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Most fishermen agree that live bait is the best way to catch big fish. But catching them, when you consider the time it takes to head to the bait grounds, rigging up tiny lines with tiny hooks, and then waiting for the little ones to bite, often takes up too much time to make it worth the effort. At the very least, it takes away valuable time from chasing real fish. We saw this problem and decided to fix it, with a Fish Trap that does everything, called The FishTrapper.

What Is The FishTrapper?

The polycarbonate or acrylic (acrylic is slightly heavier, and even more transparent) build, combined with sinker holes on the bottom, and weight holding channels allows the device to sink – fast – and its unique design, tested through fluid dynamic modelling, is shown to stay on the bottom – where you want it to, and to be minimally impacted by current, when lowering it down from a boat, or the wharf.

It also has many other unique features. One primary example is the adjustable trap doors whose size you can toggle to target a certain size of baitfish (the ones on the lid, and side, allow you to limit the size of fish that enter, and an end hole can let the small baitfish out). When you combine these with an embedded GoPro mount, you’re able to stream what’s going on inside the trap and slam the doors down when they’re in there, meaning you’ll always pull up with a full load.

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Available as an optional extra is a detachable aerator, and clip-on base which makes this an all-in-one bait catching, and keeping, solution. Plus, we’ll have a version which folds out too, to minimize its size (though its strength, and tough, rope handles, make it perfect for holding your bait, tacklebox, and other gear when hiking to that special spot). We’ve really thought this out, and have tested it on various sized baitfish – and even crabs and prawns (shrimp), with other fishermen and our own preferences and suggestions in mind.

It’s already creating a wave in the waters of Australia, South Africa and America, with some users actually using it to drive Yellowtail Kingfish into feeding frenzies by lowering the trap down into the middle of the channel  (a generally hard to target area) and dropping live baits right beside them (one user has even attached rigs directly to the FishTrapper with rubber bands, ensuring their live baits were not only the ones that got hit – but were right by the trapper) for great results!

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I’d always found catching mullet really annoying, so barely even bothered catching them,” says Alana Davies, flathead fisherman from Sydney, Australia. “But I literally just kept this out on the water while I threw some soft plastics around, and wound up catching my PB, 63cm flathead off of one!” This fine specimen was thrown back to live to fight another day.

The FishTrapper is owned by FishOvation, and they’ll be releasing their Kickstarter for it to help bring manufacturing costs down on March 19. Follow their Facebook page to get updates on the campaign and access to discount codes and further information.

You can order this now, and get an early-birds discount at Fishovation’s official website. You can also sign up to their email newsletter for further discounts and check out other cool, innovative products at their website.

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