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The Fax Is NOT Dead — It Has Just Evolved
The Fax Is NOT Dead — It Has Just Evolved

Happy Fifth Birthday Twitter Infographic

Twitter Birthday Stats: A Belated 5th Birthday Infographic

On July 15th, Twitter celebrated its 5th birthday, and of course, there were many people out there who made a point to make sure people knew Twitter is not growing in size as fast as it used to be. The fact is that even though Twitter may not be growing as fast, it is still growing heavily. A social networking service can only grow so much before it starts slowing down a little. It’s that initial hype and growth that people constantly think will last ...

Pac-Man Geek Toast Designs

Geeky Breakfast Bliss: How To Make Pac-Man Toast

I’ve got it all figured out for us. Just by piecing together articles from here on Bit Rebels, I have the most perfectly geeky breakfast all planned. How about these heart-shaped hard-boiled eggs, this mathematically correct bagel and these pretty DIY pancake designs? We can decorate our breakfast table with a vase full of bacon roses and top everything off with this Pac-Man toast! I remember seeing a similar type of toasted bread a while back with the design of Darth Vader; however, in order ...

Louis Vuitton Gucci Gas Masks

Designer Gas Masks: Disaster Fashion For Emergencies

This surprisingly stunning collection of designer gas masks is one of those lovely things that has been floating around the Internet here and there for a few years now, but I just saw them for the first time today. They are morbid and strange, yet beautifully designed, so I knew I had to share them with you. I would guess that if we were confronted with a disaster where we quickly needed to put one of these on our faces, fashion would probably not cross ...

Everything's Alright Here Photography

Photography: People About To Snap While Holding Jello

There aren’t a whole lot of foods that I’m afraid of, but Jello is one of them. If you’ve read my articles before, you know that I’m not a big fan of whatever that substance is that we call Jello. I still have my theory that it’s possible aliens dropped Jello on this planet just so they could laugh every time they see someone eat it because it definitely doesn’t look like it comes from this planet. If you watch it drop in this slow ...

Fan Created Batmobile Limousine Car

Batmobile Limousine: Stretching The Superhero Awesomeness

Do you guys remember the Batman TV series on the telly where Batman and Robin went around in their ridiculously awesome costumes fighting bad guys? It was when the iconic “Blam,” “Ouucchh” and “Clunk” text bubbles were introduced, and the whole thing had a comic book feel. I loved that series, and I still do today. Don’t get me wrong, I love it because it was so frickin qwerky! I mean, you have to admit that back then it was THE show to check out. ...

R2-D2 Observatory Dressup Student Prank

Giant R2-D2: Best College Observatory Prank Ever

I sometimes miss those days in school when we could pull epic pranks on our classmates or teachers and actually get away with it. Nowadays, there are always repercussions to our actions, and even though we humbly point out that it was just for fun, we can always expect there to be retaliation. Then again, that’s a bit of the thrill I guess, to get a good prank war going. I remember pranking our teacher together with a couple of friends, and it was beyond ...

Twistory Epic Tweets By Posters

Twistory: Historical Events Announced On Twitter

We all know that Twitter made history with their social networking service. That’s nothing that we can even doubt. It was the first social network to spread news faster than any other medium, and it still stands as a record holder when it comes to that. Of course, speed isn’t everything when it comes to networking though. Why would we want to network faster when doing it slower will create such stronger online relationships? That’s at least what I personally think. Twitter is great when ...

Black and White Dog Photography

Unique Photography: Dogs Shake Off Water In Slow Motion

If you are a dog lover, the pictures in this post are guaranteed to make you look twice. They will give you the perfect little three-minute break from your busy workday. I have a few dogs. Somehow they just ended up at my house. This little pup, Mary, showed up at my door about a year ago. I tried to find her owner, but since nobody responded to all the fliers I posted in the neighborhood, I just kept her. She’s a cutie. I also ...

Real Life Cosplay Costume Photos

7 Pictures Of Real Everyday Life Cosplay

We are hearing more and more about cosplay, and it’s becoming quite a movement. It’s everywhere these days, and I think it’s really awesome. I haven’t been to any events yet; however, I really need to plan one soon cause I am dying to see every awesome costume that is out there. So, before I start looking for an event, if anyone out there is going to one and wants a bit of… uh… luggage, I promise I won’t be in your way. I am ...

Facebook Twitter Help Student Grades

How Social Media Can Improve Student Grades [Infographic]

The topic about whether or not it’s appropriate for a student and a teacher to be friends on Facebook has been in the news a lot lately. As a matter of fact, the state of Missouri recently passed a law that makes it illegal for teachers and students to be connected on any social media site. As a parent, I can certainly understand the concern with that; however, I’d like to talk about a different aspect of students and social media today. As adults, we ...

Embroided Car Door Art Installment

Embroidered Car Doors: The Softer Side Of Your Car

There are some really odd people out there with some amazing minds. Their creativity seems to know no boundaries, and whatever they come up with, you just know it will be awesome in every way imaginable. We are quite used to oddness and smart creativity here at Bit Rebels. We deal with it every day of the week, and it comes to us in heaps and truck loads. As you already know, we usually have a hard time knowing what we should pick, but there’s ...

Social Media Fun Illustrations

Creative Twitter Facebook & Google+ Propaganda Posters

Is there really a war going on between social media sites? I don’t think so, do you? Some people just like to make drama to spice things up a little. I have to admit; it does make it a little more interesting as we watch how it all plays out. Here’s a question to bake your noodle. If you had to choose only one social media site to be on, which would it be? Is that a hard decision? For me it’s easy, I would ...

Never Be My Facebook Friend

Never Be My Friend: Funny Facebook Photo Drawings [10 Pics]

It seems many artists are inspired by Facebook photos. We’ve seen lots of different creative variations for how they can be used as artistic centerpieces. I think my favorite is this artist who wove together hundreds of Facebook photos to create Thousands Of Memories Mashed Into One. Today I’d like to share with you a more cheeky lighthearted way to illustrate Facebook photos. Adam Ellis is kinda known as a dickhead. As a matter of fact, his Twitter username is @moby_dickhead. His bio is “Comics ...