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The World’s Largest Pizza (It Has 19,800 Pounds Of Cheese On It)

The World’s Largest Pizza (It Has 19,800 Pounds Of Cheese On It)

4 Years Ago By Diana Adams

If you love pizza, you are going to want to order one after reading about this, or at least I did. I remember a few months ago I read about the world’s largest deliverable pizza which was inside the world’s largest pizza box here on Huffington Post. That pizza was large (it could feed 70 people), but the key word there is “deliverable.” In order for a pizza to be deliverable, there is a limit to the size it can be obviously. The delicious-looking, mouth-watering, perfectly cooked cheesy pizza I’d like to share with you today is definitely not deliverable. It’s the world’s largest pizza, and it’s humongous (and gluten-free)!

According to Guinness World Records, about a week ago, the Record Pizza Men of NIPfood Enterprise attempted to create the world’s largest pizza (which they named Ottavia – yeah, the pizza itself has a name). And they succeeded. These men held the world record for the largest pizza once before, then they lost it, and now this pizza chef team has reclaimed the title.

Just check out these stats…It is (or was) 130 feet wide (39.6 meters). It was made from 19,800 pounds of flour, 8,800 pounds of tomato sauce, 1.500 pounds of margarine, 550 pounds of rock salt, 420 pounds of vegetable oil, 50 pounds of balsamic vinegar and another 19,800 pounds of cheese. The dough had to be baked in 5,234 separate batches. It was named Ottavia to represent the hope of a successful economic and cultural revival in the world.

After this team of Italian chefs, who call themselves the Record Pizza Men, snagged the world record again for the world’s largest pizza, they cut it up to serve to hungry people in the food shelters in Rome. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep their title for a long time to come.

The World’s Largest Pizza







Via: [Design Taxi] [Daily Mail]

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