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Web Design History & How The Internet Grew [Infographic]
Web Design History & How The Internet Grew [Infographic]

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J.A.E.S.A: Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
J.A.E.S.A - Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
Looksery: Real-Time Face Transformation Filters
Looksery App
ANTVR: All-In-One Universal Virtual Reality Kit
ANT Virtual Reality
10 Tips Young Professionals Header

10 Things Young Professionals Should Know [Infographic]

Are you a young professional harboring dreams of unimaginable success? Maybe you are trying too hard to succeed perhaps that is what is holding you back. For many people, this is actually the core of their problem why they never feel secure in themselves and their capabilities. As an entrepreneur, I have learned a few valuable lessons through the years, and that is to always go with what your heart, brain and gut tell you. I know many young professionals that don’t dare include their ...

Portable N64 Console Build Header

Guy Builds Incredible Portable N64 For Comfortable Gaming Anywhere

I have always been fascinated by custom builds, especially when they are all about gaming. Whether it is a desktop computer or a complete recycle of a gadget into something new, doesn’t really matter. I can’t help but surf through the Internet daily looking for cool builds to feature here at Bit Rebels, (even though we do prefer you, our readers send them to us),  like this portable N64 build I am about to show you.  Portable stuff is always awesome! A guy calling himself IncredibleMrZ on ...

Social Following Credit Loans Header

Did You Know Your Social Following Could Be Enough To Get You Credit?

For many who have had their application for a loan rejected, ‘payday’ loans have been a source of finance that has brought them back from the brink. However, it would seem there is a new way of lending money available, and it is from a rather unlikely source. 118118money, is an offshoot of the well-known 118118 directory service known for its men in mustaches, and they might just accept your loan application based on your social following. 118118 has branched out to offer loans for people ...

Superbus Original Custom Build Project

Superbus: World’s Coolest & Sporty Looking Limousine

The world is full of objects that we would like to get our hands on. We dream of them for years, as far back as when we were little children. Cars are usually those objects of fandom. I just finished watching a video describing the downside of owning a Lamborghini by Rob Dahm, but still we can’t help but drop our jaws when we see something out of this world so to speak. The Superbus custom build is definitely one of those cars that fall into that category. ...

Romance Killer Diamond News Header

Romance Killer: The Truth About Diamonds [Video]

The saying goes that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, if you’re looking to woo your girl with diamonds thinking it’s the rarest gemstone of them all, and that it should symbolize your invaluable love for her, you should probably think again. As it turns out, diamonds are not exactly that exclusive as we have always believed them to be. Quite frankly, they are not rare or expensive at all! I know all this is definitely a romance killer, but unfortunately, it’s the truth. ...

Unveiling The Ara Phone Concept

Did Motorola Steal Phonebloks’ Thunder By Unveiling The Ara Phone?

Yesterday we featured the Phonebloks concept by Dave Hakkens and people seemed to really enjoy this new way of putting together your own smartphone, but there was one thing that stood out about the second video that Dave recently put up on his YouTube channel called “The Next Step”. A piece of the video was dedicated to Motorola’s secret concept called the Ara phone. Frankly, we here at Bit Rebels were surprised that more blogs didn’t pick up on it. Did Motorola steal the thunder from ...

SEL Curved OLED Display Technology

SEL Announces World’s Largest Curved OLED Display

We all know the world is eager to implement curved displays and flexible devices into our everyday endeavors. Some of you might wonder just why these curved screens are so important and what they can really do to optimize our lives. Believe me, I have wondered and researched the same thing. With SEL currently in the lead and recently announcing what could be the world’s largest curved OLED, it turns out that there are many more uses for the curved screen than an ordinary one. When you ...

10 Types Sitting Positions Header

10 Types Of Office Sitters – Which One Are You? [Infographic]

I have gone through a ton of chairs before finding the one I am currently using. It’s an old chair that I bought many years ago over at IKEA. It is an executive chair that becomes more comfortable with age it seems. What is really interesting is how we sit in them. There are a bunch of different ways you can sit in your office chair, and according to this infographic, 10 types depend on the way you portray personality. There are all kinds of ...

Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Push Car Build

Cooper Is Back With A New Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Push Car

Remember Cooper? The little kid with the epic mom who created a Back To The Future DeLorean push car for him? Well, brace yourself as this year little Cooper has a new ride to impress the ladies with. His new ride is nothing less than an all custom Ecto-1 Ghostbusters push car. This little kid’s DeLorean Halloween build went viral when it first surfaced on the Internet. With the attention he has gotten, I think I dare to say that this one is going to ...

High Tech Vacuum Tube Chessboard

High Tech Chessboard For The Ultimate Gadget Geek

I take it that we have a great deal of chess players amongst our readers, correct? Through the years there have been countless chessboards presented, both online and in stores all over the world. I dare to say that chess is probably the one game that has been refined the most through time. Not the game itself, but the board and pieces you play with. How can you geekify your chess experience as a geek and best of all, how can you make it a ...

Phonebloks Modular Smartphone Project Concept

Phonebloks: Impressive Modular Smartphone That Saves The Planet

Today’s smartphones are definitely optimized to complement the endeavors in our everyday lives, but there is another side of smartphones that we don’t usually look at. Especially when we just want the coolest , best looking, and most powerful smartphones out there. We seldom look at the impact smartphones have on the environment. That is something that the concept Phonebloks, a modular smartphone, tries to solve with its radical design and features. Phonebloks is a fairly new concept that I personally haven’t seen much of. It is, ...

How To Fold Suit Tutorial

How To Fold A Suit, Shirt & Pants Together To Prevent Wrinkling

Traveling is always fun I think most of you can agree with that. However, there is always that one thing that needs to be done before you can actually go off on your epic adventure, and that is to pack. There are a bunch of different techniques when it comes to packing, and some are quite hilarious if you ask me. If you’re headed on a business trip, that suit, shirt and pants are always the worst thing to pack. Question is, how do you fold stuff ...

Sol Cuff Power Charging Wristband

Sol Cuff: Illuminated Solar Powered Charging Wristband

I met up with my old friend Calvin Lee a couple of months ago (you know that radical social media dude we all know). If I may be so bold, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone carry around so many gadgets in a backpack as Calvin. It was apparent he had one problem, battery power. His solution was lugging around an army worth of external batteries to top up his devices. Calvin could definitely use a Sol Cuff charging wristband. I have said it countless ...