Your Daily WTF: Hello Kitty Cigarettes & Lighters

There is no way these are for real, right? I mean, really? Hello Kitty cigarettes? Wait, Hello Kitty is a cat with no mouth, how can she puff on a cigarette? Look at this picture on Wikipedia, there is definitely no mouth. Hmm…

I don’t smoke. I don’t have anything against anyone who does smoke. It’s a personal decision. I crave a cigarette every now and then, but since it makes me puke my guts out, I usually just write an article about smoking instead, and then the craving goes away. I did that on the days I wrote about this car made out of cigarette packs, and this huge art installation made out of cigarettes. Both of those are actually pretty cool.

However, there is just something about Hello Kitty cigarettes that is just plain wrong. I wonder if these cigs taste like tobacco, or if they taste like sweet Hello Kitty candy. My brain is just not accepting this information. I saw the lighter on a real site, and it was really for sale, but I’m just going to choose to believe that the cigarettes are fake. They are a really good Photoshop job, right? If I’m wrong, don’t tell me. I really don’t want to know.

Your Daily WTF Cigarettes

Your Daily WTF Hello Kitty

Your Daily WTF Hello Kitty

Your Daily WTF Hello Kitty

Your Daily WTF Hello Kitty

Your Daily WTF Hello Kitty

Worried these Hello Kitty cigarettes might rot your teeth? If that happens, just get these Hello Kitty dentures.
Your Daily WTF Hello Kitty

Image Credits: [Kitty Hell 1] [Kitty Hell 2] [Hello Kitty-Ness] [trenddelacreme] [Vaneessaaah]


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    Jaki 5 years

    The Marlboro ones are definitely photoshopped! If you pay attention to the colour, it becomes a bit obvious. I’m not sure about the others. They could be real, knowing that Japanese companies sell products faster when they are decorated cutely (i.e. “Kawaii” on I am actually going to do further research on these, haha. And, as for the lighters, they are definitely real. My older sister has a Hello Kitty lighter.


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