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The Newest Dazzling Daft Punk Coca-Cola Bottle Design
The Newest Dazzling Daft Punk Coca-Cola Bottle Design

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The Smart Jean: A New Kind of Jean
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Star Wars Characters Mashup Figurines

Hilarious Star Wars Characters & Real-Life People Mashups

What character would you be if you were in the Star Wars universe? I think there is actually an infographic or a flowchart about that isn’t there? Well, when it comes to Star Wars there is a lot of creativity floating around on the Internet, and you can be sure that no ...

Tatsputin Beautiful Art Doodle Conversion

Father Turns His Kid’s Doodles Into Awesome & Beautiful Art

I think most people have saved some drawings or doodles from when they were young. You know those pictures that you were enormously proud of, and your parents a least acted like you were the most talented kid in the world. Those were the good old days. Nowadays kids create software that ...

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Build

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart: Most Epic Way To Get Around The Golf Course

Golf, perhaps the most long-distance precision sport ever created gets harder the lazier you get. Don’t get me wrong, the sport is super fun and you get a great workout walking around the sometimes insanely long course, but some people seem to have gotten tired of using the soles of their feet ...

Amazon Air Drone Delivery System

Amazon Demoes Their Future Drone Delivery System

I think we are all kind of fed up with the un-optimized way letters and packages are delivered to us today. If we buy something, we usually will not have it delivered anytime less than 12 to 24 hours, right? There have been plenty of ideas thrown around, and one that has been the most ...

Illustrated Star Wars Christmas Cards

9 Epic Star Wars Christmas Cards Every Fan Should Send

Christmas has begun, and we know that as we hear sleigh bells chime in pretty much every song playing on the radio. People have started to decorate their homes to almost ridiculous levels. Stores started selling Christmas related things a long time ago, and we are all eager to see what Santa will ...

Anti-Aging Human Regenerator Pod

German Company Develops Human Regenerator That Controls Aging

Scientists have struggled for a very long time to get a hold of this thing we all go through which is aging. Medicine and hygiene have added about 20-30 years to the average lifespan since a couple hundred years ago, but we want more life it seems. While some scientists focus on ...

R2-D2 USB Car Charger Accessory

R2-D2 USB Car Charger Is Your Perfect Travel Companion

There are a lot of things that yell geek, but there are few things that say it more epically like Star Wars devices and gadgets. If you manage to hit up a Star Wars gadget that can actually increase and optimize something in your life, then you have hit the jackpot. I ...

Epic Mountain Glass Skywalk Path

The Real Leap Of Faith: 4,700 Feet High Mountain Glass Skywalk

Some people are constantly looking for an adrenaline rush. They would pretty much do anything in order to get it, and as we all know there are a lot of things you can do to kick it all into overdrive. Sky jumping, roller coaster rides and of course high speeds will give ...

Professor Michael Peshkin Lightboard Invention

Teacher Creates Groundbreaking New Transparent Lightboard

If you have ever even spent as little as one day in school, you know how boring it is to look at the blackboard. Many teachers have a problem with turning their back towards their students for a number of reasons, and without the ingenuity of people like Professor Michael Peshkin of ...

Real Replica Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits

Real Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits When Riding Your Speeder Bike

While cosplayers are constantly trying to build the best and most realistic costumes for show, some product manufacturers want in on the big bucks and try to bring fans what they really want. A company by the name of UD Replicas knows that any respectable motorcycle Star Wars fan would like one or two ...

Creative Video Game Storefront Conversion

Epic Video Game Storefront Engages The Entire Neighborhood

Stores all around the globe apply different strategies to attract people to enter and shop. It is an art that is driven by technology and trends just like every other industry is doing these days. Some stores stay traditional and merely display what they have for sale and change it out as seldom ...

50 States Of LEGO Header

50 States Of LEGO: Illustrated Miniature Stereotypes Of America

Do you know how your American state is stereotyped as? I think everyone at least has some idea what signifies their home state if you’ve been living in it for a while. When it comes to creativity, few tools are as useful as LEGO to realize something that you have in your mind. ...

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