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The Geek Version Of The 12 Days Of Christmas
The Geek Version Of The 12 Days Of Christmas

Enhance Business Using VoIP

How To Enhance Your Business With VoIP Services

In any business, communication is key, and you need to make sure that you are ready to meet the ever changing needs of your organization. If you have started out small, there is a good chance that you only needed a few lines, or maybe even one, but as your business finally begins to grow, there is a good chance that you will need to expand your communication network, and there are a few options for doing so. If you are unaware of the existence ...

Zombie Slot Machine Invasion

Zombie Slot Machines Are Invading And It Is Awesome

The 21st century may have brought a lot of bad things with it, but there’s one thing we can’t whine about, technology. Each year there are novelties in any particular area in the digital world. Yesterday it was the new phone with better a screen, today a new way to diagnose cancer in the early stages and who knows what can come up tomorrow. What we do know is that Zombies are taking land like never before. Online gaming and online gambling have not been excluded ...

8 Innovative Companies 2015

8 Innovative Companies To Keep An Eye On In 2015

There are lots of companies out there that people are willing to label up-and-coming simply based on an appearance at Launch Fest. While some are undoubtedly buzzworthy others seem to rely on the prejudices of individual bloggers and tech industry journalists. Taking a look at what companies have accomplished, rather than their potential is very much the key to progressing beyond the original angel investor to acquire better amounts of venture capital. This is why we have listed these eight innovative companies to watch in ...

SURKUS CrowdSourcing App Crowdfunder

SURKUS – The Future Of Event Promotion Is Here

Events in the USA make up a booming $32B industry – but what about the hundreds of events across America occurring every day that go un- or under-attended, with thousands of seats and spots going unused? If you’re a business throwing an event, it’s imperative that you fill those spots – each one left empty equating to money wasted. But what if every event could get filled with the exact people those businesses want most? What if you could “cast” your perfect crowd and then ...

XREAL Fortress Fury Crowdfunding Campaign

XREAL Unveils Fortress Fury And An Opportunity Of A Lifetime

By the end of this decade, there will be significantly more mobile devices than people on this planet. North American mobile content is already a $10 billion dollar industry, and mobile gaming is more than $3 billion dollars. The global demand for mobile content is going to skyrocket over the next couple years, and investors would be wise to learn as much as they can about the burgeoning market. XREAL is a mobile gaming company helmed by Howard Marks, founder of Activision and Acclaim games, ...

Top Tech-Orineted Sports

The Technology Boom Of The Top Most Tech-Oriented Sports

The top most tech-oriented sports are developing ways to enhance their sporting experiences through the use of technology. Play predictions, ticket prices, and even fan interactions are all being driven by the newest advances in computer technology. Laptops owned by coaches and team owners are creating a whole new perspective on the way fans observe sports on their personal computing devices and collect the latest data on all their favorite players. This is not just limited to popular sports like baseball, soccer or basketball; offbeat ...

Custom Millennium Falcon Bed

Dad Of The Year Builds Amazing Millennium Falcon Bed

With the upcoming release of the 7th Star Wars Movie, The Force Awakens, parents and kids everywhere are engaging this franchise with renewed excitement and interest, bringing together the generations like never before. When both dad and son become excited about something, truly remarkable things can result. An amazing example of this is a father who recently constructed a Millennium Falcon bed for his son. The front of the bed is shaped as the cockpit and the back end forms the long rectangular section of ...

Wealthiest People Digital Presence Header

How The Wealthiest People In America Manage Their Digital Presence

Cultivating your personal brand online is something that everyone with a digital presence deals with. However, if you’re among the 1%, maintaining a spotless digital presence is both a challenge and a necessity. Five Blocks analyzed the 200 wealthiest Americans by simply Googling their names and reading through the first-page results; here’s what they found. In every one of these first-page results, at least one or more results were Wikipedia pages. Like it or not, Wikipedia is the site that appears most frequently in any ...

PowerCliq iPhone Charger Case

PowerCliq: The One iPhone Case Your Really Want To Own

Charging cases and Bluetooth headsets on their own are a dime a dozen, but put the two together, and you have something really special. Being able to keep your iPhone nice and charged while also providing a safe place to keep your Bluetooth headset is more than convenient, especially for on-the-go business calls or long trips without a charger in sight. If you’re looking for a headset that slips itself easily into your life, look no further than the PowerCliq by ON3. The PowerCliq features ...

Nook Indie E-Books Reading

Escape The Best Seller List: Indie E-Books And Where To Find Them

Have you ever felt like you’ve read everything there is to read? Found yourself falling back on old favorites for the fiftieth time, or wandering through the shelves of your favorite bookstore or library hoping for something new to grab your eye? Or maybe the current trends just aren’t for you: everything on the bestseller list gets nothing but a resounding “meh.” Fortunately, the digital age has a solution for you: welcome to the world of indie e-books. What Are Indie E-Books? Digital format books ...

Impules Case iPhone 6

Impulse Case Adds Insane Speakers To Your iPhone 6

Have you ever wished you could crank the volume up to “insanely loud” on your iPhone? Well, that wish might just now become a wish granted with the awesome Impulse case for the iPhone 6. It’s something out of the ordinary and packs a punch that I am unsure whether any other speaker case are able to. The madness becomes real when you look at what features the case really adds to your smartphone when equipped. The creators, Michael Ward and Yoann Lechopier, has an ...

Why VW Lower Prices

State Of The Automotive Market — Why Are VW Lowering Their Prices?

To many, the automotive market is a complex and currently down-spiraling market. As an onlooker, it’s hard to get a good understanding just what is going on when auto manufacturers slash their prices. Is the company in financial trouble or is it just a competitive move meant to strengthen the brands position in a specific branch of the market? When it comes to Volkswagen there are several reasons why, and we are going to look at some of them in this article. VW are forever finding a ...

Unlock Galaxy S6 Smartphone

How To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone

Nowadays, cellphones are being used for a lot more things than just keeping in touch with our friends and loved ones. Taking pictures or filming, browsing the Web, listening to music or even enjoying some games, all these can be done by that tiny piece of technology you’re holding in your pocket. Obviously, there are average models and top-notch ones, standing out from the crowd with ease. One of the most popular handsets of the moment is Samsung Galaxy S6, the South Korean manufacturer’s flagship ...

Real Fake Internet User

How Many Internet Users Are Fake? [Infographic]

As we surf the web, most of us are not aware of the high-speed technology con show that is playing out right before our very eyes. It’s not a thing that is instantly recognizable or apparent, but for webmasters and website owners all around the world, this is something that continues to be a thorn in our sides. If you just setup your website and just started digging into your traffic statistics, you should know that even though you might be impressed with what you ...

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