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StreetFlyer: The Oddest Bicycle Breed You Have Ever Seen
StreetFlyer: The Oddest Bicycle Breed You Have Ever Seen

J.A.E.S.A: Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
J.A.E.S.A - Next Generation Artificial Intelligence
Looksery: Real-Time Face Transformation Filters
Looksery App
Leaf Mount: Collapsible Stand For iPads, Samsungs, Kindle+
Leaf Mount
ANTVR: All-In-One Universal Virtual Reality Kit
ANT Virtual Reality
Underwater Exotic Hotel Room Resort

Exotic Hotel Room Has A Secret Underwater Retreat

When you are out traveling what do you go for? Are you the exotic safari adventurer or are you a hotel room hugger? There are millions and millions of places you can visit on our beautiful planet, yet there are many people that prefer to stay within the boundaries of their hotel. The weather alone seems to be what they pay for, not much else. Well, if you want to stay in your hotel and still have adventures then a new exotic hotel can offer what you ...

Calculator Game Boy Games Build

Guy Hacks Calculator To Play Game Boy Games

I can’t express how impressed I am with people that take retro game consoles and modify them into something that is utterly insane. Some even build a handheld console straight from scratch. This article is going to deal with something I think most of us want or wanted when we were bored in math class. It is definitely a gamer’s dream come true, and the cool thing about this build is that it allows you to play Game Boy games incognito. So what the heck am I ...

20 Tablet Photo Frame Build

Ultimate Interactive Photo Frame Consists Of 20 Android Tablets

Do you remember the first time you saw one of those slideshow or movie picture frames? You could connect it to your computer via USB and it would be fed pictures that randomly showed up. It was the ultimate photo frame back then, but things have changed and it’s no longer cool to sport one of those. Well, it’s cool, but people don’t really raise their eyebrows when seeing one anymore, which of course is kind of a shame when you think about it. If ...

PC Or A Mac Header

How To Know Whether To Buy A PC Or A Mac? [Flowchart]

We are actually going to take on the ongoing question whether to buy a PC or a Mac today. Don’t go thinking this article is one of those “Are PCs better or does the Mac actually outperform the PC”. It is not one of those articles at all actually. This one is more aimed towards helping you decided which one of the two is a better purchase for you. By using this decision flowchart, you will be able to determine whether you need a PC ...

Hacked 1950s View Master Build

Hacked 1950s View-Master Now Plays 3D Videos From DVDs

When the View-Master was announced back in 1939, it became one of the most popular entertainment gadgets you could possibly get. Since then, the glory of it has somewhat fallen into the shadows. However, it is still available if you would like to purchase one which should definitely speak of its impressive impact as a simple viewing gadget. A guy by the name of Alec took one of these View-Master devices and hacked it into a 3D video player, and it is a beauty to behold. Usually ...

Coffin Computer Case Mod Build

This Custom Life-Size Coffin Computer Case-Mod Will Make You Shiver

What is the most epic computer customization that you have seen to date or should I say, what is the most chilling customization you have seen so far? I doubt that it is as creepy and weird as the one I am going to show you in this article. I mean there are computer mods that have themes, like Halo or even Minecraft, but I haven’t seen one like this before. How would you like to have a life-size coffin computer case-mod to scare the ...

ALARMclock Motivational Wake Up Clock

ALARMclock: Motivates You To Get Up In A Different Way

What kind of alarm clock do you have? Does it ring, beep or perhaps play music? Well, whatever alarm clock you have it’s nothing compared to a new product developed by Fig. We can all use a little bit more motivation and encouragement when we wake up in the morning, and this alarm clock is definitely going to get you up and on your feet. The clock dubbed ALARMclock, has a different take on how to motivate you to get up. What’s unique about ALARMclock is ...

Millennium Falcon Cockpit Project Build

Full Scale Build Project: Millennium Falcon Cockpit Done!

Remember the full scale Millennium Falcon project we wrote about approximately a year ago? Well, the project has progressed quite a bit and even though the builders undertaking the massive project only do it on their spare time, they have still managed to build something quite amazing. Even though I personally wouldn’t call the Millennium Falcon cockpit “done” by any extent of the imagination, it still is a cockpit after all, don’t you agree? The project which received viral success about a year ago has not exactly ...

Custom Portable XBOX 360 Build

Modder Builds Incredibly Sleek Portable XBOX 360

Recently we have featured a lot of custom builds here on Bit Rebels. They range from Raspberry Pi builds to complete overhauls that make your mind go numb out of excitement. So far though the technology that has been overhauled has been somewhat old, which means it can be shrunken into a rather small case which makes it portable. When it comes to stuff like this portable XBOX 360 build, things get a little bit more advanced. I have seen a lot of custom builds ...

SecretInk Self Destruct Email Service

SecretInk: Send Emails That Automatically Self-Destructs When Read

There are a lot of features and gadgets in the world that make you feel a little bit like James Bond, but none of them are as mysterious as the self-destructing message that we sometimes see in movies. It usually is a task of some sort that a secret agent has gotten and to clean up any trails it self-destructs after a certain time. It’s all fantasy of course or is it? A recently launched service called SecretInk enables you to send messages that go poof after they have been ...

LEGO Claw Arcade Game Build

Guy Builds Life-Size Claw Arcade Game Entirely Out Of LEGO

Do you remember those Claw arcade games over at the arcade or at the amusement park when you were a little kid? You know those almost impossible claw machines that swallowed your hard-earned coins like it was bottomless and hardly ever giving you something for it? Well, a YouTuber called rogvibest7 has put together what is perhaps the most retrofied LEGO build ever, and it is a life-sized Claw arcade game with coin slot and all. The Claw arcade game is a particularly advanced build if you would ever ...

Glow In The Dark Coating

Future Roads To Be Resurfaced With Glow In The Dark Coating

As expected after having seen TRON: Legacy, there is a lot from that movie that we could introduce into our own world as well. We know from history that both Star Wars and Star Trek have been major influences in the technology field, but there are other fields as well that we need a hand in perfecting. TRON could very well have had a hand in the idea behind the Starpath, a glow in the dark coating that is put on top of already paved ...

Epic Death Star Tiles Project

New Death Star Tiles Will Make Star Wars Fans Go Bonkers

Star Wars fans have always been heavily creative they come up with the most mind-blowing things sometimes, which of course makes even more fans come up with other awesome ideas. If you are a Star Wars fan, you know that if you could just put a little more Star Wars into your life then it would of course be epic. The ways you can fix up your home “Star Wars-style” has been quite limited. That is until a design team got together to create a ...