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6 Tools To Help You Plan A Party Or Get Together
6 Tools To Help You Plan A Party Or Get Together

How To High Five Effectively

Don’t Be A Dork: Proper High Five Etiquette

On Friday, my Twitter friend @JessicaNorthey started a new series on her blog called Finger Candy High 5 Friday. According to her, “It’s a day and place to showcase people online who are doing great stuff in their respective communities and industries.” I’m all about promoting our social media colleagues and getting the word out about the amazing things they are doing, and I think this column is a creative way to do that. Her new series got me thinking about High Fives. I’ve noticed ...

iPhone In Jeans Pocket

How To: Get Rid Of iPhone Pocket Syndrome

A few decades ago, many people had “Pack-Of-Cigarettes Pocket Syndrome.” Remember that? These days, it’s “iPhone Pocket Syndrome.” I walk around with my iPhone in the back pocket of my jeans all the time. I also chomp gum with my mouth open and hardly ever wear shoes. Okay, maybe not, but since I live in the heart of the South, this isn’t as much of a problem for me. Here, we are somewhat expected to be a little fashion-backwards, so it’s no biggie; however, in ...

Epic Automated Lego Build Design

Epic Lego Construction Is All Automated

Any epic Lego build is signed, sealed and delivered with a touch of creativity and uniqueness embedded into it. It’s not always clear why something goes viral, or why some people get all excited checking out Lego builds. One thing is for sure, whenever there is a new epic Lego build uploaded to the Internet, we are definitely there to bring you the latest and greatest news about it. Of course, there won’t be any disappointment this time around either because I think I have ...

Nerf Gun Realistic Office War

Office Wars: The Nerf Gun Fight You Don’t Want To Join

It’s been quite a while since we’ve written anything about the awesomeness of Nerf guns. The last one I think was an article written by @AndySowards which totally got our readers off their butts to check out what the heck this whole religion is all about. There is actually a whole league going on with Nerf guns, and if you are into that, there are tons of videos about it on YouTube, but that’s not what we are going to talk about in this article. ...

Harry Potter Warner Logo Progression

Evolution Of The Warner Bros. Logo In Harry Potter

I think it’s safe to say that Harry Potter has taken the world by storm. The books made J.K.Rowling the first author ever to earn over 1 billion dollars, and the movies have a lot to do with that of course. I think I watched the first movie at the theater, and I thought it was something extraordinary. However, I don’t think anyone could have known that it would become the phenomenon that it came to be. Each movie has its own mood, and a ...

United States Stereotypes Video

United States: 50 State Stereotypes [Humor]

This is hilarious to me because if you live in the United States, you know there are stereotypes that accompany each state. I’m not a fan of stereotypes when they refer to individual people because they can be hurtful and damaging, but I’m all over it when it refers to a whole State because it’s just so freaking funny. For example, what do you think of when you imagine Texas? I think of cowboy hats and line dancing. When I think of South Carolina, I ...

Summer Chilling Like A Cat

How Cats Cool Down During Hot Summer Days

Just a few days ago summer hit Sweden, and today it’s scorching hot over here. Cooling down is all about drinking a lot of water and staying in the shade. For some, the summer is a season they dread. I am of course talking about all the furry animals that simply hide from any direct sunlight during the hot days of summer. There is no real way for them to cool down, and I am sure they keep looking for water constantly. There are some ...

The Evolution of Graphic Design

The Evolution Of Graphic Design [Infographic]

As with almost anything nowadays, there is a history that goes back a long way when it comes to graphic design. Some people may think that this whole thing we call graphics is just something we made up when we first started using computers, and it became possible to draw simple pictures on them. Of course we have evolved since then, and the way we do things today is a lot more advanced than back then. Today while attending a graphic design degree program we ...

Colors That We Like

Men vs. Women: Our Favorite Colors Based On Gender

Color, or the lack of it, is such a huge part of our lives. People spend a lot of time learning how to manipulate colors for photographs, or how to mix just the right colors for paint. When you think about it, we start being associated with colors even before we are born. Many times parents receive pink or blue gifts the moment they find out if they are having a boy or a girl. Apparently this color association continues throughout our lives. There are ...

10,000 Piece Star Wars Lego

10,000 Piece Lego Star Wars Crawler Is Pure Awesomeness

I don’t think anyone can deny that spending hours and hours building Lego is an experience all its own. When your inspiration is dead, there is nothing you can really do but to stack those blocks on each other hoping that you will have a glimpse of a creativity spark that will provide you with a new idea for what to build. I don’t know what it is like to have a whole basement with boxes of Lego, and I don’t think I ever will ...

Do You Need Web Designer?

How To: Determine If You Need A Professional Designer

Last weekend when I was on the flight back from Shanghai to Atlanta there was a man sitting across the aisle who started talking to me. He asked me about myself, and whenever anyone does that, I always get excited because it’s an excuse to talk about Twitter and social media. Since Twitter and Facebook are both blocked in China, I was even happier to talk about it since I was starting to show major withdrawal symptoms. Long story short, he told me he had ...

Drawing Caricatures Tutorial Charts

How To: Draw Creative Caricatures

Caricatures are such a fun style of drawing and illustrating. We’ve written about talented caricature artists many times on Bit Rebels. Just last week, I wrote about the very well done caricature art of Denis Zilber. When I look at caricatures, I have a lot of questions. How does the artist know which features of the person to distort? How do they add that sense of humor? How do they keep the likeness to the original subject yet make it fun and cartoony? I’m not ...

Left-Handed People Statistics Infographic Facts

Left-Handed People Have More Fun [Infographic]

It’s always a treat to see someone write or draw with their left hand. Not that it’s a freak show or anything, but it’s impressive to see and watch since my own left-hand writing is… well, let’s just say that it’s less than impressive. When you think about it, there are quite a lot of people out there that are left-handed. Well, not actually a lot of people. Apparently 15% of the American population is left-handed. That number really stands out to me since I ...

Kick To Pick iPhone App

Kick To Pick App: Lets Unborn Babies Choose Their Own Name

I’ve often heard that somewhere up in the universe babies choose their parents. It’s not a random selection or a magical combination of DNA. Although that sounds all fluffy and happy, I don’t necessarily believe that to be true; however, if it were the case, then I suppose those unborn babies should have more of a say in choosing their name too, don’t you think? Although the Kick to Pick App seems kind of silly, if I was pregnant, I would totally pay a buck ...