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Pampered Pets – How Much Do Brits Spend On Their Pets? [Infographic]
Pampered Pets – How Much Do Brits Spend On Their Pets? [Infographic]

Maximize Rewards Credit Cards

How To Maximize Your Loyalty Rewards On Branded Credit Cards

Carrying a credit card branded to a specific retailer can provide some significant benefits. Branded credit cards are different from store cards, in that you can use them anywhere to earn rewards from a specific retailer. If you prefer to shop in one specific place, funneling other spending toward perks that you can use there might seem like a no-brainer. The problem, though, is that many people open these credit card accounts and then fail to maximize the benefits. Sure, they might get some coupons ...

How To DIY Websites

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of DIY Websites

Whether you run a small business, have a semi-successful regional band, or just like to blog about how regularly you can force “Spinal Tap” references into everyday conversations, the chances are pretty good that you have a website. Unless you’re one of those rare creatures who are flush with cash, the odds are also pretty good that your website could use an overhaul. The question everyone ask themselves when this situation arises is whether they should do it themselves, have someone do it for them ...

DreamMe 3D Printed Projector

3D Printed Projector Displays Smartphone Info On Your Ceiling

It’s time to solve a problem that has been around for too long. How many times have you woken up just enough to not being able to go to sleep again just because you had to turn around to check what time it is on your smartphone? Probably enough times to know that it’s one of the most annoying things that can happen to you. We’re going to solve that for you by introducing you to the DreamMe 3D printed projector. You might think that ...

Geeky Timeless Classic Games

Release Your Inner Nerd With These Geeky Classic Games

The concept of nerd gaming has evolved significantly over the last few years. In fact the term nerd itself, once deemed derogatory, has been completely spun on its head. It’s cool to be viewed as a little bit geeky nowadays and there’s no shame in enjoying the things that a ‘nerd’ always has. Whether it’s a certain genre of movies, a certain type of TV show, or even specific video games, the popularity of people wanting to embrace the unconventional has soared. So, with this in ...

Game Boy Refrigerator Magnets

Game Boy Refrigerator Magnets Will Show Off Your Undisputed Geekiness

We’ve seen a ton of impressive and cool stuff put on fridges to make them, well, cooler. Although there is probably no need to make your fridge more appealing than it already is, the Game Boy Refrigerator Magnets (FreezerBoy Refrigerator Magnets) are a cool addition to any gamers’ kitchen. These Game Boy magnets turn your fridge into a giant retro trip, ready to have its buttons pushed. Why not get a few practice button-pushes in while you’re on break from your 18-hour session of World ...

Female Mobile Gaming Industry

How The Mobile Gaming Industry Is Winning Female Players

The mobile gaming industry has been growing exponentially over the years. Innovative developments in the smartphone and tablet markets have helped it to grow to unexpected proportions and new technology has meant that they have simply been getting better, faster and more powerful all round. New devices also mean new platforms and ways in which game developers can re-evolve the gaming experience. This has opened the doors to mobile gaming allowing a wider range of games to be made available through mobile-based devices which has ...

Cloud Fax Machines Today

The Fax Is NOT Dead — It Has Just Evolved

For nearly a decade, experts and pundits alike have declared, “the fax is dead” and it’s easy to see where they are coming from. Thanks to email and document-sharing services, the need to send faxes has diminished greatly in recent years. Why go to the trouble of faxing when you can just send an attachment via email? However, while many machines are gathering dust, there is still a need to send faxes. The fact is, faxing isn’t dead, it’s just evolved. New technologies have made ...

Unlock Galaxy Note 5

How To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Smartphone

Let’s face it, those times when you were getting a cellphone just for making calls and texting are gone. If you’re looking for a new one, it needs to have as many functions as possible, with high-end specs, a great display and finally, a camera able to take some stunning photos. Currently, there’s no better choice than the Samsung Galaxy Note 5! The South Korean manufacturer’s phablet was released a few weeks ago and it’s one of the best smartphones on the market, already available ...

E-Board Future Transportation Concept

E-Board – Personal Transportation Of The Future

With the dawn of modern technology and innovation, the creation of advanced gadgets and tools has become possible and this tends to change usage and performance. Those who are into skateboarding are lucky enough because Fraser Leid‘s E-board concept has been made to change their skateboarding experience. Exoskeleton EXO symbolizes the aesthetics behind the E-board advanced skeletal construction. Getting the interpretations of a personal E-board or electric skateboard, this E-board was discreetly designed with an aim of becoming the very first compact and durable skateboard ...

Online Gaming PC Renaissance

How Online Gaming Has Helped To Inspire The Renaissance Of The PC

For all of its mystique and unanswered questions, the new Windows 10 platform is considered to herald something of a new era for desktops. Designed to modernise the desktop platform and provide a flexible, progressive alternative to the dominant iOS and Android alternatives, Windows 10 is expected to make PC’s great again. It is expected to bring people back to online gaming in the masses. While Windows 10 is bound to take considerable plaudits in this regard, however, the fact remains that the timing of ...

Top 4 Smartphone Accessories

Top 4 Most Affordable Smartphone Accessories

Smartphones have not only become our invaluable pocket-sized friend, but they have quite literally transformed how we live our everyday lives. But even as powerful as your smartphone truly is there are still a number of excellent and well-priced add-on smartphone accessories that can help add another dimension to your device. Laser Projected Virtual Keyboard This very futuristic looking accessory is able to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and projects a cool laser orientated virtual keyboard right across any flat surface. It works with ...

Choosing Business Server Help

To Virtualize Or Not to Virtualize: Choosing Your Business Servers

The quality of your technology is quickly becoming one of the few edges your business has on its competition, which means you should always be searching for the smartest, fastest tech for your employees. Perhaps the most fascinating technological movement of late is server virtualization, which allows workers to organize their processes with virtual environments while IT departments can cut back on resources to maintain critical server space. In many ways, server virtualization is a dream come true — but for some businesses, that dream ...

Best Mini Games Ever

Mini-Games – The Best In-Game Games Of All Time

It wasn’t all too long ago that video games were just a couple of lines on the screen trying to block a square ball from getting past them. A lot has happened since then and video games have evolved from a single static screen to immersive worlds that keep mesmerizing everyone who ever steps inside of them. Sure, Doom, Grand Theft Auto and all of the other first person games are insanely fun to play, but we shall not forget the mini-games that keep on ...

Solocam Reporter Selfie Stick

SoloCam – Selfie Stick Turned Into A Full Reporter Camera Rig

Journalists who love reporting live on the scene can now satisfy that burning desire without actually bringing an entire camera crew with them. Solocam is a selfie stick that includes a telescoping pole with a mount for a compact video camera or smartphone at one end and a Bluetooth handheld microphone at the other end. With this selfie stick, users can talk to the camera without worrying about the quality of the video or sound. SoloCam was developed by Benny Goldstein, an Israeli engineer, in ...

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