The Well Preserved Mummy Just Discovered In China [Pics]

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We interrupt our regular Bit Rebels programming to tell you about something incredible recently discovered in China. Just a few days ago one of the coffins found last month underneath the road was opened, and you won’t believe what was inside.

In case you missed the beginning of this story, which has been all over the news, I’ll give you the short version. Last month some road workers in eastern China accidentally found three wooden tombs (coffins). Immediately, Chinese archaeologists were called in to excavate and carefully remove the tombs from the ground, making sure everything stayed intact.

Fast forward to last Tuesday when one of the tombs was finally opened. Inside was an unbelievably well preserved 700-year-old mummy lying in some brown liquid. She was wearing a Dynasty silk and cotton dress, which probably indicates she was at some high-ranking level in the Ming Dynasty, which ruled China from 1368-1644. You can see in the pictures below how well her skin was preserved. You can even see the ring on her finger.  Her hair, eyelashes and details on her costume all look fresh, as if she died recently.  Also found in the coffin were bones, ceramics, ancient writings and other relics. There is no doubt scientists will learn a lot about what life was like back then from studying this mummy. This is fascinating stuff!

Well Preserved Mummy In China

700 Year Old Mummy Found

700 Year Old Mummy Found

Well Preserved Mummy Found

Well Preserved Mummy Found

Preserved Mummy In Tomb

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