ways. There are those who always ...

Smartphone Case Bottle Opener

Schweeet! The iPhone Case That Opens Beer Bottles

Some people are very motivated to open their beer bottles. If it doesn’t have a twist-off cap, it can be really frustrating not to be able to find a bottle opener. I totally get that. I remember when Misty wrote about this robot t-shit with a built in bottle opener. I almost ordered one of those, but in the end I decided it was more nerdy than geeky. Then we featured the remote control with a built-in beer bottle opener. I betcha that is a ...

Yoda and Darth Vader Vegetables

Creative Star Wars Inspired Vegetable Carvings

Have you ever noticed how much Star Wars inspires food designers and party planners? Now that I think about it, Star Wars pretty much inspires all geeks, whatever their interests may be. I remember when I wrote the article Geektastic Collection Of Star Wars Inspired Party Foods. If you are a Star Wars fan and a foodie, you will love that massive collection of creative Star Wars food designs. Today I’d like to share another style with you, which could definitely be added to that ...

Transparent Ants Drink Colored Liquid

Science: Beautiful Rainbow Colored Ant Stomachs

In the 5th grade, I tried hard to come up with a cool science experiment for my class. I ended up making perfume from flowers, which was a little boring. If I had known about this, it would have been the perfect science experiment to impress all my geeky elementary school friends. Did you know there are some ants that have transparent stomachs? I didn’t. How random is that? Dr. Mohamed Babu, from India, collected some of these ants and fed them food color infused ...

Ordinary People As Superheroes

Superheroes In Real Life (And Yes, They Have Masks)

Like most kids, when I used to watch Superman and Wonder Woman in cartoons, I asked my mom if superheroes existed in real life. When she said no, it was almost as devastating as learning that there is no such thing as a man dressed in a red suit who comes down the chimney to deliver presents made by elves. I eventually recovered and got over it. I suppose when kids these days ask their parents that same question, the answer might be different. Apparently ...

The Evolution Of Portable Music

The Evolution Of Portable Music [Infographic]

With the mp3 file format came a whole new revolution of technology and also a lot of whining from the record companies. Being a writer and producer myself, I particularly remember when the record and publishing companies started to blame their lousy innovative thinking regarding dropping sales due to mp3 sharing. In a way, they were right, but I also know that multinational record companies actually talked to Napster themselves to distribute their new music to get a bigger spread. It’s all unconfirmed; however, since ...

America Love Gadgets More Family

Study Finds Americans Love Their Gadgets More Than Family

Hmm… I’m not so sure I even want to be writing this article because it’s kinda sad. Of course, that is assuming this information is true. Sometimes when we see these studies, the information is based on a survey of a very small group of people in an isolated area of the country, so the results can’t be considered reliable when applying them generally over a huge group of people (in my opinion). However, this was in the WSJ and the study was conducted by ...

First Kid On The Block

The Cost Of Being The First Kid On The Block [Infographic]

I have pointed it out many times before, but I suppose another time won’t hurt us a bit. Technology is rapidly progressing, and it isn’t unusual for us to buy something at the store only to get back home, install it, and find out that what we just bought is actually yesterday’s hype. It happens to many people on a daily basis. There’s actually nothing wrong with it, and usually our gadget is more than capable of working without being the newest version or breed. ...

Forty Harrison Ford Illustrations Chart

40 Harrison Ford Faces Illustrated

Have you seen the new Harrison Ford movie Cowboys & Aliens yet? I haven’t. Apparently, the story goes something like this… In 1873, a spaceship arrives in Arizona with aliens who want to take over the earth. They decide to start by conquering the Wild West region, which is where they find a feisty group of cowboys they try to defeat. I normally love Harrison Ford movies, but for some reason, I’m just not super pumped about seeing this one. I haven’t heard a lot ...

Online Transparency vs Anonymity Infographic

Transparency vs. Anonymity: The Rules Of The Online World

Networking in today’s online climate can not only be a way to express yourself with the utmost transparency, but it can also lead to some rather unwanted side effects. People with the intention of causing you harm can twist and revert your accountability using tools that will have anyone on their knees before the truth actually comes out. Being completely transparent can also bring malicious people who stalk you to the degree where they are actually causing you inner stress by continuously treading in your ...