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The World’s Most Expensive Watch

The World’s Most Expensive Watch

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

Richard loves watches, and he’s written about more of them than I can count, but I think I’ve got one to show you today that will put all of his to shame. Well, at least when it comes to price. This is the world’s most expensive watch, and the price tag on this badboy is 5 million dollars.

Swiss watchmaker Hublot just shared this jaw-dropping watch with the world a few days ago during a news conference, and it’s been blinding people ever since. It has about 1,282 diamonds. Six of those diamonds are over 3 carats each. Whoa! In total, this watch has about 140 carats of diamonds. It took 17 people over a year to set each one of these diamonds just right to complete this watch design.

The man you see in the 3rd picture below is Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver flashing the watch’s bling for everyone to see. According to Mr. Biver, it would be hard for another company to make a more expensive watch since there is only so much room on a watch to put diamonds. So, I guess it comes down to a space issue, which makes sense. I wonder if they will make a ladies version of this watch also. Of course, there are already several people who want to purchase this for 5 million dollars. I have only one question… Why? :)






Via: [Yahoo News] [LA Times]

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