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Nano Blogging vs Micro Blogging?
Nano Blogging vs Micro Blogging?

Social Media International Infographic

Things You Don’t Know About Social Media [Infographic]

You may find it hard to believe, but Facebook was launched as far back as February 4, 2004. Even a relatively new face on the social media scene, Instagram, has just celebrated its 5th birthday. Let’s face it, social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives, and they’re here to stay. Most people know the basics about social media. They know about likes, pins, shares and re-tweets, but there’s always plenty to learn. VoucherBin has created this informative infographic to give you ...

Home Automation Viewing Pleasure

How Home Automation Can Enhance Your Viewing Pleasure

While consumers have been embracing screen time since black and white silent movies began and the first television was sold, these days people tend to watch even more films and TV shows than ever. Indeed, many adults spend upwards of 30 hours a week watching their favorite shows. Much of this has stemmed from the rapid rise in the consumer adoption of streaming video services that allow users to gain access to the most popular shows with just a simple setup and affordable fee. In ...

Smart Technology Hype Study

Does Smart Technology Live Up To The Hype?

While smart technology is now fully established as a feature of the modern home, it continues to draw criticism in addition to praise. This has been explored in great detail by researchers, with some surveys claiming that many of the most popular smart technology hubs have significant vulnerabilities that may be exposed by those with criminal machinations. In addition to this, the Wall Street Journal has also published work questioning the short-comings of smart technology and systems, particularly those that are multi-functional in their nature ...

Startup Founder Guide NYC Header

A Startup Founder’s Guide To New York City [Infographic]

If you are living in New York City and you are thinking about giving your once-in-a-lifetime idea a chance, you probably need to know how to best facilitate the assets that your city has to offer. I don’t think anyone would disagree that a startup founder’s guide would be a great help when getting started. Many people believe the business idea itself is the hard part, but it’s actually the other way around. Planning, collecting information and setting up shop is where you will spend ...

Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality

WHOA! – Microsoft HoloLens Brings Games Into Our Reality

It’s one of the most groundbreaking gaming accessories to be announced in years and demos of it seem to defy the very fabric of what we know about gaming. I am of course talking about the Microsoft HoloLens. When coupled with Minecraft it gave us a peek at what it could do but it couldn’t prepare us for what this recent demo would unfold. The HoloLens simply brings gaming into our reality, and it’s awesome in every single imaginable way. Virtual reality has long been ...

Driving Change Superhero Career

Driving Change – Get Your Superhero Career On The Road [Infographic]

Everyone’s got a superhero these days. They’re on the big screen, the small screen, bursting out of pages of comic books, and flooding the streets every time a Comic-Con hits your city. But away from our more famous fictional counterparts (and assuming you don’t have the ability to punch through walls), how do you go about staying a superhero on a daily basis? Are you ready to get you superhero career on the road? This was exactly the questions that UK-based RED Driving School became ...

iPod Generation Hearing Loss

The Long Term Effects On Hearing For The iPod Generation

First there was the Walkman – but that was just the warm-up act for the portable music device that has taken over the world. Between the time the iPod was first introduced in October 2001 and 2014, Apple had sold 100 million of the devices worldwide and transformed both the way most people listen to and buy music. While it’s the music industry that’s had to adjust to the latter it’s the former that has been starting to cause some concerns about its effect on a ...

Social Media Job Search

How Social Media Can Aid Your Job Search

In today’s day and age, social media is at the heart of our lives. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ allow us to express and share our thoughts, ideas and creativity in a different way than ever before. In a world of easy interaction, most companies now also connect with people online, whether it’s to offer customer service or advertise new projects and products. Some platforms, like LinkedIn, even specialise in professional networking to aid people in their job search. About half of ...

5 Value Remodelling Tips

5 Simple Remodelling Tips To Improve The Value Of Your House

The real estate market is constantly varying and in a single year we can see the prices of houses soar and plummet within a couple of months of each other. Simply owning a house is not enough now to sell it for the price that you are hoping for. Frankly, making any sizable profit is a feat that has become a rare in today’s real estate climate. But don’t think it’s impossible! The common belief today is that you will need to do extensive remodelling to ...

Know Starting A Business

What You Need To Know When Starting A Business

When you work hard to develop a product and start a business, there is nothing more disheartening than someone else trying to capitalize on your name and work. After all, you are the one who put in the hours, and poured your heart and soul into it — there is no reason that someone else should be able to waltz in and use what you have created without compensating you. Yet such thefts happen all the time. Even if a competitor doesn’t overtly start using ...

Awareness Of Favourite Brands

What Is Behind The Rapid Market Growth Of Our Favourite Brands?

All our favourite and most successful brands need a rapid spurt of growth to establish themselves at business’ top table and, from there, need further bursts of energy to maintain their position. First and foremost a brand needs a strong product or service to fall back on. Selling snake oil is not a pursuit that will get you far in life. But that alone is clearly not good enough. Plenty of people have good ideas that don’t get the success that they deserve from it. ...

Prevent Website Downtime Guide

Guide To Surviving Your Website’s Unplanned Downtime

If you’re in need of proof that the always instant everything nature of the internet has made people impatient, consider how you’re feeling at this exact moment. When is this article going to get to the point? I was promised a guide, where is the guide? You’re probably thinking that this is not the guide. – Relax, this is the guide. The tips are coming. Promise. The internet has definitely upped the impatience of most people. Whatever they’re trying to access, they want to access ...

Naming A Business Infographic

The Art Of Naming A Business [Infographic]

Through the years, I have found that naming a business or a product is sometimes one of the most frustrating endeavours after you have hatched a new idea that you just know is going to work (for that’s the spirit of an entrepreneur.) The big question usually is how you know for certain that you’re picking the right name for your business (or product) that will resonate with the intended audience and customers. The thing is, you never really do. Look at it this way. ...

Sony Xperia Z5 Unlock

How To Unlock Your Sony Xperia Z5 Smartphone

September 2015 brought us the Sony Xperia Z5, the Japanese manufacturer’s second flagship of the year, a result of their relatively unusual strategy of releasing a new high-end device each six months. But hey, we’re all tech lovers here, so we can’t complain, right? With a 5.2” full HD display, quad-core Snapdragon 810 chipset and a 23 MP camera on the back, it’s definitely one of the most desired phones of this fall, as a lot of fans are looking forward to buy it. We ...

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