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12 Stylish Staircases – Beautiful Design Inspiration
12 Stylish Staircases – Beautiful Design Inspiration

Embroided Car Door Art Installment

Embroidered Car Doors: The Softer Side Of Your Car

There are some really odd people out there with some amazing minds. Their creativity seems to know no boundaries, and whatever they come up with, you just know it will be awesome in every way imaginable. We are quite used to oddness and smart creativity here at Bit Rebels. We deal with it every day of the week, and it comes to us in heaps and truck loads. As you already know, we usually have a hard time knowing what we should pick, but there’s ...

Social Media Fun Illustrations

Creative Twitter Facebook & Google+ Propaganda Posters

Is there really a war going on between social media sites? I don’t think so, do you? Some people just like to make drama to spice things up a little. I have to admit; it does make it a little more interesting as we watch how it all plays out. Here’s a question to bake your noodle. If you had to choose only one social media site to be on, which would it be? Is that a hard decision? For me it’s easy, I would ...

Never Be My Facebook Friend

Never Be My Friend: Funny Facebook Photo Drawings [10 Pics]

It seems many artists are inspired by Facebook photos. We’ve seen lots of different creative variations for how they can be used as artistic centerpieces. I think my favorite is this artist who wove together hundreds of Facebook photos to create Thousands Of Memories Mashed Into One. Today I’d like to share with you a more cheeky lighthearted way to illustrate Facebook photos. Adam Ellis is kinda known as a dickhead. As a matter of fact, his Twitter username is @moby_dickhead. His bio is “Comics ...

Angry Birds Superhero Poster Designs

Angry Birds Superheroes: When Ordinary Just Isn’t Enough

There seems to be no end to what we are willing to go through to get ourselves an Angry Birds fix. We have seen countless examples of this through the years here at Bit Rebels. We’ve seen cakes, dinners, real life events, clothes and pretty much everything you can imagine. So where would we want to take the Angry Birds concept next? Nope, that’s not the Microsoft slogan I am talking about… or was that Microsoft who even had that one before? I don’t remember. ...

Twitter Facebook Google Are Addicting

If Social Media Sites Were Real Addictions [Chart]

We often hear people joke around that they are addicted to their social media sites. To those of us who hear that everyday (because we ourselves are addicted), it’s really just a way of life. It’s no big deal, right? To people who aren’t on their computer all day long with a window minimized for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ like many of us, we seem like a bunch of insane drones, oblivious to the world around us. What if all our favorite social media sites ...

Online Photo Sharing Services Infographic

Online Photo Sharing: Comparing The Services [Infographic]

Once again, I fall short for how to compare the old times with the new. Not too long ago we used to put this little plastic thing into our cameras, and it contained something called film. Yup, I am not kidding, I promise. Nowadays we just slide in a small memory card, and it can sometimes hold thousands of high resolution images which means more time to take snapshots and less time having to switch film rolls every 24-36 pictures. We’ve had this new memory ...

Luxury Boat Concept Design

Wow! An Entire Tropical Island Built On A Yacht

Lately I’ve been coming across some of the wildest most creative architecture I’ve ever seen. It’s so cool when architects and designers have a concept design in their head, and they are somehow able to get other people excited about it along with them before it even exists. That’s the case with this luxurious design. It looks like a fantasy dream come true to me. I’ve taken a few cruises in my life, but overall, I’ve never really been into them. When I take a ...

Super Mario Piranha Plant Earrings

Super Mario Piranha Plant Earring: Brilliant Nerd Accessory

It’s been a long time since anyone has sent me any geek gear to share with you, so I actually started looking for some myself. We’re always so focused on bringing you creatively cool stuff that cannot be easily acquired, but maybe you guys really want to know where to get all the super nerdy stuff. After all, we are geeks, and we need our fix. So what is there out there that is worth a mention? There is a lot actually, and choosing the ...

Liquid Letters As Typography Fonts

Liquid Fonts: An Awesome Type Experiment

I am used to checking out at least a dozen new fonts each day. Why? Well, because I am a designer, and I need some inspiration sometimes. I am sure all you designers out there know what I am talking about. Looking at new fonts is one of the best ways to really get a boring uninspired day going. If you haven’t tried it before, you should, because it could totally turn a frustrating day into a truly fruitful day with a lot of original ...

CD Landscape Sea Dune Installment

45,000 Hand-Sewn CDs Become Spectacular Sea Dunes

I sometimes wonder what happened to the recording medium that researchers and experts told us would grace the world right after the CD. I think someone was way off when thinking it would be a physical thing we would buy in a store. The mp3 format, even though it’s really not the original mp3 format, has taken over the world. We no longer rush to the stores to get the latest album we like. Nope, the mp3 based file format that we’re used to buying ...

Creation Of The Original Stormtrooper

The Creation Of The Original Stormtrooper Helmet From Scratch

There is so much Star Wars awesomeness out there that I am sure if I really wanted to, I could cover several week’s worth of article content with it. It ranges from original never before seen photos of the actual shooting of the first Star Wars movie to Star Wars pens that light up like Christmas trees. You can really find it all out there, and it’s hard to focus on just the best sometimes. I instantly feel like I have found awesomeness when I ...

Bakebot Robot Makes Cookies

A Robot That Can Follow A Recipe & Bake Cookies

We’ve seen a lot of robots over the past few years, and when you see the video below, you might not think it’s anything really impressive. However, think about it… This robot can mix up homemade cookie dough, knead it to just the right consistency, make a giant cookie, and bake it for exactly the correct amount of time. Do you know how complicated that is? I can’t even do that. Daaaaang! According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “The process of creaming butter and ...

Summer Ice Cream Cone Photography

Delicious Drippy & Gooey Ice Cream Cone Photographs

Yesterday, for the first time, I noticed that we are in the last month of the summer here in Atlanta. It’s starting to get dark just a little earlier than it did a month ago. Instead of being 100 degrees or more, today it’s only 90 degrees. I realize that if I plan to write about any more summery articles, I’d better do it now before it’s all gone. Nothing symbolizes summertime in the South much more than ice cream, especially drippy, messy, make-your-hands-sticky ice ...