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Wine Cork Robots: Best (And Cutest) Way To Recycle & Reuse Old Corks
Wine Cork Robots: Best (And Cutest) Way To Recycle & Reuse Old Corks

J.A.E.S.A: Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
J.A.E.S.A - Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
Looksery: Real-Time Face Transformation Filters
Looksery App
Leaf Mount: Collapsible Stand For iPads, Samsungs, Kindle+
Leaf Mount
ANTVR: All-In-One Universal Virtual Reality Kit
ANT Virtual Reality
18 More Positive Ways Header

18 Ways To Be More Positive At Work [Infographic]

Did you know that positivity is heavily contagious? It is a proven fact that if you are more positive, people around you will become positive as well. However, sometimes it can be hard to keep the positivity close at hand and ready when you need it if you feel that no matter what you’re doing nothing seems to be going your way. Positivity does not grow on trees it is something that will have to come from within you and from your own experiences. For example, if we ...

Vader Molten Metal 3D Printer

Vader 3D Printer Uses Molten Metal To Print Objects

3D printers have come a long way since we started reporting on their progress here at Bit Rebels. We were among the first websites on the Internet to pick up on this new trend, and so far it has been as impressive as we first thought it would be. 3D printing is going to have an even bigger impact on the world the more advanced the printers get. When 3D printers are able to print using molten metal is when things are really going to ...

KIA Transparent Car Dashboard Display

KIA GT Sports Transparent OLED Car Dashboard Display

It is apparent that transparency is going to make a huge impact in the world in a few years. Many have questioned what the benefits of a transparent screen are, and what use it may have, but more developers are looking into this impressive technology. The OLED displays that we have seen in some concept displays are all transparent, but it’s when you put a transparent OLED car dashboard display in a car that you really understand what it’s all about. Back in 2011, KIA unveiled a ...

Disney Texture Tactile Touchscreen Project

Disney Research Unveils 3D Texture Tactile Touchscreen Technology

The touchscreen has become a vital part of all of our lives, and we keep finding new ways to utilize its easy use. But, there is one thing that the touchscreens are not capable of yet, and that is to present us with realistic representation of the textures that things have in the real world. Disney Research has endeavored into this mystical realm to see if they may solve this quite important part of how we experience things, and the result is a 3D texture ...

Star Wars Lightsaber Sound Recording

How The Lightsaber Sound Was Created [Video]

If you have ever watched Star Wars, (who hasn’t, right) you know that the most memorable things about the movie are the visuals, the science fiction feel and of course the sound scape. I don’t know how many times I have wondered how they created the tie-fighter sound, the sound of Chewbacca’s voice and last but not least the lightsaber sound. It is such a distinct sound that even if you tried you wouldn’t be able to replicate it at home. There have been countless behind the scenes videos uploaded ...

Time Wasters To Avoid Header

15 Time Wasters Successful People Avoid [Infographic]

As we all know, procrastination is the worst form of time wasting. Unfortunately, for people working with technology or even for an Internet-based endeavor, the web is the ultimate location to add to that procrastination. It is a dangerous place but one that has made many people successful billionaires as they are able to keep your attention, therefore, you procrastinate. If you want to become one of them, you need to eliminate any and all time wasters from your life. I am sure that if ...

EDAG Body OLED Screen Concept

EDAG’s Light Car Sports An All Exterior OLED Screen

Not too long ago Audi showcased a concept car that had OLED screens incorporated into its bodywork. Many people we’re looking forward to having a few extra lights on their car, not to mention the ability to impress people with it. It is still unclear if Audi will ever incorporate the OLED screen bodywork into their line of cars or not, so we’ll just have to wait and see. It seems the trend is on though as EDAG presented their own OLED Screen concept dubbed the Light ...

Park Circa Find Parking App

Park Circa App Lets You Sell Your Parking Spot For Cash

Let’s say that you are living in a big city, you have a car but always find it difficult to find a parking spot. What can you do? Most people drive around for what seems like forever before they find a parking spot close enough to home. Smart people use the Park Circa app and find a parking spot in minutes. There are plenty of people in cities all around the world with a parking spot they don’t use, and it could be accessible to you. The ...

RealView 3D Holography Station Technology

RealView First To Present Fully Working Mid-Air Holography Stations

There are a lot of companies working on producing the first real mid-air hologram, and so far few have come close to an impressive result. The one that has been the most impressive used a dangerous technique which prevented you from ever interacting with it. But, there just might be one company that has cracked this legendary technology and that could be RealView. They recently announced they are first to present a fully working mid-air holography station. If this is true, then has mid-air holographic technology been ...

Medea Vodka LED Bottle Scroller

Medea’s LED Bottle Can Be Reprogrammed To Fit The Evening

We already live in a world where advertisement is pretty much on everything we look at. We have even become walking billboards ourselves as we are continuously sporting the brand names we like on our clothes. Does it make them cheaper? Nope, it’s quite ironic actually as we even pay more for well-known brands and even advertise their name for free. Well, booze could get a whole lot cheaper in the future if these LED bottle advertisements become popular. It is the company Medea Vodka that is bringing the ...

ECO-MOBIUS Modular Smartphone Prototype

ECO-MOBIUS: Third Modular Smartphone Joins The Race

No doubt did the Phonebloks phone create ripples in the world of smartphone development. Shortly after the phone was announced Motorola (owned by Google) announced their modular Ara phone and the odd collaboration with the guy behind the Phonebloks phone. As if that wasn’t enough along comes ZTE, a Chinese developer, to announce their own modular smartphone which they have named ECO-MOBIUS. These three modular smartphones have been announced in the span of roughly one month. Is it a trend? Is this something that is going to be picked ...

History Of Hard Drive Header

The History Of The Hard Drive [Infographic]

Most of you are working on your computer all day long, save what you have created and don’t think much about it after that. Well for starters, did you know that just 5 MB of hard drive space cost $10,000 back in 1956? It is a considerable sum of cash, but back then people were thinking that 5 MB of storage would last them a lifetime. As we all know, that was hardly the case. Nowadays we tear through terabytes of storage space like our lives depended on it. ...

See-Through Overtaking Asstiance System

See-Through Overtaking Assistance System Makes Vehicles Transparent

If you drive a car, you know exactly how dangerous it can be to overtake a large vehicle. As a matter of fact, there are more accidents happening overtaking large vehicles than when overtaking small vehicles. This is something that drivers have long complained about and not much has been done. So far there has not been a solution to this, well until now that is. A new see-through overtaking assistance system could revolutionize the auto safety industry. With heads-up windshield displays making their way ...