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Remember Rings: Heat Up When Your Anniversary Date Approaches
Remember Rings: Heat Up When Your Anniversary Date Approaches

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Structure Sensor: The First 3D Sensor for Mobile Devices is Here
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How To Fold Suit Tutorial

How To Fold A Suit, Shirt & Pants Together To Prevent Wrinkling

Traveling is always fun I think most of you can agree with that. However, there is always that one thing that needs to be done before you can actually go off on your epic adventure, and that is to pack. There are a bunch of different techniques when it comes to packing, and some ...

Sol Cuff Power Charging Wristband

Sol Cuff: Illuminated Solar Powered Charging Wristband

I met up with my old friend Calvin Lee a couple of months ago (you know that radical social media dude we all know). If I may be so bold, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone carry around so many gadgets in a backpack as Calvin. It was apparent he had ...

How Achieve Your Goals Header

How To Set & Achieve Your Goals Every Time [Flowchart]

I have yet to meet one person that doesn’t have a good idea they want to realize. It is always interesting to meet new people and hear them talk about their endeavors with passion and dedication. Unfortunately, most people fall short in their belief in themselves and give up on their dream ...

LG Chem Groundbreaking Flexible Batteries

Flexible Batteries For Future Flexible Devices Now Produced By LG Chem

It’s not the first time we feature innovation around flexible batteries here on Bit Rebels. Not too long ago we featured several different prototypes and approaches to make this seemingly mythical energy source possible. It seems the first company to actually start manufacturing these flexible batteries was LG. Their LG Chem division recently announced ...

New Female Liberration Burger Wrappers

New Burger Wrappers Disguise Your Slobbering Eating With A Smile

A couple of weeks ago I went to McDonald’s to get myself a burger. As always there was a huge line, why they call it fast food I will never understand. After I eventually got my burger and fries, I sat down to start eating. As I sat there a thought came ...

Innovative Wi-F Light Bulb Project

Harald Haas Unveils Wi-Fi Light Bulbs To Power Our Internet Experience

I believe most people are connecting to the Internet wirelessly these days. Wi-Fi is literally everywhere today and even though you usually need to login with a password there is almost always a connection to connect to. Even though we are all so used to Wi-Fi these days we might see a huge shift in ...

Projected Touch Display Keyboard Innovation

Touch-Display Keyboard Prototype Promises Full Graphical Customization

There have been many attempts to redesign or refine our different computer input devices through the years, some of which we have featured here on Bit Rebels. Who doesn’t remember the incredibly hyped Optimus keyboard from Art Lebedev Studio? It was one of those exciting products that you just couldn’t wait to get ...

3 Tech Custom Halloween Costumes

3 High Tech Custom Halloween Costumes To Dominate Any Party

Halloween is upon us tomorrow, and some of you I am sure do not have your costumes entirely figured out yet. The stress is upon you and while running around like a lunatic you constantly chant the question, what to do? Relax! There is still time to put something together to rock ...

9 Brand Success Pinterest Header

9 Ways To Guarantee Brand Success On Pinterest [Infographic]

With Facebook constantly pushing out new features and Twitter currently about to go public, there is little room for other social networking services in the news. Pinterest is rolling out optimizations and new features frequently as well but we don’t hear much about them that often. It’s when you know what tools ...

Halloween DeLorean Push Car Build

Epic Cardboard DeLorean Push Car Takes You Back To The Future

Let’s face it, there were few things when we grew up that were as awesome as soapbox cars or push cars. If you had the pleasure of driving one of your friend’s cars, it was even more epic. Kid’s today are more into their iPad minis and smartphones (soon also smartwatches) so ...

Neurocam Brain Wave Sensor Project

Neurocam Reads Your Mind And Records What Interests You

Smartphones are used more and more as an accessory in new technologies. What that means is that our smartphones become the brain in technologies that measure, create or allow us to optimize our lifestyles. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to think that our smartphones will become a part of us in a ...

Halloween LED Suit Costume Video

Baby LED Suit Stir Up A Viral Storm On YouTube

Halloween has become a spectacle to behold lately. It is almost like the essence of this day is being washed away by all the makeup used to try and create the funniest costume ever. You could say that it has become the average masquerade. According to Wikipedia, Halloween is a day dedicated to ...